Vape Tricks Tutorial

Vaping is different for every user. Some people use it to quit smoking, some like to look into the components and create their own experience, and some people are just good at tricks with their vapor. It certainly does not have to be hard to get into vaping. You do not need extensive knowledge about your vaping devices and how its components come together to work to enjoy vaping. You can just be in it to have fun and enjoy yourself.

Before vaporizers because big people used cigarettes to blow smoke rings. While impressive there is so much more that can be done with a vaporizer. Anyone that has been vaping for a while has probably tried out a trick or two and some people really have a knack for it. This list has many different tricks that people use not only to impress friends, but to even enter competitions to show off their vaping prowess.

Vape tricks to learn

This list is going to help explain how you can try out these tricks. If you are a beginner or even a seasoned veteran of vaping you are going to find a trick in this list that you are able to try. If you want to be successful I would recommend using a vaping e-liquid that is high in VG in a sub ohm tank or a RDA to give off the maximum amount of vapor. The room you are in should not have much airflow, make sure you are not around any air conditioning units as this will alter the way the vapor moves.

With all of the tricks that are list here this barely touches what you are able to do with vaporizers. With practice and patience there is not end to what you can create as long as you have a good grasp of how your vaporizer work. People are coming up with new tricks all of the time especially those who participate in vaping competitions.

Beginner Tricks

Ghost Hit

What This Trick Is – This is probably one of the more common tricks out there. It is called the ghost hit, mushroom cloud, or snap inhale. It is by far one of the easier tricks to do. You just need to allow a small cloud of vapor out and then snap it back into your mouth.

How to Perform – Fire up your vaporizer and then take a drag your vapor in for a longer amount of time. You let the vapor sit in your mouth for a moment and then breath out so a small cloud of vapor escapes. Once it is out promptly inhale the vapor back into your mouth.


What This Trick Is – Another vaping trick that is common. Many people like this one because as the name suggests it looks like you are ready to breath fire out of your mouth. You are going to have streams of vapor coming from not only your mouth, but your nose as well giving you an impressive display of ferociousness.

How to Perform – When you pull in your vapor be sure you are not inhaling it. You need to fill your mouth with a dense amount of vapor. Then exhale this vapor forcefully through your nose and either side of your mouth to give an appearance of four streams of vapor escaping at once.

The Waterfall

What This Trick Is – This trick makes it look like you are conjuring up a spell to go along with your dragon taming abilities. You are going to use your vapor with some props to make it look like it is a thick substance pouring out of a container.

How to Perform – You will need a bit of preparation for this trick. Take a bottle with a little bit of frozen water in the bottom. You need to gradually blow your vapor into the bottle. Once it is full of vapor you are going to pour it out. With the frozen water in the bottle the vapor becomes heavy and will slowly pour out of the bottle looking like a steamy waterfall.

Vapor Bubble

What This Trick Is – This trick also uses a prop to help you achieve an interesting trick. You are going to make a bubble that has the vapor swirling inside of it.

How to Perform – You are going to use a small plastic bottle with the bottom cut off. Then you need a bubble mixture, you can easily make one by using some water and hand soap. The end of the bottle needs to be dipped into this mixture and then you are able to leisurely blow your vapor into it to create a bubble with vapor trapped inside.

Intermediate Tricks


What This Trick Is – It is all in the name. You are going to pool some vapor onto a flat surface and then use your hand to turn it into a tornado. Reminiscent of those old school science projects.

How to Perform – You are going to slowly exhale your vapor into a small area on a flat surface, possible a counter or table. Make sure it is a dense vapor and try not to stir it up to much as your exhale it needs to be still. Use your hand to chop into the surface of the vapor to break it and then you flick your wrist up and lift your arm quickly. This needs to be done in one movement or the trick will not work. This movement is going to force the vapor into a tornado-like swirl.

French Inhale

What This Trick Is – This trick is widely known not only in the vaping community but in the smoking community as well. You may have learned of this trick from Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa, but it has been around for ages. The vapor that is released from your mouth is going flow out of your mouth and you will inhale it through your nose.

How to Perform – Take a drag of your vapor but do not inhale it. You are going to let the vapor settle in your mouth. You will open your mouth slowly and slightly push your bottom jaw out so the vapor is pushed up. Do not blow the vapor out, instead let it flow out on its own and then inhale through your nose to pull it back in.

Blowing Os

What This Trick Is – Yet another adapted trick from people who have smoked. You are going to make Os with your vapor. There is a version of this trick that is much harder and can be found the the advanced section of these tricks. This is a well known trick, but it can take a lot of practice to master.

How to Perform – Pull in vapor and inhale it so it is in your throat. Your tongue needs to be at the bottom of your mouth and scrunched back towards your throat. Your lips need to make a O shape and then you can exhale some vapor out. Use a pulsing motion with your throat to release a small amount of vapor, it is much like coughing. The size of your vapor ring is going to depend on the size of the O you are making with your lips. Practicing this will allow you to make different sized rings.

