Best Smell Proof Backpacks

Backpacks are a great choice when you are looking to carry your cannabis and other items. They can be spacious, durable, and convenient. When carrying a backpack around it looks a lot less suspicious than other options. If you are looking to stay low on the radar avoid carrying large bags around that are more obvious. Anything that looks like a duffle bag or something that you would take on vacation is going to be sending red flags to everyone around you.

An option is to just carry your items with you in your pocket or your car. This can be a little more awkward and you may end up with all of your items strew about your car and eventually lost. If you carry more than one cannabis with you at a time you are going to need something to contain your items. Even if you are not carrying a lot with you there is going to be some smell that you are throwing off.

The easiest way for someone to spot who is carrying cannabis with them is smell. It is really the only way. No one walks around with a sign saying look at me I have a lot of cannabis on my person! When you start getting dirty looks or possibly hopeful looks of a fellow cannabis user you know it is time to invest in something better than that zip lock bag. Here are our best picks for smell proof backpacks!

Best Smell Proof Backpacks
dhv-table__imageOUR TOP PICKSkunk Backpack Rogue
  • 100% smell proof
  • Anti-tear protective netting
  • Weather proof
dhv-table__imageOmerta Pouch
  • With 100% active carbon filter lining
  • Best heavy-duty built-in lock
  • With double strong zipper
dhv-table__imageSkunk Backpack Urban
  • 100% smell proof
  • With anti-tear protective nettin
  • Waterproof zipper
dhv-table__imageCookies Fantastic Voyage
  • Magnetic clasp top closure
  • With laptop pouch inside
  • Made with faux leather
dhv-table__imageDime Bags Original Hemp Backpack
  • Durable hempster fabric
  • Comfortable
  • Comes with smell/spill proof pouch

1. Skunk Backpack Rogue

This backpack isn't only smell proof but is made of anti-smell materials so there is no smell residue after you've used it. It uses a carbon thermal lining, and is water proof. Our favourite thing about this backpack that makes it stand out from other smell proof backpacks is the clever  built-in combination lock. We've tested this by leaving it chock full of smelly herbs in a suitcase for 24hrs, and voila. Zero smell on opening. Plus we think it looks frickin' awesome.

2. Omerta Pouch

The only reason we've put the Omerta Pouch Backpack in #2 is because it's slightly pricier than other smell-proof backpacks, but with good reason: It uses top-notch carbon filter lined no-smell technology and has the best heavy-duty built-in lock found on any smell-proof backpacks. Rather than combination, the lock uses unique keys. In addition to the carbon smell-proof lining , the bag has a double strong zipper closure for extra smell protection.  Inside the backpack there's an extra smell proof pouch that's also removable. This bag is for those who take smell-proof AND security seriously.

3. Skunk Backpack Urban

A new take on smell-proof backpacks that we're really fond of. It looks classy and comes in 5 different colours (denim/leather, olive/leather, red, grey, and black).  It has all the same features as the Skunk Rogue, except it uses a traditional zipper combination lock and has a smaller overall volume capacity. 

4. Cookies Fantastic Voyage

This backpack uses the double-zipper method of concealing smell in the large main compartment, and has an additional smaller zippered pocket on the laptop sleeve. Top flap has clever magnetic closures and is made with faux leather details all over. 

5. Dime Bags Original Hemp Backpack

The durable tear-resistant hemp blend fabric comes in 7 colors to choose from.  We placed it #5 because unlike the other packs, not the entire backpack is smell-proof, but just a discrete smell-proof pouch inside.  

Using a backpack makes carrying your cannabis much easier. It keeps everything in one convenient place. The problem with using a regular backpack is the fact that they are not smell proof. Regardless of the material that your typically backpack is made from you are going to have smell leaking out. After you have used one backpack for a long period of time you will find your backpack holds a residual smell as well.

smell proof backpack for cannabis

Most fabrics take in smells easily. The fabrics are porous and will absorb any smell that comes into contact with them. Whether it is cannabis or air freshener. The fabric will suck it in and you are going to carry that smell with you to your next destination even after you have taken your cannabis out of the bag. Eventually the smells do tend to fade. Most people do not have ten different backpacks laying around their house that they can cycle through to avoid this smell lingering everywhere they go.

the smell proof contaner for weed

Some people have tried to combat a backpack holding in smell by using smell proof containers inside of the backpacks. While this is able to help you keep the smell to a minimum you are still going to have a bit of smell that leaks out. Many of the smell proof containers work well for a while.

After repeated use the airtight containers become loose and eventually the lids no longer fit. By investing in a more expensive and well made smell proof container you can help combat this problem. Another problem with these smell proof containers is the fact most of them are made for just cannabis. They are typically smaller so they are able to be carried in a pocket more easily.

