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Vapium Summit Plus Vaporizer
9.5 User Rating

Our Rating: 9.5/10

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Vapium have released their Summit Plus which people in the vaporizer industry have been looking forward to since it was announced. This portable vaporizer is inexpensive (around $150) while still having a lot of premium features that you typically get in the upper end of the price bracket for vapes.

The Plus naming scheme here works out pretty nice in favor of this unit as it improves on the original Summit, a vaporizer that was well received thanks to its excellent vapor quality, durability, user friendliness and a not so expensive price tag always does more good than bad.

The Summit broke the status quo where you only really had 2 options when considering a vaporizer, break the bank and spend upwards of $200 for a premium vape or go cheaper (sub $200) and live without features that enhance the sessions you would be having.

Honestly this was not a fun choice for many people. The Summit then came along and changed this by being both affordable and feature packed. Quite the achievement, but that was the past, does the Summit Plus really improve on the original that broke the game? Read on below to find out why it does.

vapid summit plus chamber

Standing on Its Own Leg

The Summit Plus (Summit+) was designed to scale the mountains like its name implies. It’s designed to be rugged and is made to last in the tough conditions where you would want to take it, be it camping, rafting, climbing Mount Everest, you name it, the Summit Plus is ready for it.

Packing splash and dust resistance along with not letting extreme temperatures like (0F – 176F | -18C – 80C) interfere with your vaping sessions.

It does all of this while still giving you high quality vapor generation and a 2 year warranty that you can use if for some reason your Summit Plus doesn’t make it through the adventure. For the right crowd it’s not hard to understand why it has been creating such a buzz.

Below are a some of the highlights on how Vapium improved The Summit + to surpass it's previous model

  • A Beefier Battery – the Summit + has a 3300mAh lithium battery so it can last longer lets you use it while plugged in thanks to pass through technology.
  • A Better Mouthpiece –Vapium decided to further add to the ruggedness by adding a ring that makes sure the mouthpiece is more durable.
  • Better Housekeeping – With the The Summit + it’s easy to prepare for and clean up after your sessions thanks to an included kit for stirring, mixing and cleaning.
  • Not afraid of getting wet - with IP54 rating certified the Summit + is ready for rugged dusty or being splashed by your aquatic
  • Ready for the Extreme – as we said above, the Summit + works just fine in temperatures ranging operate from 0-176 degrees Fahrenheit (-18-80 celsius).You’ll be able to get your hits just fine in just about any condition you’ll be in. It’s freezing at the ski lodge? No problem, the Summit+ was built for this.
  • Smartphone Companion App – The Summit + can use Bluetooth to pair with your smartphone to give you more control over how you use it. This is really neat and convenient and the customization options are impressive.

Summit Plus Vaporizer Best Quality

Valium Summit no Mouthpiece

Beefier battery, better mouthpiece, better housekeeping, not afraid of getting wet, ready for the extreme, Smartphone companion App.

A Closer Look

For our testing process we like to put our vaporizers under a fine eye and the Summit+ was no different. The Summit surprised us with just how minimal the draw resistance we encountered with it was, our draws felt almost as simple as it is to breathe in naturally. Behind this is a laser cut and sealed stainless steel pathway for the airflow that allows for the consistently smooth vapor produced.

An LED display shows any relevant information you need like the temperature and the battery level. The Summit+ features a custom choice of temperatures ranging from 330F/160C – 440F/230C. We stuck around 375F but everyone’s preference is different so you’ll have to experiment with the ranges to find the perfect one for you.

vapium summit

It’s hard to express just how good the Summit+ feels when using it, the combination of the buttons and the material used in the production just seem to have been the perfect choices. This vape is extremely good in the hands. There are also vibration notifications that let you know when your temperature is reached so you can begin your session. No time wasted, we like that. The Summit+ packs a micro USB cable for powering it up, no gimmicks here, its easy to find a cable to power up this vaporizer.

A Fine Upgrade

vapium summit plus review

The developers knew they had a good thing going with the original design of the summit and didn’t want to mess around too much with the Summit Plus. There was not much of a face lift but the internals greatly improved on to make an already great vaporizer even better. You may not be planning to scale any mountains and trek through jungles, but if you decided to, the vape would endure the trek.

(It even has a little green led backlit mountain range icon... talk about style)

Where does the Summit stack up for us? It’s a great vaporizer in our book and would be best suited for somebody who loves a stylish design and will be mostly vaping outdoors. If you're more on a budget; we like the Pulsar APX featured on our homepage. (Back to main)

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9.5 User Rating

Our Rating: 9.5/10

*Best Price Guarantee

Vapium Summit Plus Vaporizer