DaVinci IQ Review

The Davcini IQ Is The Sports Car of Vaporizers

Should you buy the Davinci IQ?

We're here to tell you that the only reason you shouldn't is if you don't plan on vaping herb that often.

If you smoke 3-4x a week or more this is the vape you want!

The money you'll save on herb consumption, the quality of the vapor, the prolonged batter life, and the ease of use; are all reasons why we love Davinci. 

DaVinci IQ best price

Read our full review of features below to learn exactly what to expect out of this vape.

In short, the Davinci IQ is smaller, powerful, convenient, and ​just down right sexy.
Davinci IQ

The DaVinci IQ is a creation from DaVinci that is in our opinion the absolute best dry herb vaporizer on the market today!

If you are looking for a vaporizer that is going to work well as you start to vape and continue to work as you gain more experience the DaVinci is going to give you this option.

It is a strong device that is very easy to use. There is going to be little difficulty packing, using, or cleaning this device.

DaVinci IQ Features

It has many different features compared to other models on the market including an LED interface that is going to give you access to many different options. There is an option to use the IQ with an app or without depending on your preferences. The app is going to give you many different options as well.

davinci iq smartphone app

There are some great customization choices including smart paths that are going to give you great vaping experiences. There is also a new Zirconia air path that is going to be discussed in detail.

DaVinci has been able to produce vaporizers that have always pushed the bar in terms of new ideas. The last vaporizer that came from DaVinci was truly an innovation and was very well received by the market.

The devices that they produce seem to always be one step ahead of the game. The are the leaders in the industry for what features are going to become popular and eventually become standard. Many people were eagerly waiting for the release of the IQ to see what DaVinci was going to being to the table.

Davinci IQ kit accessories

When you purchase the IQ you are going to get a few accessories with it. There is two separate mouthpieces that are made from Zirconia to choose from. There is a flat mouthpiece and an extended mouthpiece which will both give you a slightly different vaping experience. There is also a general instruction manual, a storage container for the device, and another box that holds all of your accessories.

These accessories include some cleaning supplies that will be vital to keep your device working properly. There is a cleaning brush, a chamber tool, and some cleaning wipes.

Davinci accessories

The chamber tool has a small metal tool inside of it that is going to help you pull the air path out. This will allow you to clean the air path thoroughly. A micro USB charger cable is included to charge your device.

Build Quality

The Zirconia makes this device unique as not many devices are using it currently instead many are opting for Ceramic materials. The Zirconia is a dense material. Instead of using something like Ceramic that many manufacturers do DaVinci chooses to use Zirconia because it is much more impervious to damage.

It is going to last longer without showing the use of regular vaping. The Zirconia is able to withstand temperatures that are very high, up to 2,400 degrees Celsius. It is not magnetic and it has a lower thermal conductivity than other materials. Some think of Zirconia as a ceramic steel because it is very similar to ceramic materials but it is stronger almost like steel.

DaVinci IQ best price

Zirconia is used in a couple of pieces for the IQ vaporizer. It is used to make the two mouthpieces that comes with the device. It is also what the airflow in the device is made out of. This is going to allow both of these pieces to last much longer than other devices and be less likely to break.

When looking at how this device was made, past the Zirconia pieces, there is also a LED interface on the front of the device. There are also three buttons to help control this interface that are on the side of the device. You are going to find the charging port at the back of the device.

Like most mouthpieces they are going to be located at the top of the device. There is a lid that is going to open after you pull it slightly. It does stay closed well with a small magnet.

mouthpiece to vaporizer

This is going to help you keep it closed and not open while in transport in a pocket or bag. To continue this magnet theme there is also a chamber cover on the bottom of the device that uses a magnet to close like the top.

The vapor path is located along the side of the device and continues into the air path, once there it connects to the mouthpiece. There is a tool that is included in the inside of the device so it will be harder to lose it. This tool is next to the air path and you will need to use your fingernail or a small tool to pull it from the device. This tool helps you pull the air path out of the device. This has also been called the flavor chamber which is able to help your vapor stay cool and produce a better smell and keep its pureness.

Depending on how you would like to vape you are able to leave this flavor chamber empty or fill it with dry herb. If you decide to use dry herb in the flavor chamber you are going to get a much more enhanced flavor as you vape. The small tool that comes with the device is used to help you open the cap and then pack your dry herb in. While in this chamber you are not going to have them be cooked. Instead the vapor is going to be pulled through this chamber and subsequently take the fresh taste from the dry herb and capture it in the vapor.

The oven for the IQ is located at the bottom of the device and it is made from Ceramic. The vapor is going to begin in this chamber and than travel through the flavor chamber, which is either filled or empty, and then finally it ends in the mouthpiece.

davinci IQ chamber

DaVinci created this specific way for the vapor to travel to try to get the best flavor to its users. With this design you are going to have a much better flavor because it saves all of the natural flavor that you have in your dry herb.