Double and Triple Os

What This Trick Is – This trick is built on top of the last one. You are going to blow out multiple Os at a time up to two or three.

How to Perform – If you already know how to do the Blowing Os trick you are going to be set for this one. It looks more impressive than it is to perform the trick. You are going to use a finger on top of your lips that already are in a O shape. You will press and pull your top lip down slightly so you are making two openings in your mouth to blow from. This will create two Os. If you open your mouth wider you are able to do this with two fingers to make three different sections for vapor to escape from and produce three Os.

Bull Ring

What This Trick Is – This gives the illusion of having a bull ring piercing through your nose.

How to Perform – Using the Blowing Os trick you are going to make a dense medium O. Lean forward into the ring and then lightly inhale through your nose to pull in the top portion of the vapor ring. This is going to make it look like the ring is through your nose. For an easier time practicing, use a mirror so you can see exactly what you are doing.

Vape Bend

What This Trick Is – Another trick built off making Os. You are going to change the direction the O is moving with this trick.

How to Perform – To do this trick cup your hand next to your mouth and then blow your O ring out. Slowly follow the O with your cupped hand and slightly direct it where you would like it to go. Do not move to fast or you will swipe the vapor out of the air. If you take the time you are able to build on this trick and learn how to to an Infinite Bend and a Shark Bend.

Advanced Tricks


What This Trick Is – This trick is called a few different things including the Jellyfish, the Force Field, and the Atomic Bomb. You are able to change how you perform this trick to make many different types of shapes with your vapor. In short you are going to blow a smaller O through a larger O to make them combine into a jellyfish like shape. If you fail, many times, don't be discouraged this is a hard trick to master.

How to Perform – Start by making a large O ring and then as soon as it is made put your hand behind it and push it back to slow its movements. Then make a smaller O in the center of the large O. This trick is similar to the Ghost Inhale. The smaller O ring is going to pull in the larger O ring and leave a trail which gives it the jellyfish shape. To finish this trick off lean into the vapor and inhale quickly.


What This Trick Is – An addition on to Blowing Os that makes it a bit more interesting. If you are bored with showing off your O ring skills try blowing triangles instead.

How to Perform – When you blow your O ring make sure it is dense. You then use your hand to push the ring and tap the sides twice to make it bend into a triangle shape. While this sounds incredibly simple it can be harder to achieve. You need to have impeccable timing to make this trick work. Once you have master making Triangles you can add in a bonus ring to make a Jellyfish to really impress your friends.

Bane Inhale

What This Trick Is – This is a play on the typical French Inhale. It was inspired by the Batman villain Bane and this mask.

How to Perform – Master the French Inhale first. Then use the French Inhale instructions but put your top teeth on top of your bottom lip to make smaller spaces for the vapor to escape from. This is going to make the vapor break up into separate portions. Inhale quickly from your nose and you will have a mask of vapor in no time.


Vape Competition

While the rising popularity of vaping tricks there are competitions to show off your vapor skills. There are contests with judges, sponsors, and even viewers to see how tricks people come up with. Many people that participate in these competitions are consider cloud chasers. Meaning they want vaporizers that can produce massive amounts of vapor that is ideal for vapor ticks. Those that come to spectate this sport are often called cloud gazers.

Vaping competitions have a simple concept. Use a vaporizer to create large amounts of vapor. Who ever is able to create the biggest most impressive vapor clouds are deemed winners. However this sport has morphed into something much more interesting as vaping as become more popular. It is not only creating large amounts of vapor it is about what you can do with this vapor that is important.

While it can be very interesting to watch some people are concerned what these competitions will do for vaping. Some people are worried that turning vaping into a competition is going to encourage people into starting to vape themselves. Many people turn to vaping to quit smoking. However there are concerns that cloud chasing and producing a lot of vapor can be just as harmful to these competitors. Currently there are not longer term studies to determine if this is true or not.

Many states are now faced with a new version of “smoking” that they find themselves being pushed to regulate. There are concerns about the long term effects of vaping and many people are concerned that children are being persuaded into starting to vape because of the appeal of these competitions and the many different flavors and variations that the e-liquids come in. Many states and companies have put regulations of where people are able to vape. They have pushed people into only vaping outside, much like with smoking with an argument that the vapor clouds are still distracting and obnoxious.

With all of these concerns many people still feel like vaping is a better alternative to smoking. Many people that have had trouble quitting smoking have found that vaping not only helps them wean themselves off nicotine, but it also can help them feel busier to fill in the time they use to spend smoking. Some smokers have deemed these cloud chasing competitions their antismoking rally. Where they can go and talk with other people who have also gone through the process of stopping their smoking habit by using a less addictive alternative.

Anyone that has been able to stop smoking should be praised. It is a difficult habit to break and especially difficult to stay off of. I would be concerned for the people that have taken one habit and replaced it with another. Do not take this competition to the point of an obsession. Whether thoughts about the harmful effects of cloud chasing is true it is truly a spectacle to see the impressive tricks that some people are able to perform with their vaporizers.