The items that you need to carry with you can also hold residual smell. Items like bongs or pipes are going to smell just as much as cannabis that is laying out free. It is hard to find a smell proof container that is going to fit this large of items. Anyone that has used a bong or a pipe knows that it does not take more than a few uses for the smell to set in.

To best keep the smell at bay investing in a smell proof backpack is the way to go. A smell proof backpack is a newer concept and many people do not know that they exist. Regular backpacks do not make the cut but there are ones specifically made to keep smells in. While they are not widely advertised smell proof backpacks are able to work wonders for the every day cannabis user. There are currently two different smell proof backpacks that are the best on the market. They are going to help you stay under the radar and completely smell free as you travel.

Odorproof Backpack

The Odorproof Backpack is ideal for carrying cannabis because the every day cannabis user was thought about when it was in production. The backpack is strong enough to withstand the every day beating it is going to take. You are going to be able to carry this backpack with you everywhere and never worry that it is going to end up ripping or dropping your items.

Lets be honest. At first you may be delicate with your items in a backpack but eventually you are going to hit that comfortable point where you throw the backpack into the back of the car and hope it does not land on anything that could damage it. It is just natural for us to get into a hurry and only focus on the destination not the way we get there. Durability is key to keeping your smell contained in the bag.

There is also plenty of room in this backpack for all of your items. There is a main compartment on the backpack that is ideal for carrying the cannabis in and your other large items. There is also two pockets on the front of the backpack for added storage for those items that do not have any smell.

The main compartment of the backpack uses a refreshable Activated Carbon Fiber liner that is also called a ACF liner. There is a Seal-Tite zipper that is used to fully close the main compartment. With these two components in combination there is absolutely no smell that is going to escape through this sealed compartment.

Using this backpack is easy because it is durable but lightweight. You do not need the added weight of a hefty backpack when you are carrying around other items as well. The material that the backpack is made out of is water-resistant and polyester.

The water-resistant material is going to help you avoid any catastrophes. No one ever plans on something wrecking their backpack or their cannabis. Sometimes accidents happen and backpacks end up in areas that they get spilled on or otherwise wet. If you ever have to walk in the rain with your backpack on you do not have to worry about your cannabis getting wet. The moisture is going to slide right off of the bag.

Like a regular backpack there are two adjustable straps. Make it comfortable when you are carrying your cannabis with you. The only problem with this backpack is the fact it has a high price. Many people shy away from this model of backpack because of the steep price. When you take into consideration the features you get with the backpack it is not unreasonable. However, there is a more cost effective choice!

Funk Fighter Backpack

Funk Fighter Backpack

For a better priced backpack look towards the Funk Fighter Backpack. This backpack has everything you are looking for smell proof, durable, and a decent price. This backpack is going to be able to be used for a long time before you need to replace it. You will have to work hard to damage this sturdy backpack.

The compartment that you are going to store your smelly items like cannabis in is the main compartment. It is the biggest compartment on the backpack. This compartment has a carbon lining that is able to keep all of the smells inside. This carbon lining is a high quality material so you do not need to worry about it becoming damage and then smell leaking out of any tears.

This backpack is smaller than other bags on the market. It is 13.5 by 7.5 by 20 inches. While it is not as large as some people would like it is plenty big to fit all of your cannabis components inside. It is not quite as spacious as the Odorproof Backpack but it is able to keep the price down by being smaller.

There are a few different pockets on this backpack. The main compartment that we talked about previously. There is also a smaller pocket on the front to carry a few items with you that may not have that smell coming off them. Throw your phone or wallet in to have everything you need in one backpack. There are also two mesh pockets on the side of the backpack. Great to slide in a phone, small water bottle, or keys. The extra pockets are not smell proof or lined with the carbon liner.

With this backpack being smaller it is a lightweight bag to carry with you. If you do have heavier items in it the straps are going to be comfortable enough to carry it for long distances. It does not have quite as many features as the Odorproof Backpack but it is much more reasonable in price.

do you need a smell proof backpack

Now the real question is do you really need to spend the money to get a smell proof backpack? The short answer is yes. If you are traveling with cannabis you need some sort of smell proof container whether it is just for the cannabis or for all of your materials. Whether it be a smaller one or a backpack a container that stops your cannabis smell from altering the whole town you are carrying with you is ideal.

If you are just starting to smoke you probably do not need to throw down a bunch of money on a smell proof container and a smell proof backpack. It is likely that you are not going to be carrying large quantities of cannabis or other items with you right away. You may eventually graduate into needing these items but to start out save the money.

Another aspect to smell proof containers and backpacks is the fact they are primarily used for traveling. At home it can be nice to have a smell proof container to make sure your house does not smell like a cannabis factory but many people do not care quite as much. When it becomes important is if you are traveling in cars often or carrying it on your person at all times. To make sure you keep that fact to yourself you should invest in smell proof containers and backpacks. However, if you only smoke at home you could get away with keeping a small smell proof container

For anyone that knows that they are going to be traveling and that they are going to carry more than just cannabis with them you will want to invest in a smell proof backpack at some point. Carrying items like bongs and pipes along with your cannabis just gets messy and awkward without something to put it all into. Those items like bongs and pipes capture just as much of the smell from cannabis and will provide a strong smell in non smell proof container.

