How to Make Cannabutter

Cannabutter 2017 - Cooking Guide

Cannabutter, pot brownies, & edibles.... they are becoming very popular as of late!

So popular we decided to put together, How to Make Cannabutter - 2017 Guide!

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​A lot of the increased popularity has to do with further legalization of marijuana.

There are many states that are reviewing their legislation regarding this subject and they will hopefully be joining the revolution of accepting marijuana as a treatment for many conditions.

Right now there are only a few states where marijuana is legal recreationally.  Regardless of whether your a recreational or medical user; we're going to show you how to make amazing weed butter!

There is a big push from the community to allow for marijuana to be used as medical treatments because it has many different benefits in the body. Many personal testimonies have allowed people to see the side of marijuana that they did not know existed before.

People are coming to understand that while marijuana can be used recreationally it can be used as a life saving medical alternative as well.

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With this change in the way people think many people have become more outspoken against the laws against marijuana both for medical and recreational use.

States are feeling the pressure to allow medical use in their boarders. Eventually this may leave to a marijuana being fully legalized across the United States for medical and recreational use a like.

As examples of how different states regulate use; Washington state does not have the legislation to follow up the overturn in marijuana edibles being illegal. While it is legal you are going to have a much harder time finding edibles right now. Colorado, on the other hand, is much more free to enjoy recreational marijuana.

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Their legislation is not made to make this difficult. Its residents are able to enjoy the many benefits of marijuana. You will be able to find a variety of options in Colorado and can enjoy these freely and typically at a lower cost.

Effects of Eating Edibles (Marijuana food products)

If you are in an area that you are able to enjoy edibles freely and you want to, you should know a few key points. Edibles are going to affect you differently than smoking or vaping marijuana because of the way your body breaks down marijuana in as a solid.

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 It is going to take the marijuana much longer to get into your system and once it is in your system it is going to take longer to leave. While it can be a tasty way to get marijuana in your system you do need to watch for taking in too much marijuana at a time.

When you first eat an edible you are getting the marijuana absorbed into your bloodstream as opposed into your nervous system. This process is slower and can take anywhere from forty five minutes to two hours depending on your body and the food it was put into.

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It is important to know that an edible might not actually hit you until this two hour mark. Many people mistake the slow process that the edibles are not working for them.

Typically they will consume another edible or possibly many to try to get an effect. If you consume more edibles to try to get a result you will eventually have a reaction that is much stronger than anticipated or wanted.

The food that an edible is placed into should be taken into account to know how it is going to affect the person eating it.

If it is something your body is going to take longer to break down it will also take longer for you to absorb the marijuana.

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The same goes for foods that are broken down quickly by the body it is likely to get into your bloodstream faster. Once the edibles take effect, which can be a desirable aspect you are going to feel the affects for much longer than from smoking or vaping because it is going through your bloodstream.

When you smoke or vape marijuana you are putting it directly into your nervous system. The nervous system is able to process marijuana much more quickly and thus it leaves the system faster.

With edibles you are going to feel the effects for anywhere from four hours to eight hours. This all depends on the potency of the edible and your body's process.

Everyone's body reacts a bit differently to different substances. Some people may have a shorter time affected while others have a longer time affected.

Medical Cannabis Edibles

An important part of eating edibles that you have made yourself is making sure the dosage is correct. While you do not want a dose that is so minuscule that you really do not gain any affects you also do not want to use a large amount and end up in the hospital from too high of a dose.

There are ways to calculate the THC dose in your recipes to create great marijuana edibles. Always be aware of the doses that you are putting into your edibles.

It is not recommended to accept edibles from someone that is not concerned with dosing. If they have put too much marijuana in the edible you are likely to get too much of your system at once.

Edibles Dosage (For first time use)

It is always advisable to be more cautious with your use of marijuana edibles. While you may know exactly how much you need to smoke or vape to get a certain effect you may find that edibles affect you a bit differently. Never think that you are able to handle too large amounts of edibles at a time, especially before you have tried any.

Start out slow and small!

You are going to be able to continue eating those edibles after the first one has kicked in.

They are not going to spoil in the hour you wait to see how you are feeling after that first brownie.

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As you continue to try different edibles you are going to be able to know how they affect you and how your body reacts to them. At this point it will be much easier for you to know if you do need that second helping or now.

