Pot Brownies

How to Make Weed Brownies

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The only thing better than delicious chocolate brownies can be brownies that have a little bit of marijuana baked into them! 

Pot brownies are extremely popular and super easy to make at home.

In case you haven't made them yourself, we're going to show you how to make pot brownies, step by step.

There is an ever growing trend in marijuana edibles. With recent changes in laws there has been more freedom and more scrutiny in looking at the benefits that marijuana can bring.

Many people have turned to marijuana as an alternative way to treat their medical conditions as well as psychiatric conditions. In places like Colorado medicinal marijuana is legal right beside recreational marijuana.

With the rise in recreational marijuana being available without the fear of prosecution people have looked at edibles more and more in these areas.

It is always important to know the laws in your area! This article is not encouraging you to create edibles in any place that they are not legal.

how to make pot brownies

One problem with edibles is that many people do not understand and do not know that they are going to affect you differently than that of taking marijuana by smoking or vaping it.

Edibles were under attack when a a columnist named Maureen Dowd who writes for the New York Times took edibles and had an adverse reaction.

Many people wanted to use this example as the show all tell all to end edibles being made and sold. They want to use one persons experience to determine that all people would have the same experience with edibles.

The truth of this situation is that Maureen did not understand how edibles would work for her and took edibles that were too strong for her body. The edibles themselves might not have made her have an adverse reaction if taken in moderation.

Anything can become dangerous in too high of levels. In fact you can die from taking in too much water. That is right, WATER. Something that you need to live can kill you if taken in large amounts.

marijuana edibles

So why is it so surprising that something like edible marijuana could also have an adverse affect on someone that takes in too much? In truth it does not surprise many people that know their facts.

Responsible marijuana users already know that marijuana will affect different people in different ways and putting it in edibles will not change this fact. If you do not know what your tolerance is for edibles or marijuana in general make sure you start out small.

You are always able to take more but once you have it in your system you cannot take it back out. Once you are at a point that you have way too much marijuana in your system you may end up in the emergency room.

It is important for anyone to understand what level of edibles their body can handle if they are going to try them. After such a public experience Marijuana Policy Project has created a website that is oriented about giving people the information they need about eating edibles that contain marijuana.

The idea behind this website is not to persuade people into eating edibles or to encourage people that edibles are good.

It is to give the general public the correct information that could mean the different between having a good time trying out edibles and a trip to the emergency room.

edibles effects on your body

The website is consumeresponsibly.org. It can be a great place to start learning about what you can do to stop yourself from having a bad reaction and experience with edibles.

There are some people out there that can pack away edibles and still be fully functioning. Most people probably would not know that they had consumed any edibles if they did not disclose this fact.

Typically these people have used marijuana by smoking or vaping it and already have a tolerance.

The higher tolerance you have built up for marijuana the less you are going to outwardly show the effects.

Then there are people that could take just a little bit and still not have a good reaction. Some people are allergic to Amoxicillin which is a common anti-biotic that will usually make someone better from being sick.

This allergy could be a simple rash to swelling of the throat that prevents breathing. That does not mean that Amoxicillin should no longer be used but it cannot be used by that specific person anymore.

Every substance that you put into your body is going to have a different reaction compared to someone else.

There is never going to be one general standard for how much one person should be able to eat in terms of edibles. You might be able to make your best guess but as I said always start small and add on.

Most people that are familiar with marijuana already know its effects on their body. They will be able to know when they are reaching their limit and stop themselves before they get to a level that could be hazardous to their health.

edible graphic dosage

The dangerous part comes when someone who is new to marijuana wants to jump in and try edibles without any prior usage of marijuana. There body will not have a tolerance for it and they will have no idea what dose they might be able to use.

These are the people that should educate themselves before trying edibles and those that do not are likely to end up having a very poor time with them.

In regards to the website the information it provides primarily tells you to learn the law in your area so you know what you are getting into if it is not legal. Know your own PERSONAL limit.

Do not listen to your friend who has been eating edibles for a long period of time if they encourage you to try more because they are able to.

Always wait before you take more! The last portion is know your personal responsibilities in terms of taking edible marijuana.

The law is the easiest part. Right now you will find that only Colorado and Washington has recreational marijuana edibles labeled as legal. * You will not find many edibles in Washington because the licensing is just not there yet to allow people access to edibles.

