Vapir Rise 2.0 Review

​Vapir Rise 2.0 Is Smooth All Thru Out

The VapirRise 2.0 was a much anticipated update from the original unit. When the first version of the VapirRise was release everyone was ecstatic because of the hype that was surrounding the device. The proposed features and quality of this unit sounded impressive and many people could not wait to try it out. However the unit fell flat from these expectations with many complaints quickly rising. The unit itself looks great and the materials it was made out of were good quality. It had the potential to be a great unit that vapers could use for a long period of time without any worry of it breaking. That is why it was so disappointing that the features it had were so lack-luster.

New Vapir Rise

After using the unit for a while problems started to pop up for many users. The vaporizer had too many parts to be considered easy to use. It was just more complicated than it needed to be and did not work as well as it could. As a desktop vaporizer it was expected to be much easier to use and give off better quality vapor. The limitations that the unit had made it more work than it was worth.

The unit did not have a maximum temperature that you would expect from the desktop unit. It was mediocre to say the least. The temperature it reached worked okay with dry herbs but concentrates were out of the question. The temperature could not get high enough to make it ideal for anything but dry herbs. If you wanted to limit yourself to lower temperatures you might as well have stuck with a portable unit and still have the same results.

A design flaw that became increasing annoying as you used the unit is the fan. There was no way to turn the fan off. Meaning as you tried to use the vaporizer you were always greeted by the annoying sound of a fan constantly running. Not to mention you were losing vapor as the fan ran if you were not vaping at all times.

With all of these problems that came with the VapirRise many people wanted more from the device. Vapir understood the problems with their device and worked to improve it. Thus the VapirRise 2.0 Ultimate was born.

Vapir Rise 2.0 Ultimate

They heard the complaints about the fan and made it optional to run it. However, when trying to upgrade the device they also took away features that many people liked to use like the ability to use balloons with an adapter.

The new design is accompanied by a sleek outer build. This is a small desktop model that is not going to stick out like a sore thumb sitting on your shelf. In fact it has a much more modern design with the combination of the black and silver coloration. The base is round with simple buttons and a LCD display that is both functional and appealing. The components of the unit are encased in a black shell that is sleek and attractive to look at.

There are many improvements to the new version of the VapirRise. Even though the first unit was disappointing to say the least, the new unit showed potential. While I was nervous to try the upgraded version I am glad that I did.


The mechanics of this device are simple to understand. The chamber is surrounded by a stainless steel frame. There is still an internal fan that you are now able to control. The unit uses convection to produce the vapor you receive.

To best use this device you will want to preheat it for a while. It does take a bit longer than other units but once it is preheated you are ready to go. Set your temperature to one hundred and ninety degrees Celsius and allow the fan to run on the lowest setting. At this setting you should run it for about three minutes and up to five to get it to be fully preheated.

If you try to use the unit without properly preheating it you are not going to get as good of vapor quality. The wait is worth it to get better flavor and larger clouds of vapor.

Once you have the unit preheated you are able to choose from different heating setting for better control of how you want to vape. This can take some practice to see how the device works best for your vaping preferences. There are easy to use buttons to get the temperature perfect.

The chamber of vapor rise 2.0

While you are waiting the five minutes for you unit to preheat you are able to load your chamber. The chamber is able to be removed easily so you can load it while the vaporizer is running instead of needing to load it before. The dry herb should be ground before loading it into your chamber to get the best vapor flavor. Once your device has reached your temperature you are able to pop the chamber back into place and start vaping.

Being a desktop unit you are not going to have any batteries to worry about. Instead you are able to plug it into the wall and you are set to vape as long as you want to. The only way you are going to lose your ability to vape is if you are not around a wall outlet. It does have a compact design so you can take it with you to someone's house if you do not mind taking the accessories with you.

Build Quality

vapir rise 2.0 with bubbler

The biggest complaint I have of the build quality for the VapirRise 2.0 is the change to the balloon system. On the original unit you were able to use a balloon adapter for the times you wanted to blow up balloons for a get together. With the new system the adapter has been taken away completely.

Instead of using an adapter the whip system is fed into the valve of the “improved” balloons made by Vapir. Don't get me wrong this system still works. You will have no problem blowing up balloons this way. It just is not as effective as using the adapter like the old system had. It almost feels like you are getting a downgrade in quality with this new system. This new system does have great build quality it just is not how I prefer to fill my balloons.

With that being said the overall build quality is fantastic. There were no complaints with the original version about the quality of the build. They did not have to fix anything so the VapirRise 2.0 build quality is as great as ever. The materials that have been used are great quality and are made to last a long time. The accessories that come with the unit are also built to be durable.

The unit does use a LCD display to make it easier to read and use. This LCD display unique in the fact that it has a touch pad instead of just a screen to display the temperature. It is simple to use and responds well then you are using it. This feature has made this unit feel much more elite than other desktop units.