People who have smoked or vaped marijuana frequently are likely to need larger amounts of edibles to feel an affect because they have built up a tolerance. This tolerance is going to make it harder for them to gain any effects from marijuana and thus consume more.

Anyone that is brand new to marijuana whether in smoking, vaping, or eating you need to take low doses. It is going to hit you differently than it does someone that has been using it for an extended period of time.

A small amount can go a very long way at first. Add on as needed after you allow time for the effect to really take place.

The first step in understanding the dose you are taking in from an edible that you make is to understand the stain you are working with. You need to know how much THC your strain has in it.

Typically a strain is going to have about ten percent THC. Although there are strains that are higher at about fifteen to twenty and those that are very strong at twenty one percent THC or higher.

These strains are not as common and you are likely to know if you are getting a stronger strain. The person dispensing this marijuana to you is going to let you know the potency of the product in comparison to the price you are paying.

If you are getting a strain that you are unsure of the dose on try to look for the information online. There is breeding information or cannabinoid lab tests that are done to find the THC percentage. If you are still unsure a general assumption would be ten percent.

Know the Potency of Your Edible​s

If you already know your percentage of THC in your marijuana, which is likely to be ten percent, you are set to move to the next step. A few measurements to understand is quarter ounce of marijuana is 7 grams and an eighth is 3.5 grams. All of our dosing is going to be in grams or milligrams.

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Depending on the amount of marijuana and the desired strength you have you will use different amounts while making your edibles.

For every gram of marijuana there is 1,000mg of dry weight. Meaning if you have 1 gram of marijuana, that is a ten percent THC strain, you will take the 1,000mg multiplied by 0.1 which is the decimal value of ten percent. 1,000mg x 0.1(10%)=100mg. This means that 1 gram of your marijuana is going to have at least 100mg of THC in it.

Now using a dosage formula you are going to be able to figure out about how much THC is in every serving of your edible. These measurements are not fully accurate because of the nature of measuring.

Without doing the edible baking in a lab that is able to calculate out the doses in specific values you will never have the exact dosage. You are going to take the amount of your ground marijuana and convert it into milligrams like we did before.

Once you get this total you are going to divide it by what the recipe yields. This means how many of the edibles you will end up with for example 24 cookies or 10 brownies. The end result is the amount of THC per serving of edible.

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A good starting dose is 5 milligrams per serving. If you are looking for a smaller dose try a lower amount of marijuana to get 2.5 milligrams per serving instead.

The amount of marijuana you put in is going to alter the strength of the edibles. Lets say that we use one gram of ground marijuana that is ten percent THC to make 20 cookies.

This one gram of marijuana is 1,000mg of dry weight. Take 1,000 multiplied by 0.1(10 percent)which is 100mg of THC in one gram of marijuana. Then take this 100mg divided by 20 cookies to get 5g of THC per cookie(serving).

Breakdown at 10% THC

1 gram = 1,000mg

1,000mg x 0.1(10 percent) = 100mg

100mg / 20 cookies = 5g/serving

Another Look at 20% THC

3 grams = 3,000mg

3,000mg x 0.2(20 percent) = 600mg

600mg / 120 brownies = 5g/serving

While this is a long process to calculate out the THC in each serving it is going to save you the stress of not knowing how much you are taking in. It is always good to have a general idea how much THC you are consuming in edibles.

It can give you a better idea later how much you are able to handle. Having general calculations makes it more precise if you did have a bad reaction to eating too many edibles. It is recommended to have less than 10g of THC in an edible at a time.

marijuana edibles

Once you understand how to calculate the dose for making edibles you are ready to dive in and starting preparing some recipes.

One of the most basic recipes you will see and use is making cannabutter which is butter that is infused with marijuana. Cannabutter can be used in a variety of other edibles that you may choose to make.

Having a stock of cannabutter can save you the trouble of needing to make small batches frequently. Making cannabutter is a bit time consuming so you do need to be dedicated to the process of making your own edibles.

It it also really easy to store! Get a couple large containers that are air tight and you are going to be able to make large batches of cannabutter and then put it into your fridge or freezer.

This will save you from the process of making it every time you have an itch for a recipe with cannabutter in it. Many people keep a little bit of cannabutter in their fridge at all times to use in many different foods throughout the day.