While it can be done there are not many people that have been able to pursue this venue yet. I'm sure that they will pop up as the legislation falls into line.

make weed brownies

Colorado is going to give you much more abundant options as well as more affordable options. There are places like Alaska, Oregon, California, and Washington D.C. that are working on legislation that is able to be brought to vote about recreational marijuana in edibles.

With more push for marijuana from all around the United States we are likely to see a lot more states allowing marijuana to be used medicinally and recreationally.

This is going to make marijuana much more affordable for patients and the general public a like. It could be a booming business once all states are on board.

Knowing how much edible marijuana you can take can be the tricky part. One factor to keep in mind is that you are getting a much stronger effect from marijuana when it is eaten versus if you smoke it or vaporize it.

When smoking versus eating you are using a different process to get substances into your body. This is going to cause your body to react differently as it is processing it differently.

When you smoke or vaporize marijuana it goes directly to your nervous system. The nervous system is able to process the marijuana quickly and you are left with a much faster result.

The effects from smoking or vaping marijuana do affect a person more quickly and this can be more appealing to some.

pot browniers with nuts

While it is quicker it typically wears off much quicker as well.

If a person eats edibles you are putting marijuana into your bloodstream. This is going to make the effects taken longer to kick in. This can vary depending on the dose of marijuana and your bodies typical metabolizing process.

After some time you are going to know about how long it takes for edibles to kick in for yourself. One benefit for some people is that edibles do give a much longer effect than that of smoking or vaping it.

From when you first eat your edible it is going to take about forty five minutes for the marijuana to work its way into your bloodstream and throughout your body.

Some people do have longer times before anything begins to work anywhere from one hour to two. Which is why you need to start out small and wait a good portion of time before taking another edible.

Once it does kick in you are going to have effects that are able to last for much longer than that of smoking or vaping it. The time it can last can be anywhere from four to eight hours.

When you first try edibles attempt one at a time. After a good wait, recommended at least the forty five minutes to one hour, try another one if you are not feeling the affects you desire.

This is going to allow you to better understand how much one “dose” of edible marijuana is going to work with your body. Once you have figured this out you will know what you are able to eat the next time.

Your tolerance is likely to change if you avidly eat edibles or being to smoke or vape marijuana as well. As your tolerance changes you might have to adjust your dose accordingly to still get similar effects.

This is why some people that have been using marijuana are able to smoke, vape, or eat marijuana in larger quantities.

There are different kinds of highs that you can experience depending on the strain of marijuana that you have. Consider the high you want to experience before you make your edibles.

They are going to last for a long period of time. If you use a sativa strain you are going to feel like you have more energy. When using this strain do not plan on eating a couple of brownies before bed because you are likely to be unable to fall asleep.

If you have an indica strain you are going to be more relaxed. This could help if you already have a tough time sleeping.

Eating a brownie before bed might give you the relaxed feeling needed to sleep. It does also depend on the amount of THC in your marijuana.

california prop 64 marijuana legalized

The responsibilities section of this website can seem redundant.

This basically outlines what it is to be a responsible marijuana consumer which will entail aspects like do not drive under the influence, do not allow marijuana edibles to be reached by children, do not allow people to accidentally take edibles if you leave them in an accessible place for who you live with, and do not give people edibles intentionally without their knowledge.

These few aspects to using edible marijuana should seem like common sense, however this is not true for everyone.

To those that find any of these concepts confusing or unclear please direct your attention to the know your responsibilities section of this website. It will help you become more educated on why these few aspects should be known and followed. They are important aspects to consider before you begin trying edibles. They are going to help you avoid negative experiences for yourself and for others.

To be honest there are people out there that are this dumb. Some people do not understand the gravity of their situations, not just with marijuana, until the consequences are already in effect.

marijuana store

Every rule that seems ridiculous is in place because of someone who has messed up in that situation that badly.

Need I remind you of the incidents of people ordering a hot coffee from a certain chain of fast food restaurants and then being flabbergasted by the fact the coffee they received what hot enough to burn them?

Now we have the handy dandy reminder that hot coffee is hot on every cup. In case you have forgotten since you last drank it.

