Leonardo Dicaprio Vaping In Public, a Must See 2018

Vaping has been quickly making an entrance into mainstream media. There are people on both sides that are arguing about the benefits and the consequences of using vaping. Mothers, fathers, and doctors have voiced concerns about the dangers of vaping and the potential impact on vaper's health and those around them. With such a hot button topic it is surprising to see actors taking part in the vaping community. This action may help vaping become less taboo and more widely accepted.

Knowledge about vaping is often scarce among those that oppose it. To have celebrities vaping openly may have a positive effect on the vaping community. People may be more apt to find out more about vaping before they pass judgment. Or they will at least know that vaping is present in a social circles.

Vapor cloud

Many people enjoy finding out that celebrities still do the same things as everyone else. There is a whole industry built around capturing celebrities enjoying their everyday lives. They still have to go buy groceries, they like to take strolls around the town, and sometimes they even leave the house looking less than perfect without makeup or expensive clothes.

As vaping goes there are more celebrities that have been seen vaping. However, most have a more than polite amount that they vape in public. It is still too controversial for many celebrities to openly support vaping.

Leonardo Dicaprio does not care about public perception of vaping.

Leonardo has paved the way for other celebrities to embrace vaping. It has allowed others to feel more comfortable being caught vaping in public. As celebrities go Leonardo is definitely the more open and does not care what the tabloids are saying.

In Fair New York City We Lay Our Scene

Leonardo Dicaprio vaping e cig

Vaping has been around a lot longer than the controversy that has bubbled up. Leonardo began vaping as the vaping community started to really explode. He was dedicated to vaping and it became obvious when he was dining at Rao. Rao is a opulent restaurant that is located in New York City. While eating Leonardo was seen using an e-cigarette without any remorse for anyone else in attendance.

After this incident it was easier to find a picture of Leonardo with the e-cig than without. He took it everywhere with him much like the rest of us in the vaping community. It did not matter where he was. He would use it while dining with friends, at his home, walking around town, and even while filming. It was clear that he was dedicated to vaping and he did not care who knew.

This willingness to show people that he was a vaper is what pushed other celebrities to join in the movement. Not only a few celebrities joined him. They joined in droves.

Just the Tip of The Iceberg

Leonardo Dicaprio vaping in public

When celebrities first started to turn toward vaping the e-cig was the popular choice. Many were just starting to dive into the vaping scene. Not Leo. While everyone was just starting to understand vaping he was moving on to something better than the e-cig he had been seen with so consistently.

The eGo-style pen devices were the forefront of vaping and Leonardo was right there. He upgraded to the clearomizer and opted for variable voltage. While other celebrities were just learning about vaping Leonardo was embracing the new technology.

Paired with this new technology Leo was still seen everywhere vaping. People were growing accustomed to seeing Leo with his vape pen wherever he went. He had gone as far as vaping on red carpet events. He allowed his vaping device to be in a full view all the time and was not shy about vaping when he wanted to.

With the new vaping device in tow he was photographed vaping at every event. More attention was brought to the vaping community as he flaunted his superior device compared to the older technology many people were using.

Leo was not one to share his vaping pen. He valued his advanced set up so much he would deny other celebrities the chance to use it themselves. Miley Cyrus had been denied by Leo at a after party for Saturday Night Live. It was something that she spoke about with Jimmy Fallon soon after.

The Man in the Vape Cloud

Johny Deep vape

By last year vaping was not uncommon in Hollywood. It was easy to find A-listers that enjoyed vaping. None more than Leo of course. Other big name celebrities like Johnny Depp and Katy Perry were public with their vape pens. It seems like many celebrities had decided that vape pens were the way to go.

Leo disagreed. As he had always been at the forefront of vaping technology he continues to update his vaping repertoire. The 2016 Screen Actors Guild awards show was introduce to the world of a mod/tank vaping device. Leo used his combo device while he was at a packed table.

There was vapor galore at the table. Even though it could be considered impolite to vape with such a large vapor cloud in a crowded area there were no complaints for his companions at the table.

There were some people that were more up in arms about the situation. This event was heavily covered and the new of Leo vaping without remorse was all over social media. Everyone had something to say about his actions at the awards show.

There were many people that were angry that Leo would dare vape so publicly. Doctors and parents threw their opinion's around about what vaping could do to those around him. They argued against him being able to choose when he wanted to vape.

Then the organizers of many award shows joined in the conversation. With such a public outcry against vaping they found themselves with little choice. They declared that vaping was not allowed at their events. The Oscars was an award show announced that people in attendance to the show were not allowed to vape.

At this point Leo was under attack from many angles for his vaping habit. There were fans, parents, doctors, and organizers of award shows that were criticizing him. This could have been the end of a long term relationship between Leo and his vaping devices.

Leo did not stop vaping. Instead he continued to vape as he had done before. He allowed vaping to continue to be part of his life even under media scrutiny. With such dedication the vaping community is gaining more awareness and will hopefully be able to gain more acceptance as well.

The Revolutionary Road to Vaping

Simon Cowell vaping

Vaping is very common. Whether you are a celebrity or a regular guy on the street it is likely you know someone that is vaping. People are more aware that vaping exists. There are people who are completely against vaping and there are also a lot of support in the vaping community.

Many celebrities have been less shy about vaping in the view of the public. There is less concern about the damage it may do to your image as a celebrity. There are big name celebrities like Simon Cowell and Jack Nicholson who are no longer keeping their vaping under the radar.

There celebrities have started the conversation about the benefits of vaping. They were known smokers and have turned to vaping to help them curb their habit. This process has been praised by them as a better option than smoking.

Without Leo the vaping community may not have become such a prominent presence in Hollywood. Leo has used vaping to stop his cigarette usage and it has encouraged other people to better themselves as well.

While Leo is not out selling vaping to the world he has become an icon for vaping in Hollywood. This was probably not his intention when he first started this in Rao so many years ago but he has certainly shed some light on the benefits of vaping. Leo has paved the way for celebrities to feel less pressured to conform to what the media deems acceptable.

Even though paying attention to celebrities lives seem unimportant it is part of our daily lives. Even if you try to shy away from the media it is all around us. Magazines with headlines litter the shelves at the grocery store, social media sites have posts about the hottest trends, and people just like talking about it.

People like to gossip. The more scandalous the better. Leo and vaping has been and will be part of many conversations based in “scandal”. Negative attention to vaping may not help people who already dislike the idea of vaping. However, the attention may allow people who are interested in vaping to learn more.

By seeing A-listers as part of the vaping community people may feel more comfortable in trying vaping. Especially to help them curb a smoking habit. All of the light shining on vaping devices can only help people learn more about what benefits vaping can bring.

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