Before You Begin Cooking Cannabutter​

Before you begin cooking take a look at your kitchen. It is best to prepare before you start to cook. Find utensils, bowls, and pans that you will not use on other foods or go out and buy some for just this occasion.

You do not want to use the items you make cannabutter with to make other foods to avoid any cross contamination. Hopefully your kitchen is well ventilated because you are going to need it. Making edibles can be a very aromatic. Everyone in your house is sure to know that you are making it.

Open windows before you begin cooking this can help to bring in fresh air. Turn on a ceiling fan or bring in a clean portable fan to push the air around the kitchen and hopefully out.

In the event that you live in an apartment try to be respectful of others. It can help to put a towel under a door to avoid the aroma from escaping into the hallway and into the other apartments.

Some tips for eating marijuana edibles is change your eating habits depending on the effects you are getting from the edibles. If you are eating your edibles with fatty or protein rich food you are going to see that they last longer in your body.

If the edibles are in the form of a sugar based candy the effects will not last as long. A thought to if you are not feeling the effects of your edible is trying a fatty food afterwards before eating another edible. This can help you start to feel the effects of the first edible. If you are feeling too high you can try to raise your blood sugar to help bring down this effect by drinking orange juice or fruit juice.

 Cannabutter is simple to make, but very time consuming. Be ready to dedicate some hours to this recipe.

They will not be hard to achieve unless you consider waiting agonizing. If you are unsure about what edibles to make it is always good to start with cannabutter. It can get you started cooking with marijuana and it a great ingredient for many different recipes.

Do not try to make this recipe in a rush right before you want to make a batch of cookies. It will not work. It is going to take you at least a day to get a good batch of cannabutter created. There is a process that the marijuana is going to need to work through to give you marijuana infused butter, instead of butter that has raw marijuana in it.

Speaking of raw marijuana in food, do not try that either. Anyone that has just thrown some marijuana into a cake before serving it will find that you not only messed up the taste but you are not going to get the effects of the marijuana. The taste of raw marijuana when eaten can only be explained as bad.

The effects are non-exsistant. This is because our body does not break down the plant correctly to give us a high from chewing on the plant. You need to extract the cannabinoids from the plant to get this high. Cannabinoids are the substances like THC or CBD that are present in marijuana. THC is the cannabinoid that creates a high or psychoactive effect.

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Extracting the cannabinoids is the reason that a person is able to get high from marijuana edibles. The process involves taking the active ingredients and pulling them from the plant then infusing them into the solvent. While this seams complicated it really is not. The active ingredients are the cannabinoids. The plant is of course the marijuana and the solvent is going to be the butter.

That means you are taking the cannabinoids from the marijuana and putting them into the butter. Much more simple when said like that.

Butter is a great food to use to hold THC because cannabinoids are fat soluble which means that they do not mix well with water. The old saying goes some people are like oil and water, they just don't mix. The cannabinoids are going to separate from the water to leave you with marijuana infused butter on top. Cannabinoids do need a heat source to activate which is the reason raw marijuana does not produce a high in edibles.

When heated the THCA which is Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid is going to turn into the THC through a chemical process. THCA is not psychoactive and will not produce a high until it is changed to THC. The process of THCA turning into THC is called decarboxylation. Without decarboxylation your THCA will not turn into THC so you cannot get a high from it because it is not in itself does not have psychoactive properties. If you do have a marijuana plant that you leave sitting for a long period of time some of the THCA will turn into THC but it will not be in large amounts like in the process of decarboxylation through heating.

healthy cannabutter recipe

A few ideas for different products you can put this cannabutter in could include many different baked goods. Cookies, cakes, brownies, anything that calls for butter can have a bit of marijuana infused butter in it. You could also use it in soups or teas for a more soothing taste and food.

Some people even use it to spread onto toast in the morning to start off their day. Some other savory ideas could be adding it to cheesy garlic bread, waffles, or to satisfy your sweet tooth try french toast. There are so many items that take butter you can substitute cannabutter for any of them as long as you know that you are taking in amounts that you can tolerate. Small amounts on food are going to work well with those that have already tried edibles. Do not start to but cannabutter on everything and at the end of the day have way too much marijuana in your system.

