How to Get Weed Smell out of Your Car

weed smell inside automobile

Smoking on the go is tempting and sometimes needed. If you are in a rush and do not have time to smoke at home you might want to smoke in the car on your way to where ever you are needing to go.

This can cause a problem. The smell.

A left over lingering smell of weed in your car is not only unpleasant but it can be hard to cover up.

While it is hard it is not impossible to get rid of. Your car can smell like new with a few precautions and steps to eliminate smells.

woman smoking weed in car

There are four main ways to help avoid smells in your car and to get rid of the smell once it has set in. Aside from not smoking in the car at all, the best way is to use a herb vaporizer to vape your weed instead of smoking it. (Not to mention the health benefits.) The next step is using cleaners once the smell has absorbed into the upholstery. Lastly, make sure you use proper smell proof containers.

Don't Smoke Weed in the Car

The first way to avoid having your car smell like weed is going to be by far the least fun of all of the choices. Just do not do it. If you never have smoke in the car then you will not need to worry about cleaning the car out.

smoke weed in the car

The worst you will do is carry the smell with you on your clothes as you travel. This is not the ideal answer for this questions. However, it is the only way to guarantee that your car will not smell like weed.

If you are reading this you are likely to not want to hear this answer. It is also very likely you have already smoked in your car and need a few tips on how to rid it of the smell. Do not worry your car will not smell like that forever.

Taking a step up from not smoking in the car at all we are going to look at avoiding getting smoke in the car.

Instead of smoking your weed in the car use it to vape with. If you have not tried a vaporizer there are all sorts of ones on the market.

pulsar APX best vaporizer  dry herb

The best portable vaporizer for beginners and most people under $60 is the Pulsar APX

Most of which are directed at on the go users like yourself. The best way to have a lingering smell in the car is to smoke a joint or blunt as you are heading to your next destination. These are going to give you a lot more smoke to deal in the upholstery later.

If you are not ready to try a vaporizer the next step down would be using a bowl or a bong. These are going to allow you to produce a lot less smoke which is the reason you get that lingering smell after you smoke.

The smoke is able to seep into the fabric in the car and sticks there until it is cleaned out.

Vape it

marijuana vaporizer in car

The best option if you still want to smoke in the car is to use a portable vaporizer.  The vapor is not going to absorb and stick in the inside of the car as much as the smoke does. It will make cleaning out the smell so much easier. It is always best to smoke or preferably vape with the windows rolled down. If there is somewhere for the smoke or vapor to escape to you are not going to have as much stuck inside of your car.

Vaporizer have been around for a long time and portable vaporizers have become very popular. There is no short of choices in vaporizers. There are cheap ones and ones that are going to cost you a pretty penny. If you are unsure about vaporizers purchase a cheap one and see if it is going to fit your style.

Remember that a cheap one is not going to give you the best quality but it is going to give you an idea of what you can expect.

Once you are enjoying vaporizers look at getting a better one. The best ones for on the go should have a longer battery life or charge by a USB. This can be especially great for ones that allow for passthrough technology. With this technology you are able to charge your battery and still vape at the same time. Look at reviews.

Vaporizers that have reviews that say they are durable should be your go to. These are going to be able to take a bit more of a beating as you carry it with you. They should also have dependability so you are not expecting to have a relaxing session and end up frustrated with a broken device.

Vaping weed in the car

Even with using a vaporizer your windows being down is going to make a world of difference in the smell of your car. With your windows down the smoke and vapor is going to flow out of the window instead of swirl around in the car. It is easier to blow your smoke and vapor out of an open window. This can help no have the smoke or vapor in the car to begin with.

If you are exhaling the smoke out of the window and are worried about the smoke from your bowl there is a simple fix. Most people pack small enough bowls that they can easily finish which will help reduce the amount of smoke product. There is also the option to place a cover over the bowl to trap the smoke. Most people have a spare quarter hiding in their car somewhere that can be placed over the top of the bowl.

Use Cleaners

Cars upholstery cleaner for weed smoke

In the event that you are not going to choose to avoid smoking all together, you do not have a vaporizer, or a bowl, and you cannot roll down your windows you are looking at a bit tougher situation. While it is not ideal it is the most common from for anyone that smokes on the go. If you are dedicated to smoking in the car, it is best to have leather seats. This may not be an option for many people but leather does not capture smells like other fabrics.

