Mig Vapor Sub-Herb Z Stick Kit

The Mig Vapor Sub Herb is a shock proof vaporizer for waxes, oils, & e-liquids!

9.8 User Rating

*Best Price Guarantee

A truly boundless Vape

The Sub-Herb is loyal to covering all of the essentials. It’s difficult for us to talk about this unit and not invalidate every other opinion we have put forth about other vaporizers.

We’re talking portable sub ohming, handheld olympian like competency that will vape dry herbs, tobacco, e-juice, oils, and wax, with total supremacy.

Our Interpretation of The Sub-Herb

The Mig Vapor Sub-Herb Z Stick is a very visually persuasive machine. Its tank is made from clear Pyrex Glass with a steel tip mouthpiece. The classy black body has an Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) monitor with a soft and clean glow, making it a breeze to customize preferences.

This thing is just gorgeous. It’s like Mig Vapor made an oath to pamper every individual type of “smoker” out there. Do you have a reason to continue NOT vaping?

The Sub-Herb will politely rebuttal and refute every single reason that you may have.

Product Analysis

Physique & Visual Traits- 9.8/10

The Sub-Herb is a heavy hitter, but we’re thoroughly impressed with Mig Vapors ability to transform such power into a portable design.

Proficiency- 9.8/10

Top notch contender for vaping in all mediums. Superb vapor production and quality across the board.

Price of Unit- 9.9/10

The cost of this rig is more than justifiable. With its diverse capabilities, it could be priced even higher.

Usability- 9.6/10

The Sub-Herb Z Stick Kit is simple to operate, but if you’re new to these types of machines, there could be a bit of a learning curve for adjusting wattage and finding suitable ranges for different mediums.

Overall Rating- 9.8/10

In Contrast With Other Portable Vaporizers

The arrival of the Sub-Herb caused a realization of the transfiguration of contemporary vaporizers. We are seeing a shift in what manufacturers are constructing in order to please the modern consumer. This handheld portable vaporizer mod stands steadily in contest with the more pricey units.

migvapor sub herb vape kit

The Mighty, The Haze V3 or the Pax 2, for example, are all higher dollar portable vaporizers, however the Sub-Herbs affordable price tag awards it a victory over its competition.

Unlike some of those broad-shouldered configurations, the Sub-Herb has a closed grip, palm fit, and is triggered by a squeeze of the hand. So, you’re getting possible intensity levels matching that of a larger rig, for far less cost. Plus, if you already have a desktop rig, you can now use the Sub-Herb tank along with your favorite mod to vape loose leaf. Versatility and accountability make this unit a true winner.

Functionality and Operational Suggestions

The Sub-Herb tank (Atomizer) is interchangeable with any other sub-ohming battery, so it really saves you money, and the hassle of needing any additional mods to vape your loose leaf. 

Mig Vapor now offers a Black Sub-Herb tank for around $42 that is also a dry herb atomizer. Speaking of, the Sub-Herb tank is a pure ceramic chamber, and ceramic atomizer. The coil is baked directly into the ceramic plate, and offers protection against combustion and burning. As a result, it does take just a bit more time to reach ideal temps.

sub-herb atomizer

The Z Stick is a 40 watt battery. However, we recommended that you operate around twenty to twenty five watts with dry herb. For dabs or concentrates you’ll want a higher wattage around the thirties. These suggestions are made in order to preserve the life of your battery function and coils. Although the manufacturers recommend not going above 27-30 watts with batteries other than the Z Stick itself.

Loose Leaf vs. Concentrates

So, how does this beast perform with different mediums? Since the Sub-Herb tank is actually a dry herb extension, let’s discuss how it performs in that area first.

It’s a really great addition to any battery that’s strong enough to power it, (Sub-ohm) and being able to attach it to any existing mod you have is a huge bonus.

As far as how well it vapes dry herb, it definitely compares nicely to many table top designs. The vapor is very clean tasting and the actual vapor production is generously thick. It may seem a bit thinner when compared to dabs, but the point is to focus on quality of taste and a slow vaporization. So you aren’t scorching your herb or your coil.

In the concentrates department, this thing surprised us. We were very thrown by just how powerful the Sub-Herb Z Stick is. It easily contends with most of the more expensive desktop rigs you can buy, without compromising flavor. It is truly an advantageous machine, in that, it vapes concentrates just as well as it does loose leaf.

It’s worth mentioning that this thing will even vaporize tobacco! That’s right, actual dried tobacco can be vaporized in this unit. Making the Sub-Herb Z Stick even more desirable than it already was seems more than imaginative, but it’s true.

More states and cities are putting bans on smoking cigarettes in public places. So, this is a way to still have that tobacco fix with less stress on your lungs, and without violating any laws. Just a word of caution, in some areas these laws target vaporizers as well.

The Z Stick Kit Includes

  • Z Stick Battery Manual
  • Sub-Herb Tank Manual
  • Sub-Herb Tank
  • 40 Watt Z Stick Battery
  • USB Cable
  • Ego Adapter
  • Extra Sub-Herb Coil
  • Extra Mesh Screens

Detailed Specifications

  • Battery 2200mAh
  • Output voltage: 2.0V-10.0V
  • Output wattage: 5W-40W
  • OLED display
  • Output wattage: 5W-40W
  • 510 threading


It takes this battery about two and a half hours to fully charge. The USB port for the charger is located on the side of the battery, placed there for convenience.While operating the device, if the unit reaches over 70 degrees, it will go into “Temp Protection” mode automatically, to ensure you don’t fry up the components.

Vaporizer Summary

Many seasoned vaporists don’t mind spending the extra coin to have a nice vaporizer pen for their e-liquids, and also have a high powered table top mod for vaping their wax and oils. Finally, we have the gift of being able to do both while using a solitary device.

As we said, it’s almost incomparable because it’s simply a remarkable creation, and extremely effective in achieving its goals.

If you’re an experienced vaper, and your all-in-one pen isn’t cutting it in efficiency and isn’t delivering the power you crave, or even if you’re thinking about purchasing a desktop mod, I would seriously consider the Sub Herb Z Stick Kit.

If you are looking for a unit that is a multi-tasker, this portable mod is a dynamic rig that is capable of vaping many different mediums, while maintaining great vapor, taste and durability.

The Sub-Herb is a well-bred vaporizer and their approach was clearly a methodical one.

9.8 User Rating

*Best Price Guarantee