What You Should Know Prior to Baking Or Consuming Marijuana Edibles:

They are potent and they will effect you eventually. Allow for these effects to catch up with you or you might find yourself in a hospital bed with a notation on your chart of “adverse reaction to edible marijuana”. There are so many stories of people that think that edibles are having no effect on them and taking way too much. These people typically avoid edibles after this because of their lack of knowledge in dosing edibles.

If you do have a bad experience and you have followed all of this advice edibles may just not be for you. It is not edible marijuana's fault that your body does not tolerate it and you should not accuse the whole market of being a bad business.

Understand how it affects you and look for other ways to consume marijuana like smoking or vaping if you still choose to.

If marijuana does not work with your body there is no saying that it does not work for someone else. Do not let your one experience try to dictate all experiences.

weed butter in jar

Now after all of that information about how to be responsible with edibles we are going to get to the fun part. Actually making some edibles and of course enjoying them, responsibly, afterwards.

The first recipe that comes to my mind when talking about edible marijuana are brownies. Everyone has seen a movie or show where the “stoner” friend makes a big batch of brownies and all of their friends accidentally consume them.

While I highly recommend to avoid this accidental consumption brownies can be a delicious way to consume your marijuana.

Even if you are not great at baking this recipe is easy to execute. There is no need to find a professional cake maker to get your marijuana into a delicious little brownie. Just follow these few tips and you are on your way to your recreational treat.

Basics of making edibles

The first step is to make the cannaoil or cannabutter. For those inexperienced marijuana smokers who have thrown some of their marijuana into brownie mix and gotten nothing from it, sorry to say but you are doing this all wrong.

The body is not going to be able to process the raw marijuana when it is mixed into a batter like that. The plant matter just does not break down in the way it is suppose to and it is frankly going to taste terrible.

Cannabutter is made when you separate the active ingredients in the marijuana, the cannabinoids, from the marijuana and then infusing it with a solvent which is going to be the butter.

The process is fairly simple because cannabinoids are fat soluble which means that they do not mix well with water, which is going to be part of the process of making the butter.

The reason you cannot just use raw marijuana in a recipe is because the cannabinoids do not become active until you heat them.

The heat is what changes the THCA into THC through a process called decarboxylating.

cannabutter receipe step 1

Without going through this process the marijuana is not going to give off the same effects in the edibles and you are not going to get the high you are looking for.

The correct way to start off your recipe is to infuse your cannabis with oil or butter to add to your recipe.

Once you have gathered all of your ingredients you are going to follow six simple steps to getting this butter cannabis-infused.

A word to the wise, this process takes a while. You cannot whip out a batch of cannabutter right before you want to use it. You are going to need at least a day's worth of preparation.

Pot Brownies Recipe

weed brownie recipe

Marijuana Brownie Ingredients:

This recipe is small and simple and you are going to need:

- 1 C butter (½ pound)
- ½ OZ cannabis (ground or raw)
- 2 C water
- Metal Strainer (or cheese cloth)
- Medium Pan

Weed Brownie Cooking Instructions:

1. Add the butter and water to pan that is over a medium heat. The water should have a layer between the butter and the bottom of the pan. If needed add more water.

2. Melt the butter, add cannabis, and mix thoroughly.

3. Simmer mixture on low for 2-3 hours. Stir occasionally to avoid scorching. Be sure to watch this as scorching is not any fun and will taste poorly. If it begins to boil reduce the heat again.

4. Allow the pan to cool before straining. Strain cannabis from butter. Use a fine mesh strainer. Cheese cloth works well too. Make sure all of the small bits are out to avoid a chunky butter.

5. Put the mixture into fridge and cool overnight. The butter will separate from the water and float on the top of the water.

6. Once the butter is on the top of the water you may remove it from the fridge. Scrape the butter from the container and put into a new container. This butter is now set to be used in a variety of recipes.

Now we are ready to use this cannabutter in some edibles. Something to consider is the fact you want to have the correct dosing when making cannabutter and brownies.

You do not want to make them too strong or the taste will be off and you will not get the effects you desire.

In order to know the correct dose you will need to know the percentage of THC that is in your marijuana, the amount of butter in your recipe, and how many servings it will prepare.

Even though this seem complicated it really is not. You can use a online tool to help you calculate. There are THC/CBD calculators available to use to know what milligrams you will serve of THC.

There is a difference between baking from scratch and baking from a box. If you bake from a box you are able to use marijuana infused oil instead of butter.