Another reason to get a smell proof backpack is it will help you avoid ruining your current bag. At some point you are going to want to go to a friend's house and bring everything with you. Your cannabis, papers, bowl, wraps, bong, or pipes. It is going to need to go somewhere. It is unlikely that you want to walk around with a plastic grocery bag full of cannabis and the like.

Where are you going to end up putting these items? In the closest bag you have. Which will probably be your backpack you carry to school or another random bag you use on the go. After these items settle into this bag and you get to your friend's house the smell has already set in. Making that backpack not usable for the next day unless you are okay with walking around advertising you carry cannabis with you every where you go.

Avoid the headache of purchasing another bag or backpack. With that through you could try to clean the smell out. There are ways to help it fade from the fabric. Using cleaners and the like are going to help but it is going to be time consuming and not really worth the effort. Once you have accumulated enough items to need to carry them in a bag just purchase a smell proof backpack.

A smell proof backpack is going to make your day so much easier. You will be able to store your items in one place. Once you get home you do not need to clean out the bag and put the items in a new area. Instead you can keep them packed away and ready to go again tomorrow. There will be no smell leaking into your house, your car, or your friend's house. Except from what you actually smoke there.

smell proof backpack compartments

When looking for a smell proof backpack there are a few aspects to consider. One is how much room you are going to need. If you want to bring everything you own with you a small backpack may not work for you. Springing for the larger bag may make it much easier in the long run. If you only carry the bare essentials with you go for the smaller version. You are going to save some money and still get a great smell proof backpack.

Something else to think about is how sturdy the bag is. If you are buying a cheap smell proof backpack you may get exactly that. Sometimes a good deal is too good to be true. The backpack may not seal properly and you will have wasted money on something that still allows smell to leak through. Zippers may break quickly on these cheap backpacks rendering them useless.

The material they are made from should be thick enough that you are not going to snag it on anything as you are traveling. If you accidentally cut open the bag the first time you use it you are out of luck. No amount of duct tape is going to get that sealed properly again. Find one that is made from quality material. The higher price will pay for itself in the end.

Price is another aspect to think about. If you are not interesting in spending too much money on a backpack look for a cheaper version. The smaller versions of smell proof backpacks can still be just as good at a lower cost. Be careful to avoid getting too cheap of a product to avoid any malfunctions.

If you are really concerned about the price of smell proof backpacks look into purchasing a smell proof container. These containers are typically made specifically for carry cannabis and can deliver decent protection against leaking smells. Any smell proof container whether it is large or small is better than the old way of carrying your cannabis in a zip lock bag.

These zip lock bags are no ideal for trapping smell. They are able to keep a bit in and they will help your cannabis stay adequately safe against getting wet. However, the material these bags are made from are not meant to keep strong smell like cannabis contained. The seal on these bags are often not ideal either. Move on to a bit more pricey alternative.

Smell proof containers are going to be based around being air tight. That is the key to keeping the smell in. This air tight feature is also going to help further protect your cannabis. If no smell is getting out that means you are not going to have any moisture getting in either. It can also protect your cannabis from getting dirt or grime pulled into the container.

There are great small containers that are durable enough to travel with. Most of them are going to have airtight seals that are screw top to keep your product safe. There are a variety of materials that manufacturers use to make smell proof containers. Some work better than others and it really is up to you to see what works best for your needs.

Depending on how much you are carrying with you at a time you will need a different sized container. There are some containers that are ideal to slip into your pocket so you can travel light. There are also containers that you are able to carry larger amounts of cannabis in to go to a friend's house.

If you are looking to carry basic items with you like a pipe and lighter you can find some smell proof containers that will accommodate you. There are ones that are lined to keep fragile items safe inside while you travel. This is helpful so you are able to throw the container into a bag and no have to worry about it until you get to your destination.

For those that want complete protection combine smell proof containers with a smell proof backpack. You will be able to carry your items in your smell proof container so nothing fragile gets broken bouncing around the backpack. Any smell that leaks out of the smaller container is sure to be captured by the backpack.

There will be no worries about being caught carrying cannabis from home to your destinations. A simply designed backpack will help you stay inconspicuous because a lot of people carry a backpack around. No one is going to give you a weird look for carrying your school books with you to study at a friend's house right?

The most important part about a smell proof backpack is right in the name. It should be smell proof. The two that are on this list are going to deliver in all of these areas. They will not disappoint you in any way because of their high quality. If you are looking at other sources to get a smell proof backpack make sure you look at them closely. A great investment in a smell proof backpack can make traveling with cannabis easy.