Edibles: How Long Will They Be in Your System?

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​Marijuana (THC) & Edibles in Your System

Cannabis usage has always been prominent. Throughout the world cannabis is seen as one of the most used recreational drugs. There was an estimate in 2015 that almost fifty percent of people in the United States has tried cannabis at some point in their lives. In recent times usage of cannabis has increased because of changes of policies throughout the United States. Even though there are still many places where cannabis is illegal people have been pushing for the legalization and continue to use the drug recreationally.

The push to get cannabis legalized stems from people wanting to use it for its medicinal purposes. There have been many people that have attested to the fact that cannabis is able to help with a variety of ailments. People want medical cannabis to be legalized so people do not need to turn to recreational cannabis with high levels of THC for their treatments. THC is the portion of cannabis that gives people the feeling of being high. Some people prefer this because it is able to help them with many problems that they face.

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THC has been able to give people this feeling of being high and some people find it to help them relax both their body and their mind. Those that use it for relaxation can use it if they have anxiety or sleep issues. There can also be boost in a persons moods when using cannabis because of a feeling of elation from the THC. Even though many people have reported these results cannabis remains illegal in many areas. With these laws in place you are going to have trouble keeping or getting a job because you will be drug tested once you begin. One question many people are needing an answer to is how long does cannabis stay in your system?

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While many people want an all around answer for this question, there is not one solid answer. Many people want to know how long it will take for THC to leave your body. If you have an upcoming drug test this is especially important. This article is going to give you a general idea of how to judge how long it is going to stay in your system. It is not going to give you the time down to the hour or even day.

There are a lot of variables that go into any substance leaving the body. One of the best ways for you to judge if it has left your system is to actually test yourself. There are stores that sell urine drug tests that you can take at home. The only way to know that you are going to pass a drug test for sure is to not use the drug. You are going to need to quit smoking cannabis in order to have the chemical leave your body.

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One of the largest variables with cannabis usage and how long it takes to leave your body is how heavily you are using it. There are many different time frames available. Some people suggest that you are going to see a negative test within twenty five days and others claim it is as high as fifteen weeks. The main issue is how much you use cannabis.

If you are using cannabis for the first time you will not have any build up of the THC in your system. It is likely that you could have it all out of your system within a few days. If you are someone that has used cannabis for a long period of time you are going to have that build up. It can take weeks, possibly over a month, to have it all leave your system so it is no longer detectable. There is not sure way to see that your system is clear of cannabis without taking a test. If you are passing a drug test that does not mean that your system is fully clear of cannabis. It can still have lower levels that are no longer detectable.

One factor that is going to play into how long THC is detected in your system is simply how much THC you have taken in. If you are using a higher dose of cannabis you are going to have a higher time frame in which it is going to be detectable. Say you have two people that have never used cannabis before. One person takes a low does and other other one takes a high dose. The one that has taken a high dose will have a positive drug test for a much longer time than the other person when only considering the amount they have taken in.

One issue with trying to determine dosage is the fact you can have different strengths of strains. Someone that is smoking a small amount of a very potent strain is going to have more metabolites in their system that are detectable in a drug test. Another person could be smoking higher amounts of cannabis that have lower levels of THC and therefore have less metabolites in their system to be detected. This is why it is so hard to judge how long THC will be found in your system. There are so many factors that can change person to person.

Another factor is the combination of how much cannabis you use in comparison to how often you use it. There are varying levels of usage that will all change how long cannabis is going to be detected in your system. There are those users that use cannabis for a short time period and do not smoke often, those that use for a short time period but smoke often, some that use for a long time period and do not smoke often, and those that use for a long time period and use often. Those that use more often and have been using for a long period of time are going to have a long wait before THC is out of their system.

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With long term users there is another factor that is put into play. A tolerance to cannabis. Many long time users find that they need larger amounts of cannabis to get the effects. That means they will have more THC and more THC metabolites in their system at a time. These metabolites will build up in their system as they use for longer periods of time and will take longer to leave the system once they do stop using cannabis. Most people that fail cannabis drug tests have tried to estimate how frequently they are able to eliminate these metabolites. It is hard to get an exact measurement of how your body discards of THC.

There are factors that do matter in terms of personal time it takes to clear cannabis out of your system but overall they do not effect it as much as usage. Some of the different ways your body is going to change how it metabolizes cannabis are your metabolism, whether you use other drugs and supplements, your diet, how often you are exercising, and how much you sleep.

Your metabolism is going to be a huge factor for your personal time it takes to change THC into THC metabolites. For someone that has a very high metabolism is going to find that cannabis is going to leave their system faster. If you have a slow metabolism it is going to be harder for your system to change your THC into metabolites and they will stay in your system longer.

It does matter how much you weigh and what level your body fat is at. Those that have a higher level of body fat are going to have a harder time clearing out the THC metabolites out of their system. For those that take in less cannabis for their respective height and weight will have to an easier time to clear out the THC from their system. Likewise those that take in a lot of cannabis compared to their height and weight will have a harder time clearing it out of their system.

For those that use other drugs or supplements you need to take into consideration that you have multiple substances in your system. That means that your body will take longer to clear out all of the substances in your system. It will not only have cannabis to clear out it will have the other substances as well. Your lifestyle is going to change how quickly you clear substances from your system. Those that have better sleep patterns, eat well, and exercise will have an easier time clearing substances from their system. Someone that leads a less healthy lifestyle may find this ability to decrease over time.

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Another aspect to consider is the half life of cannabis. With drugs the half life is the amount of time it will take for half of the drug to be cleared from the body. With THC it has a longer half life compared to some substances. This is because THC does not dissolve in water and will be stored in your fat cells as you use it more frequently. A good guess for the half life of THC is about four days after you have taken it in.

