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Best Vaporizers for Dry Herb 2018

The best vaporizers 2018 Guide based on price, value, performance, & quality.
Tested by our staff.
Our Rating
#1 Pulsar APX V2

Best Quality Under $65

New 2018 Model:
• 30 Second Heat Up Time
• 5 Temperature Settings
• Convection oven with silicone vapor path
• Supports Herbs & Wax

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(5 / 5)
#2 Firefly 2

Best Overall Choice

• 3 Second Heat-Up Time
• Touch Sensor Activation
• 6 Temperature Settings
• Borosilicate Glass Vapor Path & Bowl
• Supports Dry Herbs & Wax
• Dynamic Convection Heating Technology
• Rechargeable/Replaceable Battery
(4.9 / 5)
#3 V2 Pro Series 7

• 3-in-1 capabilities
• Comes with a dry-herb and e-liquid cartridge
• 3 Temperature Settings
• Holds 0.25g of dry herb
• USB magnetic and wall charger
(4.7 / 5)
#4 Haze Dual V3

Amazing for Herbs & Concentrates.

• 10 Year Warranty
• LED Indicators
• Multiple Heat Settings
• Dual Heating Chambers
• 60 sec Heat-Up Time
• Precise Temperature Regulation
• Removable/Replaceable Batteries
• Specialized Canisters for Herbs/Wax
(4.6 / 5)
#5 Crafty

Best Durability for travel.

• Ultra-Low Draw Resistance
• One Button Control
• Haptic Feedback Notification
• Unprecedented Cloud Production
• Precise Temperature Control via Bluetooth App
(4.5 / 5)

You might have been looking at all these different kind of vaporizers online and that’s nice and all but what if you prefer actually walking into a store and examining one with your own eyes and hands?

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Where do you go about actually trying to find a local vape shop near you?

Do you just go about looking in the yellow pages or driving around town asking around? Well we have some good news, you don’t have to do any of that, using our tool on this page you can find the nearest vape store before leaving the comfort of your home.

Just follow the simple process of putting in your address, area code or alternatively hit the crosshairs and wait for the tool to bring up the results.

If you need further help on picking out the best vape pen or vaporizers for you then be sure to check out the other resources that we have on our website.

Want to have vape store listed on our tool?

It’s easy, forward your details to email address and we’ll add it, there’s no charge involved so don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Those who have been around the vaporizer industry know the benefits that vaping can give but they are still largely unknown by most people. Due to this lack of a bigger presence most vape shops are still small time and lack the budget to advertise their shops in ways that properly align with these times.

As a result of this a lot of these hidden gems are in places that would surprise you, above your favorite store, behind your usual gas station or even right beside your house and you still wouldn’t have a clue. How is this even possible you ask?

Well first off we are going based on our own experiences with this disappointing trend. One of our staff members was shocked to find out that beside the Subways he frequently went to for lunch almost every day, was a really nice little vaporizer shop.

He never knew until he put the above tool to the test and was also blown away by the results he was able to uncover. This tool finds stores that were not picked up by Google’s “vaporizer store near me” query, in our testing we have found more stores and stores that are actually near us using the tool compared to the typical Googling.

Put it to the test and we can almost guarantee that you’ll be blown away like we were. Another trick in the magic toolkit of the locator is that it packs geo-location technology, which you can activate by hitting the blue crosshair and then it pinpoints your location. (Note: For your privacy protection, you will have to give your permission on most of the browsers today for our tool to access your location ---- if you want to use this feature then you will have to approve it.

Why Bother with a Vaporizer Store Locator?

Despite the world moving faster and faster to embracing everything being done online, there are still people who prefer to examine products with their eyes and hands and there’s nothing wrong with this.

Especially when it comes to choosing the vaporizer that is right for you, we always stress that you do the proper research so that you won’t be disappointed. So whether you're someone who is all in with the online trend or prefers the traditional methods, we’re here for you, with our online material or the above locator.

Seeing products in person can remove any fancy Photoshop tricks that manufacturers may have used hoping to lure you in. Visiting a specialty shop can also reveal a lot more variety of products than you might expect.

We try our best to be the BEST resource when it comes to vaporizers but we know that this is something that will take time and we may not have everything that you’ll find so it’s really possible for you to find a gem that really packs quality and is affordable.

If you do, then please let us know about the find so that we can look into it for the rest of our readers. Online vape stores sure have their perks such as great discounts and prices that more often than not will be difficult to find at a local store but don’t count out shopping local just yet.

The biggest reason is the lack of shipping cost when you are shopping local, because you’re picking up the product yourself you won’t have to deal with this sometimes annoying issue. We know how disappointing it can be to order something online like e-liquids just to find out that the shipping costs are the same or even beyond the price of the product in some cases we’ve seen or heard about.

Then there’s the luxury of being able to take your products home with you right away. Even if the online store offers same day or one day shipping, nothing beats the feel of instant gratification of walking out with your product after exchanging your hard earned money.

Every day that goes by we’re adding more and more local vape shops to our database so that we can make it easier for you to find the vaporizers, liquids and e-cigs in your area so that you won’t be missing out anymore.How Does the Vape Store Finder Work?

Our locator is powered by Google Maps and uses the same simple scheme to help you find the closest vape store. Below we’ll explain a few more of its features to make you a pro in no time.

For Vape Shops Near You

You find these by simply clicking the blue button by the search bar and it will automatically bring up any vape shops in your vicinity. First Local Then The World Now the function of the tool isn’t limited to only finding hidden vape stores in your local area, you can use it to find stores in other areas.

This is perfect for when you’re going on vacation and don’t want to miss out on getting needed supplies or helping out a buddy in another area. For this all you need to do is use the search bar, using either a specific address or the area code. Put these in and then the locator will do the rest.

Turn by Turn Navigation

For the next best thing to leading you by hand to the vape shops, the locator will provide you with step by step,turn by turn instructions on where to go. After you’ve found your target store in the results, push the Get Directions button and the best way to the store will be picked for you. Google maps will then pop up to take care of this and will take you the rest of the way.

Important Details at Your Fingertips

The locator won’t just give you the directions on how to get there, it will also give you the relevant details that will help you out with learning about the stores. Information like the full address, contact information like email or phone numbers, social media pages (which can be handy with learning a lot about the business before you go).

Also listed are the opening and closing times when can be really useful for making sure you don’t go on a wasted trip.

Help Us Help You

To make this the best resource out there for finding vape shops nearby, then we could use your help.

Whether you own a vape shop that you feel should be in our database or if you have a favorite shop that you think should be shared then reach out to us and we’ll add it to the records. New shops will be popping up as we add more but to make this faster we really need your help.

The reason why we implemented this is because we want to help our readers and community in the best way that we can and we know the shortcomings of using traditional Google searches and missing out on such great finds with vape shops.

If you have any suggestions that you think we can make to improve it even further then don’t be shy with reaching out to us. We’re here to serve and help in any way that we can.