KandyPens Miva

The KandyPens Miva Vaporizer is Smooth

The Miva is the AUDI Sport of dry herb vapes; it flies under the radar but has a performance that beats the over hyped and large advertising budget of the Pax 3.

kandypens miva vaporizer in black

Our Rating: 9.7/10

*Best Price Guarantee

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KandyPens has quite the reputation to uphold, so expectations were high before we even began testing. But The Miva is the vaporizer in the KandyPens' product line that flipped the game on it's head.

Plain and simple the Miva rips and wins our "Best Deal" award as the dollar for dollar best model vape available!

We'll tell you why and even compare this model to popular vaporizers such as the Firefly 2 and Davinci IQ.

Equipped with the usual lifetime warranty; KandyPens provides with all of their vaporizers, you really can’t go wrong here.

The Miva has a natural feel, and it produces quality vapor with ease and style. It’s ideal for a first time vape user. We found it most conducive for personal use, rather than group vaping sessions.

kandy pens miva fast heat up time

Miva Feature Review: Faster Heating Time & Customization

The Miva is furnished with a high caliber convection oven made of ceramic. It has a quaint, easy to operate OLED display screen that presents the current battery life, temperature, and adjustable heat settings, which range from 300-435℉.

best temperature setting for dry herb vaporizers

We really appreciate units with this feature, as this allows for a fully customized and controlled vaporizing session at the right temperature for you want. One of our favorite aspects about this portable vape is the super rapid heat up time. You won’t catch yourself twiddling your thumbs waiting for optimal temps with the Miva.

It has one of the fastest heating times of all of the portable vaporizers that we’ve experimented with, to date, and will have you ripping massive clouds in under 15 seconds! This rig has a practical price tag for what it delivers and is all around impressive.

Smaller Vape Model Packing The Strongest Pure Punch

The first thing you’ll notice about the Miva is the dark, glimmering appearance.

Once you have it in your hands, it’s surprisingly lightweight, and naturally, the first thought is, “how will this little thing perform?”

kandypens miva in red

Well, the vapor quality is very pure, and the consistency of the vapor is much, much more powerful than you could imagine for such a slender rig.

The preconceived notion that a vaporizer has to be heavy in order to pack a punch is just not the case, and the Miva has certainly proven that point.

The Mouthpiece

Inside the kit, KandyPens provides an extra mouthpiece. It is a long, clear, glass fitting that will drastically enhance the experience. When we first checked out the unit, it had a pre installed, shorter mouthpiece.

kandypens miva lcd screen

Replacing the tip and using the longer glass fitting, results in very significant and distinct cooling and flavor improvements.

So, if you end up deciding on purchasing the Miva, we suggest you do this straight out of the box!

KandyPens added a slip inside the box just beneath the Miva, and as you pull it out a small message is revealed in text, that says, “Goodies.” Just insert the tip of your finger into the finger hole and lift, and you’ll uncover the goodies.

Miva Accessories Included

Within, you see the additional glass mouthpiece, cleaning utensil, a loading tool and USB charger. These are all fairly typical items that come along with just about every top marijuana vaporizer...… but there are other types of goodies that aren’t separate from the unit or just lying inside of the box. Hidden gems, if you will. Things that don’t seem to be advertised.

kandypens miva colors available

One of these things is a data storage function. This allows the Miva to recall your specific heat setting, and brings even MORE customization capabilities to your vaping.

Dial in your desired temperature for each type or different strain of dry herb that you consume, and the Miva remembers that preference for later. Another element of the Miva that we consider to be a goodie, is the vapor production you get with incredibly short drag times!

A very brief pull on this unit creates an extraordinary cloud of vapor. We were blown away, literally, by the amount of vapor this rig produces in what seems to be a flash. This is a marvelous machine, and second guessing its power based on its looks or lightweight feel would definitely be a mistake.

Vapor Quality Test

Operating the Miva

First, to fill the oven, just remove the pre connected, short black mouthpiece, exposing the ceramic chamber. Grind contents and fill, making sure to lightly pack your dry herbs into place with the provided tool. Over packing or cramming the oven will result in diminished air circulation.

kandypens miva is the best dry herb vaporizer

The Miva has great airflow, but stifling it can be as simple as loading too much herb at once or over packing it. The ventilation is installed on the topsides of the rig, to avoid being blanketed by your hands during use. Perfect placement in our opinion.

Secondly, to begin using the device, quickly press the power button 5 times. Next, make your heat setting selection. The Miva will start heating up the moment you turn on the unit. This is part of the rapid heating system that is so convenient and efficient. The Miva controls consist of just 3 buttons.

The power, and the thermostat buttons. These are indicated by “up” and “down” facing arrows. Lastly, make certain to replace the original tip with the glass extension for most favorable vapor quality and production.

Contents Included with the Miva 

The KandyPens Miva is driven by a 3.7 volt, 2200mAh battery. Inside of the box you’ll find an instruction manual. KandyPens also supplies you with 4 extra silicone seals for when the installed one needs replacing. Along with your purchase they send you a free aluminum grinder and a black, leather carrying case for extra protection. (This vaporizer is available in Black, Pink, White and Red)

kandypens miva accessories and box

Compared To The Firefly 2 & Davinci IQ

The Miva is our favorite dry herb vape. For the price it is a steal. Yes the FireFly 2 & Davinci IQ have some finer parts but the vapor quality is damn near the same and the Miva is a good $100 cheaper and also comes with a lifetime warranty. 

How do you decide between models? Well if you're the type of person who goes for front row seats at a show; then you'll want the FireFly 2. It is top dog for a reason.

However if 2nd row seats at a substantially less price works for you (as it does for us); then The Miva is your vape!

The way we look at it is bottle service is bottle service. You're ballin' with the Miva without throwing money in the air just because you can. It's a smarter man's buy compared to the more expensive Firefly 2,  Pax 3, or Crafty

This is just us; shooting it straight.

Final Vape Summary

If you’re looking for a vaporizer with the ability to travel in your pocket but still deliver powerful and pure vapor, the Miva may be a perfect fit for you. Especially considering the price.

It may seem high, but when thinking about the quality of this vape and what it can do, we assure you, it’s more than a good deal. In fact the Miva wins our "Best Deal" award for providing the best bang for your buck!

Also, as mentioned above, it comes with a KandyPens lifetime warranty.

There’s even more added security. KandyPens has amazingly helpful, responsive, support staff and customer service as well. We were thoroughly delighted by the performance of this rig.

holding the kandypens miva

The depleted herbs were consistently expended, indicating that the Miva ceramic chamber competently vaporized the herbs evenly. We thought the remains were some of the most evenly convected we’d seen.

It’s a true, zero combustion vaporizer, and we hold it high on our list of best vapes for many of these very reasons.

The KandyPens Miva Vaporizer is Smooth

We have awarded The Kandypens Miva a "Best Deal" position. It blows the more expensive vapes out of the water and is the dollar for dollar best dry herb vape you can own!

kandypens miva vaporizer in black

Our Rating: 9.7/10

*Best Price Guarantee

Exclusive 10% Discount. Use Coupon Code: Vapereview10