Top 5 Cases To Store Your Vape Equipment

Best Vape Carrying Case 2017 Guide

pax vape carrying case

If you like smoking marijuana (like us) then you know how quickly vaping equipment, grinders, & "stuff" can stack up that's needed for a sess.

A great vape carrying case can help us stoners keep organized, not leave things behind, and transport our "goodies" easier over to a friend's place.

So allow me to share with you the top 5 cases available in store to fulfill your vape needs. These are not only useful for storage when not in use but also for that trip to the local vape shop or across the country to visit friends.

On so many different occasions these storage cases can be called into action, while always exceeding expectation.

Having a bag that will store all of your gear is vital as it could pull you out of any tricky situations, especially if you consume marijuana for medicinal purposes. A great case bag will have multiple features such as compartments to store multiple bottles of e-liquid, space for wick and wire, extra mod storage and a pocket suited to hold your rebuildable atomizer.

Luckily for us, there is a wide range of groovy vaporizer storage cases on the market today. If you don’t believe me just check some of your other vaping buds and I’m am sure you will see. So join the crew and make things much easier on yourself and follow closely as I list 5 of the best vaporizer cases on the market today.

Carbon Fiber Carrying Case New Best

Update: Vape And Wires - Carbon Fire Hard Carrying Case Only $9.99​

​We just caught wind of a new carrying case by Vape and Wires that is the perfect solo vaporizer case for you if you only have one mod to electronic cigarette you want to take on the road!

Our favorite features about this case include the hard outer shell for great protection and to ensure any glass objects on the inside aren't smashed or otherwise broken.

carbon fiber case

The carbon fiber shell provides the protection while the inside is coated to secure and hold your vape, accessories, concentrates, or any e-liquids in place. ​

We'll have a more detailed review on this case in the near future but for now we can say it is cheaper, stronger, and more portable than the carrying cases listed below! A new winner in our book!

(UD) Youde Compact Double-Deck Storage Case

Standing 160mm tall, with a depth of 70mm and width of 215mm is the (UD) Youde Compact Double-Deck Storage Case. This awesome storage case should be just perfect for the traveling vaper.

With tons of pouches, pockets and elastic bands for holders, this bad boy has enough space to also store wire, RBA tools, batteries, e-bottles and anything else you may wish. 

The bag was designed with double decker features, providing you with more than space to protect your gear. It is absolutely amazing the amount of pockets made available within this design, so if you don’t have enough space within this bag to store your gear, well you might just have to start looking at buying yourself a suitcase.

Tesla Mini Zip Storage Case

This is a storage case for the minimalist, with just enough space to carry your most important vape gear such as your vaporizer, e-liquid, wick, and wire. This store case is super compact, very simplistic and does the job it is intended to do. The dimensions of this pocket rocket case are 2.16 inches tall, 6.01 wide with a depth of 4.91 inches. The bag also sports two separate storage areas, with its main storage area being on top of the bag with the other storage area to the front. As said before this is not the biggest of bags but does the job if you wish to be as minimalist as possible.

Coil-Master Kbag Storage Case

Coil-Master Kbag Storage Case

The Coli-Master Kbag Storage Case must be the true master of all storage cases. Perfect if you are searching for a case with a bit of size to it, while still be super efficient with a simply designed. This case comes in with a gracious 210mm width, 330mm long and 49mm depth storage area, with elastic bands covering the entire bottom of the case. These bands are super versatile and can be made to hold almost anything you will need to travel with. Also provided is a large pouch for the finer things you may need to carry such as your RBA tools, wick, and wire.

Karnoo Compact Double-Deck Storage Case

Karnoo Compact Double-Deck Storage Case

Very similar in design to that of the UD, this storage case also boasts the same double decker storage style. In dimension, it stands at 200mm tall, 160mm wide and 76.5mm deep, which is very similar in size to the UD storage case. So basically presenting many similar benefits to that of the UD storage case.

Protective EVA Storage Case

Protective EVA Storage Case

Unlike many of the other cases on this list, you will find that the Protective EVA Storage Case doesn’t carry many pouches or compartments. This has a much more simplistic design with two main compartments for holding gear. The section which has the velcro lid cover is designed to be the main compartment, where the bulk of your gear goes, while smaller pouches are designed for the storage of your smaller accessories.

This is to protect them from mixing with your other gear, while the main compartment which is made of a Neoprene and Ethylene Vinyl Acetate material act as sturdy, shockproof protection for your most important gear. The Protective EVA Storage Case is not the fanciest case on the list but it is for those who wish to keep their gear protected while it is being stored and transported.

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