Pulsar APX Review

The Pulsar APX is the #1 Model Vaporizer For 99% of Vapers

Pulsar APX complete review

The Pulsar APX offers the functionality to vape both dry herbs and concentrates! It's portable, durable, rips well, and is stylish.

For a smaller vaporizer it is still able to out perform its competitor and best of all cost under $60.

It's what we recommend as the "best bang for you buck" vaporizer for beginners.​

The Pulsar APX is the number one vaporizer we recommend on our homepage here.

It does not matter if you prefer dry herbs or concentrates you are going to get a powerful vape that tastes great. The vaporizer is simple to use, easy to understand, and offers basic vaping options at a great price.

Many people are drawn to this vaporizer as soon as they see its packaging. APX are masters of packaging their products in a way that easy to read and great to look at.

APX has clearly branded this vaporizer as their with a large logo on the front.

As APX has created vaporizers they have quickly become a trusted name in the vaping world with past products that have done well. The vaporizer delivers on what you expect from an APX product.

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The box is able to do all of the advertisement this vaporizer needs. It outlines all of the best features like the ceramic chamber, the varying heating levels, the ability to use micro USB charging, and the fact it is only four inches even though it can be used with dry herbs and concentrates.

The USB cable does come with the vaporizer. There is also extra screens for the heating chamber, a brush for cleaning, and a tool for packing. Everything but the material is provided in the box so you can start vaping right away.

What stands out when you first see the Pulsar is the outer casing. Many vaporizers on the market come in a variety of colors. Their users are able to have a color that fits their preference. When a vaporizer has more than three choices for designs I find it impressive. APX exceeds that by far.

APX has gone above and beyond the simple concept of color and introduced many new designs. Whether you are looking for a rainbow tie-dye design or a black and white skull design you are going to find one that fits your style. This does not affect the quality of the vapor you get from this vaporizer but you can see the effort that the company has put into making this vaporizer.

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On to what matters the most, the inner components. The vaporizer uses a ceramic heating chamber. The base of the vaporizer is stainless steel. With both of these components you are going to have an even vape every time on your dry herbs. There will be no worries about wasting your material with this efficient little machine. With even heating you are not going to have parts of your dry herb that are not vaped. You should see an even coloring when you take your material out of the chamber.

The vaporizer is not made from cheap materials and you can tell as soon as you touch the unit. When you hold the vaporizer you are able to feel the weight in your hand. It does not feel like a cheap vaporizer you can pick up at any gas station. The start button on this device does not feel loose but it doesn't stick when pressed. The Pulsar shows its quality from the outer casing to the inner components.

When using the Pulsar you can tell that APX has put some time into creating the vaporizer. It is easy to use with simple controls. There is not an over abundance of buttons yet there are still choices. You can cycle through the different temperature settings for a better vaping experience with a simple click of the button. Turning the device on and off is as simple as a press of a button as well.

The mouthpiece that this vaporizer uses is released by a light touch. You quickly have access to your vapor. The mouthpiece is connected to the ceramic heating chamber that is able to heat your materials efficiently. The heating chamber does have a stainless steel base to help the heat stay even throughout the vaping session.

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Once you become accustom to this vaporizer you can easily have it ready to go in about a minute. Packing the vaporizer is easy to do and you can quickly learn the best way to get your dry herb in the chamber. When you have the vaporizer packed with dry herb or have the concentrate canister in place you click the power button and you are vaping.

If you prefer to use concentrates you are able to use a canister that is specially designed for this type of vaping. When looking to vape a concentrate first fill the concentrate canister with your concentrate. This concentrate canister slides into place effortlessly. Once in place you fit the mouthpiece back on and you are well on your way to vaping your favorite concentrates in no time.

With a separate canister for concentrates this vaporizer is easier to clean. Any residue left over is easier to clean out of the canister than cleaning out a vaporizer itself. The inside of the vaporizer does not allow the material to stick to the sides. You will rarely need to clean out the vaporizer to keep it running smoothly. A good clean once in awhile is always recommended to make sure your device does not have any old material stuck inside.

Pulsar APX Blue Dry Herb and Concentrate vape

The temperature control range on the Pulsar starts at 356 degrees and goes to 428 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can easily change the setting through the five different heating levels to get your best vaping temperature. The temperature levels are easy to pick from because they are color coated. Depending on your temperature preference simply select the corresponding color and the vaporizer is ramping up to start your vape session.

The vaporizer has heating settings that does well with both dry herbs and concentrates. You will be able to find a setting that fits your vaping preferences. What is great about the Pulsar is how quickly the vaporizer heats up. If you are vaping dry herb you are able to heat up in forty seconds or less. For a vaporizer that also can vape concentrates this time frame is very quick.

The power behind this vaporizer lies in the 1600mAh lithium-ion battery. This hefty battery is able to get you through your vaping sessions with ease. When it does die you are able to charge it with a micro USB charger. With a battery that is charged in full you are able to have vaping sessions that are well over an hour long.

A good battery can be the difference between a good affordable vaporizer and a cheap throw away vaporizer. The lithium-ion battery is going to stay dependable after charging many times. The length of your sessions should stay consistent as long as you are not abusing the battery with overcharging.

Pulsar best dry herb and concentrate vape

APX backs up their vaporizer with decent warranties. The Pulsar comes with a six month warranty. The company knows they have built a product that works well and has quality components. The price of this vaporizer is lower and makes it an affordable choice for anyone looking for a versatile vaporizer.

Even though this vaporizer is one of the smallest on the market with its capabilities it is able to give its user a great vaping experience. There are multiple choices for temperature in an easy to use format. The option to vape both dry herb and concentrate with the same device is convenient for anyone that is on the go. The only down fall is the fact there is a separate canister for concentrates.

The size of this vaporizer is one of the biggest appeals especially with the dual capabilities. Dependable portable vaporizers can be hard to come by at a decent price. APX is able to give its users a cheaper device that still allows them to vape on the go.

pulsar apx dry herb vaporizer review

The Pulsar is a great choice for anyone not looking to spend too much on a portable vaporizer. Especially anyone that is just starting out with vaping. If you do not know if you are going to vape long-term there is no need to spend a lot of money on an expensive vaporizer. While the fancy features on some vaporizers are appealing they are not needed.

When using the Pulsar APX vaporizer you will not be disappointed. The quality of vapor is enhanced by the ceramic heating chamber that allows for even heating. Your material will be vaped completely. It does not matter if you are using dry herb or concentrates. With its small size you can easily slide it into your pocket and take with you to sneak in a vaping session in the car.

The Pulsar delivers everything you need in a compact portable vaporizer. You get a easy to use device, options for different temperature settings, the capability to charge the device, and the ability to vape multiple materials in one device.

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