Best Smell Proof Containers

Carrying weed with you can be a bit tricky in terms of smell. No one wants to stick out in the room as reeking of weed even if you are not currently smoking it. Be a bit more subtle and get yourself a smell proof container for your weed.

Herb preserve container

While many people use zip lock bags to try to avoid the smell it is still going to seep out of you are carrying anything that is over a gram. Those bags are not going to keep all of the smell in. Instead they are only able to muffle it. There are many different variations of smell proof containers that all vary in size depending on your personal needs.

For instance, the Herb Preserve smell-proof container is a best-seller amongst users because it really is air-tight smell-tight and UV-tight. Protecting your herb from degradation is an important  aspect many forget to consider.

The best smell proof containers are going to fit a variety of needs. They will first be air tight so you will not have any smell leaking out. This also can protect your weed from getting damaged in the event you drop your container into any liquid. These containers should be big enough to carry your material but small enough to fit into your pocket or bag. If you are looking to carry your lighter and pipe in your container as well you may want a larger container.

The last aspect to look at is dependability. They should be durable and sturdy so they can take a few drops without breaking. Something that is always a determining factor is price. If you do not want to spend a lot on a smell proof container you are not lightly to get all of these characteristics. You will need to sacrifice something for a lower priced container.

Best Smell Proof Containers 2018
dhv-table__imageBest value for price Dope Turtle
  • Gel-sealed smell-proof lid
  • Water resistant
  • Stores generous amount
dhv-table__imageBest overall quality Herb Preserve
  • Preserve freshness for over 6 months
  • Airtight and smell proof
  • Discreet UV glass
dhv-table__imageSubtle & elegantRYOT Shell
  • Smell-proof & scent-resistant
  • Removable pouch
  • Neoprene lighter pocket
dhv-table__imageBest all-in-oneMedTainer
  • Built-in grinder
  • Water tight
  • Medical grade plastic
  • Water resistant
  • Airtight
  • Comes in many sizes

We would recommend graduating from the typical clear zip lock baggies that people tend to carry around. Not only are these not discreet they really do not do a proper job of keeping the smell in or protecting your weed from UV rays.


TightVac container for weed

The first container we are going to look at will work, however they are only a quick fix. With a name like TightVac you would think this container would be perfect for all of your carrying needs. 

Opening and closing this container is really hard on the lid. Once you have used it consistently it is likely you are going to lose the lid. Once you feel like your lid is getting loose toss the container there is no saving it at this point.  Long story short this container is able to keep the smell at bay for a while. Some smell does start to leak out especially after repeated uses or with large quantities being carried at a time.The worst scenario is to trust it and end up spilling your weed every where. In a pinch the TightVac works very well for a bit, but will eventually need replacing.

Mason Jar

Mason jar for weed

The next step up is a simple mason jar. The best part of this container is that they are plentiful. Almost every store that has a grocery section is going to sell these nifty little containers. They come in a variety of sizes. There are large ones but those are not likely going to work well for your needs unless you are carrying around a lot of weed at a time. Not recommended. They come in medium and small containers as well. These sizes are much easier to store and carry with you.

A large problem with this container is that it is see through. Everyone is able to see what you are carrying with you if you take it out of your bag or purse. That could be a problem if you are wanting to stay low on the radar. They do not trap all of the smell unfortunately. The lid is not completely sealed to keep it all in. Another aspect that is a plus is that they are cheap. Since you can purchase them almost everywhere you are not going to spend a lot and you typically can buy them in bulk packages.

If you like using a mason jar you may want to buy them in bulk. They are glass jars which means they are breakable. If you really trust yourself not to drop it you may fair alright. However, it is likely at some point it is going to hit the ground and shatter.

Stink Sack

Stink Sack for Weed

For anyone that is not wanting to give up on using zip lock bags this is a great alternative. The concept is much like a zip lock bag but it is able to trap the smell much better. They are going to be much more compact than other containers and can easily be slipped into a pocket without any awkward bulges.

These really work for anyone that is looking to carry a small amount at a time. They will not work for large quantities but most people do not need to bring a lot with them at a time. For cheap and easy throw away containers these work wonders.

Ryot Hard Shell

Ryot Hard Shell for weed

The Ryot Hard Shell gives you a great little carrying case that is going to hold more than your weed. It is a storage case paired with a smell proof container. Its design is not typical of a smell proof container. It is much more discreet for those looking to see if you have weed with you. It can also easily be concealed in a bag or purse.

