KandyPens Galaxy Vape Pen Review

KandyPens Galaxy Vape Pen Complete Review

Rated #1 as the best wax pen for it's quality and affordable price. It is the best vape pen for 99% of people. 

Kandypen Galaxy vaporizer
9.8 User Rating

KandyPens Galaxy vape pen is a sleek design that has several undeniably awesome features, with only one or two small drawbacks. I can tell you that this vape pen is a top choice for me personally, and tell you precisely why that is so.

The Purest Vapor of Them All

Let’s first focus on the obvious. One thing that sets the Galaxy apart from its similar competitor designs, is the Quartz Crystal Chamber & Dual Quartz Rods.

kandypen galaxy vape and carrying case

With these features you can expect to enjoy the taste of purity. This pen is finely tuned to produce generous clouds with somewhat brief draw times. As a result, you get a very natural feeling experience.

Not only is this vape pen attractive and lustrous, but you can take a small toke and produce a large cloud of vapor, or you can take a massive rip and still taste the purity of your chosen extract.

It goes without saying, the best vape pens don't all utilize the quartz atomizer technology. (But we really love that quartz.) KandyPens Galaxy has a brawny build, is pleasing to use, and if you’re like me, you want something that’s easy to carry around with very little fuss and packing. This portable pen makes traveling with your medicine and preferred rig simple.

I will add here, one minor drawback. The Galaxy vape pen is an extracts only rig. Meaning, you cannot use it with flowers/dried herbs. That being said, it’s still a favorite of mine, and I do prefer oil & wax over flowers. So, that didn’t keep me from investing in this product.

Smoking flowers through a glass pipe is a thing of the past.

Raw Components of the Galaxy

Quartz Crystal Chamber

Inside the chamber you’ll notice the walls lined with quartz crystal. This design allows a more adequate circulation of oil, in turn, increasing efficiency.

Recently updated versions of the Galaxy vape pen have a newly designed Elevated Air Flow system that draws from the top of the side walls of the atomizer. This prevents any possible leakage into the battery terminal, and clogging.

Dual Quartz Rods

Another feature that helps keep such a fresh taste with this rig, is the titanium encased dual quartz rods.

In contrast, when compared to the typical fiber wicking materials, the quartz crystal rods do not absorb or trap any of your precious wax or oil.

3-Way Battery & Heat Arrangements

KandyPens Galaxy vape pen has three settings for controlling the temperature of the coils. This lets you customize each hit depending on the battery life and your vape style. Along with the wide mouth piece that has an added hole for increased airflow, you can create a rip suited just for you.⚬ This pen has an LED button/display in the form of a “K” located on the front of the pen, and bottom of the pen that indicates which heat setting you’re currently using. If you take it at face value it can be confusing though. For example, a red light would usually signify a hot and high setting. This pen is the opposite.




When it comes to the battery life, this pen is right up there in performance with any other of the more pricey pens I’ve used. Some other dual coil setups will suck the life from your battery in an instant. That can be a drawback for obvious reasons, but surprisingly, the Galaxy performs like it’s other higher priced rivals in this area.

Capacity Chamber

This particular portable pen holds roughly .3 grams in the reservoir. I have found and would suggest that, to help prevent clogging or run off, you dial it back a bit when filling. I like to load about .1 of a gram at a time. Or, if I’m hitting the road for a longer trip I’ll do .2 grams.

This allows me about 20 to 30 hits per fill, but again will all depend on your vape style and preferred settings. I usually rip this thing on high, so that’s a pretty good ratio for me.

When it’s time to clean the coils and atomizer, simply place them in some ISO alcohol and let them sit for a few. Make sure to rinse with water and let them dry before assembling the parts back together.

It is worth noting that specific updates to the Galaxy line, such as the pens with a metallic varnish, are equipped with a new Tornado Coil. The chamber has a sealed bottom and the atomizer is fixed with an adjustable airflow ring. This does help with preventing clogs and leakage.

Who Should Buy This Vape Pen

So, why would you pay more for a product when you can pay less for something just as sweet?

This is one reason I wanted to do this review. Too many people fall victim to flashy advertisements and pay through the nose for expensive items, when just a quick shop around can land you at a fantastic deal, like this one.

I don’t know about you, but when most people decide to make the switch from smoking flowers into vaping concentrates, it’s because they are looking for something a little more potent, a little more clean, and a little more sophisticated. For me, KandyPens Galaxy definitely provides that solution.

We prefer this pen because it effectively delivers a clean taste and a refined experience, and it’s also a simple yet seductive looking product.

A Vape Pen For Concentrates

When trying to decide between the different technologies inside of various vapes, it’s important to ask yourself a couple of things.

First, are you new to the world of vaping?

If so, you might consider a simple pen that has all of the aspects you’re looking for.

An example of this, is whether you’re into (dry herbs) loose leaf, e-liquids or wax type concentrates.

If taste is as important to as the effect, you’ll want to consider choosing a pen with a quartz crystal chamber and coils.

If you’re a medical marijuana patient, the Galaxy is a great place to start because you will be more than pleased with the taste this pen delivers. Also, for the price, you cannot beat this quality pen.

Galaxy vape pen and charger

It may be better to have your first vape actually be a portable, easy to use and transportable device.

Sure there are some amazing desktop rigs (see our list of the best desktop vaporizers), but try taking that thing and all of it’s cute little accessories along with you in the car, and actually using it while driving. Yea, not a good idea!

If you’re an experienced vaper, you will know that annoying feeling of always feeling a bit shorted when you drip your extracts into a chamber filled with fiber wicking materials.

Not only does this material tend to collect gunk and a slightly undesirable flavor after a while, but nobody wants to feel like their vape pen is stealing from them. Ha!

One reason I like the KandyPens Galaxy so much, is that I know I am getting every bit of use out of my extracts and it’s not being hoarded in the wick.

When it comes to ripping on this pen, the average 3 to 5 second toke is more than sufficient for producing a thick cloud of vapor.

Now, if you are the type who likes to take those longer, bigger draws (which I regard to be anything longer than 6 or 7 seconds) you might experience some harshness in the back of your throat, but not too much. It’s not enough to stop me when I want a beasty hit, and the Galaxy will cater to your “power lung” ego if you want to push it past that 7 second threshold, and still expect a decent taste.

kandypen galaxy in green

The Galaxy is available in a number of colors and varnishes. From Metallic gun metal, to bright (green & blue) summertime palettes, or a sheer gold finish.

So, if you’re looking for something serious and classy, to sit well with that tailor made Hugo Boss suit, KandyPens has you covered.

If you want a vape that will sit next to you by the pool in your flip flops, they have you covered.

In closing, I will say that we highly recommend considering this pen for personal use, or for a gift.

I think that an overall rating of 98/100 is in line for the KandyPens Galaxy vape pen.

The Galaxy ranks #1 as the best Wax Pen on our list. 

KandyPens Galaxy Complete Review

Why would you pay more for a product when you can pay less for something just as sweet?

9.8 User Rating
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