Many box mixes prefer oils and many recipes from scratch typically use butter. The recipe that we have is going to use a box mix for convenience. This is going to be a quicker way to make marijuana infused brownies.

Remember to bake in an area that is going to get a lot of air flow. Think about opening the windows for fresh air.

Use a fan to help move the air out of the room. Be respectful of your neighbors if you live in an apartment. Try to put a towel under your door to avoid letting the smell leaking into the hallway.

If you think that it is not going to bother you reconsider this notion. The smell is going to be very strong! This recipe is going to give you delicious marijuana infused brownies to eat and share, if you choose to.

Triple Chocolate Pecan Cannabis Brownies

This recipe is going to make about twenty four servings.

You will be about fifteen minutes to prepare the batter, not including your butter, and fifteen minutes after to frost them. They do take about twenty five to thirty minutes to bake.

You would ideally let them rest for thirty minutes after to cool before you frost them.

chocolate weed Brownies

In this recipe it does call for cannaoil instead of cannabutter. This is created by infusing five grams of dried marijuana with five ounces of coconut oil. The estimated THC percentage per serving is ten percent THC or 6.7mg per brownie, fifteen percent THC or 10mg per brownie, or twenty percent THC or 13.4mg per brownie.

Ingredient List

The ingredients for the brownies that you will need are:

Cooking Spray

Favorite Brownie Mix

1/3 C cannaoil

1/3 C Water

2 Large Eggs (lightly beaten)

½ C Semisweet Chocolate Chips

¼ C Roasted and Glazed Pecans (crushed)


Melted Chocolate

Crushed Heath Bar

Parchment Paper

Step by Step Cooking Instructions

1. Preheat your oven to 340 degrees. Lightly grease a 9x13 inch brownie pan with the cooking spray.

2. Combine eggs, water, and cannaoil.

3. Stir in brownie mix gradually until well blended.

4. Add chocolate chips and pecans. Spread the batter so it is even in the baking pan. This will allow for more even cooking.

5. Bake brownies according to the boxed instructions. Typically anywhere from twenty five to thirty minutes. Toothpick should come out clear from the center of the brownies once done. Remove from the oven and let cool for at least thirty minutes.

6. Cut into 24 equal pieces to get the best “dosing” possible.

7. In a medium bowl melt the chocolate for about twenty seconds in the microwave. A Pyrex bowl works best for this.

8. Insert a smaller fork into the side or bottom of one brownie. Dip the whole brownie into the melted chocolate and coat evenly. Set the brownie on parchment paper. Repeat until all brownies are covered in chocolate.

9. Sprinkle the Heath bar crumble on the brownies while chocolate is still warm to adhere it to the surface.

10. Once the chocolate is set you are ready to eat this delicious creation.

This is a great and quick recipe to to if you are looking for a simple way to make marijuana brownies. You can spice up this recipe by adding in your personal favorites.

Substitute the nuts for any that you prefer. Instead of using a Heath Bar try another favorite like Snickers or Reese's. There are so many options for great tasting brownies.

marijuana cookies made with cannabutter

With or without the marijuana people are going to be asking you for more. Just be sure you are letting them know that these brownies do contain marijuana before they consume them.

There are many way to use marijuana. Whether it be for medicinal purposes or for recreational use. No matter the reason you are using marijuana always use it responsibly.

Think about the laws in your area, if you are unsure look them up. While we are living in a time that marijuana is not as much of a taboo as it was in the past it is still mostly illegal.

marijuana legalization in us

There are very few places as relaxed as Colorado in terms of marijuana. If it is legal in your area you are in luck because you are going to find many options for edibles.

Consuming marijuana does not need to be complicated or dangerous. Use a bit of common sense and understand your own limits.

Do some research before starting. Remember to always start your consumption out small. If you are really unsure of how you are going to react only take a half of a serving.

The beauty of edibles is that you can always eat more, granted no one else at them while you were waiting. After you eat an edible it is going to work its way into your system in about forty five minutes to two hours.

Your body will change the amount of time needed to absorb the marijuana from the edible.

Do not do anything dangerous while under the influence of marijuana. Understand that edibles are going to take a long time to kick in. If you think that you are not being effected please do not drive.

The easiest way to quickly make edibles is with Magical Butter.

magical butter

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