Pax 2 Vaporizer Review

The Pax 2 Vaporizer Is The Best Vape Under $200 Now

The best battery life, heats up super quick, includes hidden tricks, & offers the smoothest flavor. A vape owned by about half our staff! Now retailing for only $199 after the  (over-rated) Pax 3 came out. 

9.4 User Rating

Our Rating: 9.4/10

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Pax 2 Vaporizer Review

The Pax 2 is Durable, Colorful, & Featured Packed

*Updated ​Review

Looking at the Pax 2 Vaporizer for the first time, you’ll for sure notice the stylish aluminum body that gives an air of premium quality and it should.

The pricing used to come in at $279.99 but now has been dropped significantly (with Pax 3 in market... which is over-rated in our opinion) which makes the Pax 2 a steal currently for it's technology!  

Pax 2 in baby blue with accesories

The Pax 2 improves on its older sibling the Pax by being 10% lighter and around 25% smaller, which makes this a much more compact device.

Improvements in the weight department aren’t the only innovations as the Pax 2 features a larger oven and technology tricks like lip sensing that add to its premium build quality that is sure to make it the center of many vaping sessions.

With its design and pricing, the Pax 2 is trying to compete in the class of luxury vaporizers,.

Warning: What is the Pax 2 Missing?

The one drawback of the Pax 2 is that it is missing an LCD screen for customizable and exact heating temperatures. With 4 pre-set temperatures you'll get to choose which one you like best but can't decide any temperature in between. If an exact temperature is not of importance to you (which it won't be for the majority of users); then this is your best choice premium vaporizer. 

Vaporizer Design That Listens

The attractiveness of the Pax 2 and its compactness making it easy to handle add a lot of points to it score sheet.

pax 2 chamber

A complaint of its predecessor was that it was difficult to clean, did the Pax 2 learn from this misstep? It sure did. This was a big focal point this around as a lot of emphasis has been made on making sure that the herb chamber and the mouthpiece can be cleaned easily.

The designers listened and changed the arrangement of the mouthpiece so that it’s now at the top with a real nice fit. The piece was also streamlined so that there are less parts that can be clogged up over time.

Vape Pen Innovation

Cleaning efficiency aside, the introduction of lip sensing and self-regulating temperature technology certainly makes this one of the “smarter” choices that you can buy.

Conduction vape technology is again present here but it does not take away from the quality of vapor that gets produced.

The Pax 2 smashes the Pax on the richness of vapor that it produces that’s extremely smooth at a wide range of temperature settings and lets you engineer huge clouds of vapor while not requiring you to give your all with drawing.

Take The Pax Wherever You Go

pax 2 vaporizer online

The measurements of the Pax 2 help you understand just how compact and portable it is, coming it at 3.87” height, 1.21” width and .08” in depth while weighing just 90.2 g.

All of these numbers are improvements over the original and what they mean for the industry is that the Pax 2 is easily one of the most on the go friendly vaporizers out there. The only things really smaller than this are vape pens.

Algorithmic Heating

Pax 2 packs the option of 4 different temperatures that range from 360F at the low end to 420F at the top.

The perks of having this flexibility with your heating lets you get more out of a single chamber load of material, vapor quality doesn’t suffer due to under or over cooking of your material. 

A statement was issued by their CEO who praised the addition of the new tech and heating algorithms that “learns” adapts based on the user. The CEO also said that the new consistency in drawing was due to this keying on the algorithm having the entirety of the materials in mind.

Pax 2 Oven Outer Casing

The oven here is a stainless steel base again with a key modification, the change here was in making it deeper instead of being as wide as it was previously.

A pretty small change that has big effects on the quality of the Pax 2 session experience. The greater depth allows for heat to be spread equally through all of your packed herb material and the result is the excellent vapor production that we got in our testing.

PAX 2 Vaporizer

firefly 2 in all colors

A premium device that performs at a level that justifies its premium price, the Pax 2 is a vaporizer that won’t let you down and will continue to deliver hit after hit of great vapor quality.

Pax 2 Battery Life

As with most things there is usually one or a few issues that hold something from being truly perfect. With the Pax 2 it’s the performance of the battery, specifically the time it takes to charge this little guy from empty to full, it takes three hours.

The battery life has been improved by over 30 minutes compared to the original Pax which only lasted a full hour with the same charging period. A sleek and handy magnetic charger is employed here so you don’t have to fuss about with unsightly wires spoiling the looks of your sexy vaporizer.

Once it’s charged up though, your time with your vaping sessions will show that it was worth the wait.

Overall Vaping Experience

All the bells and whistles of the design of your vaporizer would mean little if for any nifty innovations added, the performance suffered. We can proudly say that the Pax 2 does not fall into this trap, it innovates but still remains a vaporizer at heart.

The first hits of the Pax 2 will produce sessions that can match any other vaporizer out there right now. There is no draw resistance to really talk about and the draws will make you smile with their consistent production of vapor that is delicious and excellent.

Just like you would with any fine machine though, you must make sure to clean the Pax 2 vaporizer often or the experience will get bogged down. In our herb vaporizer testing, we found the ideal number for cleaning the screens was around 3 – 4 sessions with the Pax 2.

Don’t forget this and the Pax 2 will constantly remind you that your money was well spent.

A lot is expected of sequels and with the Pax 2 it had some big shoes to fill, those left by its older brother the Pax. Lofty expectations indeed but the Pax 2 couldn't have come out better!

It is a vaporizer in it's own class of quality.

The Pax 2 Vaporizer Review Summary

9.4 User Rating

Our Rating: 9.4/10

*Best Price Guarantee

Pax 2 Vaporizer Review