This means that it typically takes people about four days to clear just half of the cannabis that they took into their body. It is hard to say exactly what the half life will be for a person because it is effected by all of the other factors that we have talked about. It is going to change with each person and their personal habits.

The most common way you will be tested for cannabis is through a urine test. Urine tests are beneficial to whoever is testing you because they have a longer detection time than other tests meaning you are more likely to be caught with it in your system. For urine there are many variables that change how long the cannabis will be in your system. You have to take into consideration your body fat, weight, how much cannabis you use, and how often you use it. With all of these factors added together you will have a general guess of how long you will have cannabis detectable.

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When you smoke cannabis it will only take a few hours for the THC to be present in your urine. If we are taking out the factor of body fat and weight we can assume that a first time user of cannabis can have a positive test for cannabis for about one to six days after smoking.

Someone that has used cannabis infrequently could test positive for about seven to thirteen days, a frequent user is going to have a positive test for at least two weeks or more, and a heavy user may need a month or more to avoid a positive test. Very heavy cannabis users have reported positive tests up to ninety days after they have stopped using cannabis. Three months is a long time and while it is abnormal it could happen to you.

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When using a urine test you are not being tested for THC directly. Instead the test is looking for what is called THC metabolites or THC-COOH. The metabolites are what is left over from your liver breaking down the THC that was in your system. The THC metabolites are going to stay in your system much longer than the THC does. This is why you are going to get positive tests longer after you have stopped using cannabis. Depending on your usage you will have a higher build up of these metabolites.

If you are concerned about passing a urine test there are a lot of home remedies that float around the internet. You need to take all of these options with a grain of salt because the only way to truly know that you are going to pass a test is to stop smoking cannabis completely. A popular remedy is using a urine cleanser. They might work, there are some people that have said that they worked for them. With these cleansers you will basically need to up your intake of water. You can drink large amounts of water before your test which is going to naturally dilute your urine.

This can be a way to give yourself more time for cannabis to leave your system because the lab may find that your urine is too diluted and need another sample. The problem with this solution is that some jobs will not give you an extension on your test. You either pass the first time or the position will be given to someone else. Proceed with caution with this solution because it could fail and you could still be found to have THC metabolites in your system.

Saliva tests are not used as much as urine tests. That is because you are going going to get a positive test back from someone that has smoked cannabis within the last 12 hours. This makes this test highly inaccurate for the person testing. This test is able to detect cannabis usage quicker than a urine test. You will be able to swab someone for their saliva within an hour and know if they have used cannabis.

There is the option to test someones hair for THC. THC is going to test positive in someones hair for up to the last three months. A hair sample can be taken within a week of smoking and come up with a positive test. This way of testing is not typically used because there is not guarantee that cannabis is going to attach to your hair follicles. There are instances that it does not and you could walk away with a negative test.

Blood tests are a more unique way of testing THC levels. Unlike urine tests, a blood test is checking the level of THC currently in your system. With the results being how much you are under the influence at that time people often undergo this type of test if they have been in an accident in their car. Authorities are able to determine what level of THC you are under the influence of and use that to determine if a crash was your fault or not.

If you are looking to get the fasted absorbing of THC possible you are looking to smoke it. When you smoke cannabis you are inhaling the chemical directly into your body and your levels of THC are going to rise quickly. It will take about nine minutes for the levels of THC to reach its peak in your body. After about fifteen minutes after you have stopped smoking your levels in your blood are going to start to drop to about sixty percent. Within two hours these levels in your blood have dropped significantly usually to below detectable levels for a blood test.

For anyone that has taken a low dose of cannabis, and does not smoke often, will see that the THC levels are going to be out of their system within three to twelve hours. For anyone that has taken a higher does you will see that time frame jump up to about six to twenty seven hours. This is not taking into consideration your body fat or your weight and it is for those that do not use cannabis regularly.

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There are multiple ways a person can get cannabis into their system. The way you take in your cannabis is going to change how long it is going to stay in your system. You are able to get cannabis into your system by inhaling it whether by smoking or vaporizing it, or by ingesting it orally in edibles or even capsules.

THC concentration in your blood is going to drop very quickly because of the way your body breaks down chemicals that enter it. THC is going to start to spread throughout your body as soon as you begin to smoke it. The way you inhale the cannabis is going to change your level of THC. If you take long and deep inhalations you are going to capture more of the THC versus if you are taking small puffs of it. Your body is going to absorb it into its tissues and begin to metabolize it in your liver. This is going to create the THC metabolites once the THC is broken down. This is the issue for those that are going to be taking a urine test because it is going to stay in your system much longer than the THC.

If you are looking to eat edibles with THC the absorption is different. After you eat an edible you are not going to get the effects of THC for many hours typically it can take anywhere from one to five hours to get the full absorption of THC into your body. This does vary depending on how the edible was prepared. There are different ways that they can be prepared to give higher levels of absorption faster. The THC levels are going to be in your system longer and will not begin to drop until about twenty five hours later. The THC metabolites are also going to take longer to start to drop at about fifty hours after you have eaten your edible. It does take your body longer to metabolize edibles than smoking cannabis. Anyone that uses edibles as their primary source of cannabis and uses frequently will have a much harder time clearing it out of their system.

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Even with all of these factors taken into consideration it is going to be impossible to find exactly when you are going to be able to take a drug test and pass. The best way for you to be able to pass a drug test is going to be stop using cannabis.

If you smoke marijuana regularly (and live in a state that has legalized it); then you should absolutely get a medical marijuana card online so as to protect yourself regardless.​

You will need to stop using cannabis for a long period of time before your drug test to ensure that you are going to have the most THC and THC metabolites out of your system.

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