By taking steps to avoid having too much smoke in the car you will have an easier time getting the smell out. The less smoke that is absorbed into the fabric the easier it is to pull out. After smoking in the car try to have the windows down as much as possible on your way to your next destination. This is going to have a lot more air flowing through the car to try to air it out from the smell.

If you smoke with the windows down do not roll them up right away. This is going to trap what ever smoke was in the car and allow it to absorb into your seats. With all of the precautions that we have talked about and driving with your windows down you are going to have very little to do. The smoke should be mostly dissipated at this point.

Upholstery cleaning for weed smoke

In the event your car is still smelling like smoke you will need to purchase some interior cleaner and upholstery cleaner for cars. This cleaner is going to help you actually clean the smoke from the fabric in the car. Since the fabric is what is holding the smoke that should take care of your problem well. It is best to wipe down your car immediately after a session, even though this does not always happen.

Most car cleaning products come in compact sizes so you do not need to worry that it is going to take up too much room. Throw it into your glove compartment or trunk to keep it out of your way. If it is in the car it is much more accessible if you cannot do a full wipe down right away. Try to wipe down as much as possible if you are running late and cannot clean the whole car.

A part of the car that many people forget is the ceiling. If you clean out your seats and still can smell your weed it is probably coming from the ceiling. Smoke is going to rise and get absorbed by the fabric there as well. Be sure to give this area some time and wipe it thoroughly. At this point your car should be smelling pretty nice.

ozium to remove weed smell

If you are still struggling at this point you need to pull out the big guns. The best product I have found to get rid of the smell of weed or really anything from a car is Ozium. This is a miracle worker for smells. This is not an air freshener. It will not put a layer of perfumes and fragrances over the smell of your weed. That just makes for a bad mixture and eventually the air freshener completely wears off and the lingering smell of weed is back and strong as ever.

Ozium is different because it is an eliminator. It is going to actually help pull the smoke from your fabrics so it is no longer there instead of layering it under nice smells. Be careful when using this product. While it works wonders using too much can make it seem like you have dumped citrus juice all over the inside of the vehicle. While I like citrus I do not want to choke on the smell of it.

Use a little at a time to find the right balance of what you will need to get rid of the smell of weed. When using Ozium you are always able to spray a little more but you cannot take it away once it has left the can.

While it is best to clean the car after sessions we all know that we are busy. Either you do not have enough time after the session or you just do not feel like dealing with it. In this event at least throw up an air freshener. Hang a couple from your rear view mirror and add some to your vents. If it is not going to rain leave your windows cracked a bit. This is going to let some of the smell out of the car even if it does not completely rid it of the smell.

Use Smell Proof Containers

best smell proof containers for weed

To help keep the smell out of your car make sure your containers for your weed are smell proof. If you are going to leave your weed in the car it is going to give off a smell itself. Do not let a flimsy container out you and opt for the better, possibly a bit more costly, smell proof ones. It will give you much less trouble than the alternative of trying to work against the smell and cover it up.

When thinking about using weed or marijuana always be aware of your states laws. There are an increasing number of states that are trying to legalize medical marijuana and even some that are legalizing recreational marijuana. In 2016 alone we have seen about half of the United States get behind the legalization of medical marijuana. If you are looking to use marijuana for medical purposes and live in a state that you can look at getting a marijuana card.

medical marijuana legalization in us

One aspect of medical marijuana that is a bit confusing is that while many states have moved toward legalizing marijuana it is still illegal on a federal level. That means while there is limited access to medical marijuana it falls into a gray areas where doctors cannot prescribe it.

Which brings us to looking at getting a doctors opinion about using medical marijuana. Technically doctors will not prescribe you marijuana. Instead they make a recommendation for you to use medical marijuana. Getting a medical marijuana card or a recommendation is going to allow you access to the medical marijuana to treat your condition. Remember to use marijuana responsibly!

With all of the strategies in this article you are well on your way to have a great session on the go. There is not need to worry about that lingering smell that can come with smoking weed in a small space. This can easily be avoided using these four key points. The first being avoid smoking in the car at all. Although we should be honest this is not a likely option. Second try to use a vaporizer instead. Once the smell is in the car use cleaners to help pull the smoke from the fabrics. Last always remember to keep everything in smell proof containers. If you are using all of these strategies you are sure to keep your car smelling like it just left the lot and still be able to enjoy a smoke on the go.