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Marijuana Health Benefits: 3 Surprising Facts You Haven’t Heard

Is Marijuana A Miracle Cure?​

It is no longer a surprise that marijuana is considered a “miracle medicine” to thousands among thousands of users. The fact is that marijuana is now legal because it is scientifically proven to have several health benefits for individuals that suffer from insomnia, fibromyalgia, stress, anxiety, and a plethora of other diseases.

The health benefits of marijuana are well known and documented today but there are a few lesser known benefits of marijuana use that we wanted to cover today. Lets dive in.

Weight Loss, Really? 

It’s funny how when people talk about smoking “weed” the conversation of “munchies” always tends to surface. We get it; food tastes better after a little smoke. But surprisingly enough, marijuana can actually help with weight loss.

With the ingestion of marijuana your body actually responds with improved regulation of insulin. Yes, the occasional smoker will experience the munchies but for habitual smokers it is common that they will consume less food overall with regular use of marijuana. Crazy, right?

Improve Lung Function

Smoking marijuana isn’t that bad for your lungs if your opt to use a vaporizer but perhaps better is that smokers may have improved lung function as recently documented in several medical studies.

Researchers from the Journal of the American Medical Association, say that the big drags taken by weed smokers may actually ‘train’ your lungs to be more efficient over time. Seems backwards but it would make sense that your body would adapt.

Erectile Dysfunction No More

Marijuana can also cure erectile dysfunction by improving blood circulation while simultaneously lowering a man’s stress levels. Additionally it can help lower the anxiety you might experience before getting together with your partner. Keep this in mind fellas!

Lower Blood Pressure

Low blood pressure and smoking are rarely synonymous. But apart from smoking marijuana, there are several other ways that it can be consumed, which can help control hypertension and other blood pressure related issues! Just another reason why recommend various vaporizers or opting for an edible is a smarter choice than using some form of a pipe.


Besides the well known documentation that marijuana can serve cancer patients, help beat insomnia, and lower stress levels; this green plant has a purpose to serve millions in some way, shape, or form and we firmly believe that legalizing marijuana would only work to serve millions of others!