A great cannabutter recipe should be simple with its amount of ingredients. It is not hard to combine or to make it will just take you a bit of time. The ingredients you will need will be one cup of butter, a half ounce of marijuana that is either ground or raw, and two cups of water.

What could be more simple than this recipe?

A few extra items to have out are a medium pan, a bowl, and a metal strainer that is very fine or a cheese cloth. With these few items you are ready to make cannabutter.

Step by Step: How to Make Cannabutter

Summary step by step
1). To start off you are going to want to heat your oven to 240 degrees.
2). Take out a baking sheet and lay your marijuana onto it in a single layer.
3). Next, dump your dried marijuana and your water and butter into your medium pan/ cooking pot.
4). Once you have the right amount of water put this over medium heat.
5). Turn the pan down to a simmer once everything is mixed.
6). This mixture is going to need to sit in the fridge overnight.
​8). Add the butter to cookies, brownies, desserts, candies, or any edible of your choice and enjoy!

In Details:

1). To start off you are going to want to heat your oven to 240 degrees.
2). Take out a baking sheet and lay your marijuana onto it in a single layer.

Make sure it is not overlapping to get an even heat across all of it.

This is going to help decarboxylate your marijuana at an even rate so it is all decarboxylated at the end of baking. It is going to take about forty minutes before you marijuana is dry enough to crumble. This is what you will want to add to your butter. You will be able to take the marijuana and crumble it before putting it into your mixture.

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3). Next, dump your dried marijuana and your water and butter into your medium pan/ cooking pot.
add cannabutter to pot

When you add the butter to the water you should have a layer of water between the butter and the bottom of the pan. If you do not you are going to need more water. If you need to use a large amount of water do not worry. The water is not going to be part of the end product.

4). Once you have the right amount of water put this over medium heat.

It will not take too long for the water to heat and the butter to begin to melt. 

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5). Turn the pan down to a simmer once everything is mixed.

This is where the waiting is going to begin. You will need to simmer this mixture for two to three hours. This is going to allow the marijuana's cannabinoids to become active and infuse themselves with the butter.

Watch this process as it simmers and stir it occasionally to avoid burning the mixture. In the event the mixture burns you are going to be left with a bad taste for your cannabutter.

Depending on the level you have burnt the mixture you might want to throw out the batch. If you find that it is starting to boil reduce the heat again but do not turn it off.

You will know that it is done when the top of the mixture turns from a watery mixture to a thick shiny mixture. Once it has been about three hours you are going to remove the pan from the heat. Allow the pan and the contents to cool before transferring it into another container.

I would recommend a heatproof bowl but some people prefer to use containers with lids to avoid spilling. Use your strainer or cheese cloth to transfer the liquid into a container while keeping the marijuana separate. If you leave any of the marijuana in you are going to have an uneven butter that has chunks of marijuana in it.

6). This mixture is going to need to sit in the fridge overnight.

A daunting time for those that are excited to start baking today. This is going to allow the butter to separate from the water. Once it is separated it is going to sit on the top of the water. This is your finished product that needs to separated.

7). Scrape the Butter from the Top and put it into a container​.

With all of the butter at the top you can use a utensil to scrape the butter from the water. Take the butter and put it into a separate container that is air tight to be used later in another recipe.

cannabutter making process
​8). Add the butter to cookies, brownies, desserts, candies, or any edible of your choice and enjoy!

The great thing about cannabutter is that you can make larger batches of it and store it. Make sure you calculate the dose of the cannabutter correctly if you double or triple the recipe.

If you put too much marijuana in it is going to be too strong and likewise if you put too little in it will be too weak. Cannabutter is going to stay good in a fridge for two months. Meaning you can make a batch big enough to last you for two months long. Which is plenty of time to use it in a variety of recipes.

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Always consider the effects of edibles before eating them. They are not going to wear off as quickly as smoking or vaping. Once you eat them they can take up to two hours to kick in and then may last up to eight hours.

You never want to take edibles and then end up being at a work meeting when it takes effect. Start out slow and add small amounts of the cannabutter to other foods. This will allow you to see what you are able to handle.

Cannabutter is easy to store. It does need to be in the fridge to be kept from spoiling. An air tight container is going to help it stay fresh and you are able to keep it for up to two months in the fridge.

