XEO VOID Vaporizer

The XEO VOID Vape Starter Kit Makes Vaping Simple For Everyone!

The VOID was designed on German soil and was for a while only available in its home country but the great V2 have taken upon themselves to bring the unit to the US vaping crowd, it’s available for ordering through their website.

9.3 User Rating

Overall Rating: 9.3/10

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The XEO VOID starter kit is perfect for long time vapers and people who are new but would like to get into vaping. Each VOID is intended to be able to meet the needs and preferred settings for anyone who picks it up. The unit packs a nice design and brings some new features and ideas to the vaping scene.

Keep in mind this is an e-liquid vaporizer. If you're looking for a dry herb vaporizer go here. 

XEO VOID vaporizer kit highlights include, anti-leak design, incredibly durable capabilities, professional touches with its craftsmanship and a large 1500mAh rechargeable battery that’s charged by USB. All this combined leads to it being a great performer and convenient vaporizer.

The VOID was designed on German soil and was for a while only available in its home country but the great V2 have taken upon themselves to bring the unit to the US vaping crowd, it’s available for ordering through their website.

xeo void vaporizer charging

The XEO VOID right off the bat boasts that each unit will offer 100% anti-leakage capabilities. This is ensured by the X-vapor no-leak tech that is on board with each vaporizer. It does this along with providing child-proof mechanics into the design as well. Also of note with the Void is that it’s on the small list of vaporizers that are able to say it’s TPD2 (Tobacco Directive, ECC) compliant.

Fresh out of the box the manufacturers promise that the kit can be refilled up to 20 times and will give you up to 400 puffs per fill. In our testing we got closer to 350 puffs out of each filling, which is less than claimed but still an impressive number. Something that has separated XEO VOID Vaporizers from the pack is their great e-liquid capacity and this unit is follows the same trend. We were able to get some really long lasting vaping sessions and never had to concern ourselves with having to refill too often.

The kit has flavors for its e-cigs in tobacco or menthol which provide nice yet chill vaping experiences. If you’ve ever wanted to smoke but never wanted to go all in, the XEO VOID is the answer to your wishes.

"Newbies to vaping can easily get up and running with the XEO VOID with its flexibility and ease of use."

The seasoned vaping experts are not left out here so don’t be worried. The XEO VOID makes for a perfect portable vaporizer to be used when you’re on the move. You get great portability with the compact form factor and long enjoyable sessions thanks to the charging ability and capacity of the battery. This baby is also quite the looker and comes in six colors and styles that you can tailor pick for you tastes. You get a customizable kit that will impress and create envy, not a bad position to be in.

Warning: This vape is a starter vape and rips solid. But starter implies less customization and features such as precise temperature control. If you're just starting out or otherwise just want clouds, great vapor taste, and affordable pricing and aren't caught up in exact vaping temperatures then this is an incredible buy. 

A Closer Look into Why We Loved the XEO VOID

The VOID packed quite a few reasons why everyone on our team became fans. Below we will explain these in detail.

Thinking of Your Health

In the engineering process behind the XEO Void Vaporizer, it was a big focus that inhalation of any chemicals or contaminants be reduced in any way possible. This was achieved by the team using the best quality of raw materials in its composition. User friendliness was also a stressing point of the team, with a focus on providing a quality vaping experience along with minimizing any exposure.

XEO VOID vaporizer closer look

The right balance between materials and heating components is taken into consideration here for each vaporizer. The achieved compliance shows the commitment the team had to making a vape that is less of a hazard to the health of its users. It’s always nice to that the manufactures care about its customers.

As Sweet as You Want it to Be

The XEO VOID provides a wide range of flavors that can be used, so it’s possible to have your vaping experience tailored to your exact preferences.

Do you like your taste buds feeling the sweetness of a sugary fruit cocktail or perhaps the chilling relaxing vibes of mentholated notes? You can pick and choose to your hearts content.

"The sweetest & smoothest taste for e-liquid vaping."

This makes the VOID accessible to newcomers who can ease into the vaping scene and experienced vapers can customize to their favorite types of flavors. The XEO VOID has a flavor for just about anyone.

The Price is Right

The XEO VOID Starter kit comes in priced nicely at $59.95 and for about an extra $4 there’s a tobacco royalty fee. This is not a bad price considering what you get and the royalty fee is necessary with the arrangements V2 have gone through to bring the VOID to the US market.

Well Crafted

xeo void vaporizer opened

The XEO VOID Vaporizer from top to bottom is well designed. Traditional Vapes and E-cigs are known for not producing much unpleasant smells and residue from their usage. The VOID is even better in this department thanks to the tech involved with its crafting. The precision design and quality of the build here are undeniable and we loved that it’s leak proof.

Make It Your Own

For even better fine tuning of your vaping, the kit ships with 2 atomizer heads that let you customize the flavor to vapor ratio. If you want more flavor and less vapor or vice versa, you’re free to change it up. There is a 0.6 ohm coil and a 1.0 ohm coil. It’s also possible to adjust the airflow to get your preferred drag experience out of the device.

What's included with XEO Void Vaporizer?

VOID Vaporizer starter kits

XEO VOID Vaporizer Kit, Black (includes Vaporizer, Atomizer and USB Charger)

Easy to Use

With the right vaporizer, having sessions on the go is really easy and won’t draw too much attention to you. The XEO VOID Vaporizer is one of the better portable ones that we have seen recently, helped largely by its size and how easy it is to store. It’s easy to get right into your session and take a few quick hits and then return the vape to its storage. Light vape users and e-cig lovers will find this to be really good for them as well as anyone looking for a portable solution.

Filling a Void

Looking for a vaporizer that gives you a ton of mileage, customizability, performance and all at a great price? The XEO VOID fits the bill perfectly. You get rich and cool flavor out of your sessions and is extremely easy to get into.

Everything aligns here, vaping quality to the sexy design, you name it. We could only find one knock against the VOID in our extensive testing and that’s that the amount of vapor you get doesn’t quite match other vaporizers within a similar ohm range. Other than that minor issue, we can easily recommend the XEO VOID, no matter what your experience with vaping. For such a modest price you’ll get a lot out of this device.

XEO VOID Vaporizer Review

9.3 User Rating

Overall Rating: 9.3/10

holding ex void vaporizer

*Best Price Guarantee