There is no shortage of customizable options for the 2.0 vaporizer. There are so many accessories you are able to vape in any way that you see fit. There is the ability to use the whip for single sessions and you are still able to use balloons for those times you are with a group. The quality of the main unit is followed through to the accessories that are provided. With all of the problems with the original unit Vapir has thought about all of the problems that you might see and tried to avoid them.


Vapir Rise 2.0 vapor quality

This unit has been able to deliver some of the best flavored vapor on the market especially at the price point that it is at. The original units ability to produce great flavor was stalled by the low maximum temperature. The upgrade version has heard our concerns and now has a higher max temperature. Instead of stalling out at two hundred and four degrees it now goes up to two hundred and fifteen degrees Celsius.

With this higher temperature option everyone is able to get to their favorite temperature and get great tasting vapor because of it. There is now the ability to use materials other than dry herb with this unit because the temperatures can accommodate other materials. The vapor production better with the temperature change as well. The clouds of vapor you get from this unit are impressive.

The major concern about the fan has been addressed. Without being able to turn the fan off you could potentially lose a lot of vapor as the fan consistently ran even if you were not vaping. Now the fan running is completely up to your own preference. If you prefer you are able to disable the fan completely while the unit is running. If you would like a forced air session or would like to draw from the whip is your choice. Making it a much more unique experience for each user. Not to mention you are not losing product.


Much like its predecessor you are going to find that the 2.0 version still has many parts that make up the unit. Even though this is a rather annoying aspect of the vaporizer especially during the initial setup the parts are really there to make your experience better. Once you have the unit put together and working you will see why all the parts are there.

Some parts are not always necessary. Once you have a good understanding of how the parts work together to give you better vapor you can choose the ones that work best for you. The unit is made to be very durable with all of the main components and extra parts. There are two fan and temperature buttons that are rather large to allow for easy control. The display is also big enough to be easy to see and use.

The best part about this unit is that there are no glass parts. I know you are going to be appalled at the thought because glass usually gives you the best vapor quality and it is something many people look for in a good desktop unit. Do not worry I am not leading you away from a great vaping experience. The stainless steel that the unit is made from is surgical grade and able to produce vapor that is as pure as that of glass components.

Without using glass you are much less likely to damage your unit. It is able to take quite a beating and you will never have any shattered glass to clean up. The cost of the Rise 2.0 is similar to many units on the market but they all use glass components. The durability that you see with the 2.0 is on par with the tried and true Volcano without the cost of the Storz & Bickel favorite. In fact the VapirRise 2.0 is half the price!

Range in Temperature

Vapir rise temperature setting

The range in temperature was the other great downfall of the original unit. There just was not a big enough range for this unit to be worth buying. With the old range, up to two hundred and four degrees Celsius, you might as well have bought a portable vaporizer. Desktop units are held at a higher standard than portables because they have the potential for better features.

The new temperature range is fantastic. You are able to go up to two hundred and fifteen degrees Celsius. Another great portion of this unit is the exact control you have over your temperature at all times. The LCD display has the interactive touch pad that allows you to change the temperature as you vape.

This raise in temperature has allowed vapers to find better quality vapor settings. Even at these higher settings the Rise 2.0 is able to perform well and give you clean and clear flavor. The clouds that you are able to produce are also larger than the original Vapir Rise.

With the temperature improvement along with the direct control over the fan the new unit has changed all options on the Rise line. All of the expectations that we wanted to see come true with the original have been delivered on in the 2.0.


With the disappointing original unit the VapirRise 2.0 was much anticipated but many vapor were also wary of wanting to try another product from this line. With all of the broken expectations on the original I really was not expecting much from the upgrade. I was pleasantly surprised with how well the company responded to criticism to create a much better product for their users.

The one aspect of the Rise line that had me coming back was the price and quality. The units are much lower than other desktop units on the market. It is not because you are lacking in build quality or features either. It is just streamlined to be a great product at a lower cost.

The manufactured parts are great quality because of the materials they are made from. The surgical grade stainless steel is a great alternative to the typical use of glass in desktop units. It makes me feel much more safe while using the unit. There are no worries about damaging the unit or breaking at of the parts when it does need cleaned out.

Vapir Rise 2.0 Ultimate

Even though I was apprehensive to use this new version of the VapirRise I have been proven wrong! It works better then I could have ever expected and has been able to fix the problems that the original had. For a lower price there is great vapor flavor and production.

The quality of vapor that you get from the stainless steel easily matches that of glass with none of the stress. The unit is able to be used constantly for long periods of time without damaging any of the parts.

The unit is customizable for all vapers. Instead of having one way for the unit to be used to give off great vapor they have creased accessories that work flawlessly with the unit. These accessories can be used to make your vaping experience completely your own. No matter if you are vaping alone or with a group of people.

The one aspect of the 2.0 that is disappointing is the downgraded balloon system. The original system just made more sense with the balloon adapter. Even though the balloon system is not as good it still works well especially for the price you pay for this unit.

For a desktop unit it is not too large. It is not going to take up a lot of space in your room unlike some of the other more obnoxious designs that are on the market. The body of the vaporizer is a sleek black and it does look very modern.