If you are feeling really ambitious one day and want to make a massive amount of cannabutter you are able to put it into the freezer.

When in an air tight container in the freezer cannabutter is going to be good for up to six months and can be defrosted as needed.

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Knowing exactly how strong the cannabutter will be could be a challenge. Using the dosing we tried earlier you will be able to have a better idea how much marijuana you are using in a recipe which can help you calculate how strong your cannabutter is.

Even if you are using the same amount of marijuana each time if you get a marijuana of varying strengths the butter will also have varying strengths. Make sure you calculate how much marijuana is going into the butter and then use servings that match the amount of THC you are wanting.

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If you need to make something besides butter it is quite easy. Make sure the ingredient you want to use is fat soluble like butter. Some common substitutes are coconut oil or olive oil.

This can be helpful for those boxed recipes that call for oil instead of butter. The process is going to be very similar and you are going to have another great product to use in many different recipes.

This is barely going to graze the surface for how many different recipes and foods you are able to add marijuana to. Marijuana has become a very diversified substance that is used in a variety of ways.

People are able to eat it in the form of edibles, smoke it, and even vape it. No matter how you are wanting to get your dose of marijuana you should be aware of the effects that it will cause you.

You should be acutely aware of how much you are consuming at a time. If you are taking edibles from another person inquire if they know the dose that you are consuming.

There are many people that want marijuana to be made legal in all areas across the United States. There are a few places where you will be able to eat edibles like Washington State and Colorado.

Colorado is the more prominent of the two because they have been a spear head in the revolution that is medical and recreational marijuana consumption.

marijuana legalization in us

Colorado residents have the unique ability to gain access to lab tested safe products that are going to have specific doses associated with them. Unfortunately there are many people in the United States were marijuana is not legal and is struggling to become legal. The people in these states are turning to illegal activities to gain access to the benefits of marijuana. With the rise in support for marijuana hopefully many states follow in Colorado's footsteps to make marijuana legal.

Marijuana is a substance that is like any other substance that is legal. It affects the body in different ways depending on who is taking it. Medications that doctors prescribe for certain conditions are prescribe under the assumption of a general rule that this is how you will likely react.

Sometimes this formula does not follow through. Some people will have opposite reactions and even allergic reactions to medications that have worked wonders for others.

Some medications will give people reactions like rashes to reactions that can put a person in the hospital. These medications do work well with other people so should they be taken off the market? Of course not.

One person should not be denied a medication that could cure their medical condition because another person's body had an allergic reaction.

The same could be said for marijuana. Not everyone is going to like how it makes them feel and not everyone is going to be able to use it as a medical alternative. Some people's bodies are going to respond very well to marijuana and they should be allowed to explore this opportunity.

In terms of recreational use who are we to say what one person's good time should be versus someone who drinks alcohol for instance?

Edibles can be a great way for you to get marijuana into your system while still enjoying a treat.

You can put it into any sort of dessert, add it into drinks, and even put it into your meals throughout the day.

Once you know what dose of marijuana your body is able to handle in the form of edibles you are able to try a wider variety of foods.

marijuana edibles

Some people may be able to consume large amounts of edibles and still be fully functional. Others may not need as much to get the same effects.

As you smoke, vape, or eat edibles you are going to begin to build up a tolerance for marijuana. This can affect how much you are going to need to take in to get the effects from marijuana. One benefit that people have from edibles is that the effect lasts longer.

One an edible is in your system the effects can take up to eight hours to leave. If you have a strain of marijuana that has been especially helpful in helping you sleep you may want to add it into an edible.

This edible could be eaten closer to bed to help you relax. This relaxation effect could be carried throughout the night to help you stay asleep for longer. Being more restful is going to give you better health and you will have better mornings and afternoons.

With all of the many benefits that people can get from marijuana it is great that more places are starting to review the laws to allow for less restriction with marijuana. Edibles could be a fast growing industry for states that do allow them to become legal. For Colorado it is a booming industry that is in great demand.

Remember to stay responsible when taking edibles. They can be a very powerful way for you to consume marijuana and can sneak up on you. Test the waters before you dive into anything too large. A little bit goes a long way because eventually that marijuana is going to kick in from the edible you ate an hour ago. If you continue to take in more edibles you are going to get hit by a dose that is far too potent.