Your weed can easily be stored along with your pipe and a lighter. This is so beneficial especially for those pipes that are starting to have a lingering weed smell themselves. No need to carry two separate bags with your components in them to stay discreet. Now it can be all in one. The container does well in keeping all of the smell in. Which is a plus since it looks like a typical carry case instead of a smell proof container.

Dope Turtle

Dope Turtle weed container

The Dope Turtle is a little container that has been produced in Denver Colorado. Many people praise this container as the go to for smell proof containers. It is able to hold your weed and will not allow any smell to seep out. It is airtight and has enough room to store a generous amount of weed. With its high quality and popularity it is higher priced. While this is off putting it is a great investment for the quality that you are getting.

Medication Bottle

Medicational bottle for weed container

A typical medication bottle can be a great alternative for carrying weed with you on the go. The great thing about these containers is that they come in a variety of sizes. You are able to get small containers and large containers from your pharmacy when you pick up prescriptions. They already have a child proof lid on them so they are great choices for carrying your weed with you. This option is very similar to using a mason jar.

These bottles are not totally smell proof. They are made to hold medication though. So it is fitting that you are going to be carrying your weed with you in one of these. The best aspect of a medication bottle over a mason jar is size and durability. No worrying about dropping this container and breaking it. They rarely break unless you step directly onto them.

They are partially clear. All medication bottles have an amber tint to help protect the medication inside but you can still tell what is in the bottle. There is not a lot of secrecy with a clear bottle but the tint will help protect your weed from the UV rays.

Herb Preserve

Herb preserve weed container

The Herb Preserve is a small container that many people like for their weed. It is made to help preserve your weed when you store it in this container as well as keep the smell from leaking out. While it may not do better than others on this list it certainly is in the top ranking for preserving weed during storage. The solid color helps to keep out the suns UV lights. This container uses an easy screw off lid. It is a great container and travels well.


medtainer container for weed

An all in one product the MedTainer is a dream for carrying weed with you at all times. This container is airtight and is able to capture all of the smell that your weed produces. It is also waterproof in the unfortunate event you drop it on the way to your destination. It gives you a built in grinder so you have no need to carry one with you. One less item to keep on your person at a time.

With all of this packed into one it is still small enough to fit into your pocket. No bulky-ness that you need to throw into a backpack or purse. Easily slip it into your pocket and you are on your way. Is easily one of the best smell proof containers for weed currently.

Kush Kaddy

Kush Kaddie container for weed

The Kush Kaddy is a great choice for anyone looking to carry more than weed with you. If you want to carry your pipe with the Kush Kaddy has a padded cushion liner to make it easier. Putting your pipe in a air proof container can be a great idea because it will have some residual smell as well. You will not need to worry about your pipe breaking with this liner. It is a bit larger than other containers to allow you to fit all of your essentials in this container at once.

If you are not interested in storing anything but your weed you might want to try out a cheaper container than this one. However, for all in one storage this is the one to choose for those breakable items.

Trichome DankTank

Trichome Dank Tank weed container

By far the DankTank is the best smell proof container out there. There is never any worry that any smell is going to seep through with this container. No matter what smell your weed puts out it will be completely trapped within this containers walls. These containers are built to last. You can use it over and over and never worry about its quality degrading.

This container is also going to take a beating. It can be dropped onto any surface and come out looking like a champ. The container is solid black and will be discreet in hiding what is inside. This solid design also helps preserve your weed that is being stored. There are no UV rays that are gaining access to your weed through the walls of the DankTank.

Depending on your specific needs there is going to be a smell proof container that works for you. If you are looking to carry small amounts with you at a time a medicine bottle or the Stick Sack may work best. Larger amounts or carrying all your equipment with you at a time would need a larger container like the Trichome DankTank or the Kush Kaddy. The most important aspect is to look for a smell proof container so you are not disturbing anyone as you carry your weed with you.

I would recommend graduating from the typical zip lock baggies that people tend to carry around. Not only are these not discreet they really do not do a proper job of keeping the smell in or protecting your weed from UV rays.

There are a few different characteristics to look for in a smell proof container. Make sure your containers are air tight. This is the first step into being smell proof. There are a variety of sizes to look for depending on your personal needs. The most important part is getting a container that is dependable. These containers are going to get dropped as they are hauled around. If they are broken it is going to stop them from being smell proof. If you buy a cheap one expect it to break more easily.

With all of these options it should be easy to find something to help you carry your weed with you in a less smelly way. When carrying weed with you always know your states current laws. Make sure that it is legal for you to have it on your person.