The left side of the device holds the battery. This battery is replaceable when needed. It is a 2500mAH 18650 battery. The battery can either be charged inside the device, charged outside of the device, or completely replaced if needed or preferred.

The outside of the device is a beautiful and sleek black. It was made from Anodized Aluminum that has a sand-blasted finish. There is a choice of what type of shell you want to have for the IQ. There is either Copper, Gunmetal, Stealth, or Blue.

The device is going to feel balanced in your hand and is a solid vaporizer that shows its sturdiness. The display that comes with this device is a 51-light grid display.

DaVinci IQ Chamber

It is on the front of the vaporizer and is able to display much of your information. It will show the temperature and the features on the device.

The bottom of the device has a unique design that has the lid that covers the chamber as well as the Zirconia “Pearl”. This pearl is going to help the device have a more efficient heating system. It reflects the heat into the chamber to help everything to be pulled from your ingredients that you add into the device.

Nothing is going to be wasted with the IQ. With the lid closed the pearl is positioned exactly where it is going to sit at the bottom of the oven. It is going to heat as the over heats up.

This heat is going to help the dry herb get an all around heat from the side and the bottom of the device. With this system your material is going to be able to produce thick clouds of vapor that has fantastic flavor.

Smartphone App

There is an app that you are able to use with the DaVinci IQ. Unlike other devices you are going to have full access to the device and all of the features it offers without the app.

Some devices only allow the basic functions like turning the device on and reserve everything else for the app. The IQ is a smart vaporizer that is able to work in both ways. If you choose not to use the app you are not going to be missing out on any of the features. There are features like smart paths, temperature control and boost mode.

Davinci IQ smartphone App

The IQ can be turned on by pushing the main control button in repetition five times. This is going to turn the device on and with the smart path mode and then it will begin heating up. The device is able to heat up to the set temperature in about twenty seconds.

There are four separate smart paths to choose from. These can be sorted through by using the up and down buttons on the side of the side. If you choose you are able to customize these smart paths to be exactly what you prefer to vape with.

There is a Precise temperature mode that can be used and turned on by clicking the control button again. If you hold the control button you are going to turn on the boost mode. In boost mode you will have a rapid heat to the maximum temperature instead of a slow build.

Davinci IQ vaporizer best price

There is a difference between these smart paths and the precise mode. The smart paths are able to be altered with the app on the smart phone. The smart paths are going to allow you to change the temperature and set it at a specific temperature, then it will continue to heat up over a set amount of time to the next temperature you set, and finally it will allow you repeat this again. With four different options you can have a different setting for every way you prefer to vape.

Precision mode is going to be different than smart mode because it will stay at a consistent temperature. Once the device heats to the set temperature it is going to remain there until the vaping session is over. The different temperatures to choose from are going to range from 250 degrees to 430 degrees Fahrenheit.

The smart phone app is free to download and use. With the app you will be able to customize your four smart paths and then change the settings to match your exact vaping style.

hot girl using vaporizer

The app is easy to use and very helpful in creating these smart paths. Anyone is going to be able to customize their device with this app with ease. The app is also going to help you tract your sessions as you vape in the form of a graph. There is a time line for the session that is paired with the temperature level at that time.

Using DaVinci IQ with Dry Herbs

It is going to be easy to fill this device with your dry herbs. The bottom of the device has the lid that can be opened to show the chamber. There is a oven tool that is going to help you pack your dry herb into the chamber. The chamber should be packed tight to get a good vape.

It is not hard to load the IQ and if you have ground herb it is going to easily glide into your chamber. Once the chamber is packed you are able to close the lid. With the lid closed the Zirconia Pearl is going to help to seal the oven and your vaporizer is ready to start vaping.

best marijuana vaporizer

Vaping with the IQ is painless because of the easy packing system and it produces amazing flavor. There is a very decent amount of vapor that is produced by this vaporizer. The vapor is abundant and thick. Personally the extended mouthpiece worked better for my vaping style. With this extended mouthpiece you are going to have vapor that is much cooler and it makes the vaping experience much more pleasant.

With the smart paths vaping at just the right settings was easy. My favorite settings were saved and easily accessible. I could set the device at my go to vaping smart path and have a quick session. There is never any worry about trying to set the device as you go because it is already preset.

The IQ is fantastic as using all of your material up. There is not uneven heating and the material is always browned and completely dry at the end of sessions. When using the IQ I tested the efficiency after my sessions by dumping out the material and checking for an even consistency. Each time the IQ delivered. The Zirconia Pearl works miracles in helping the chamber get even heating.

Davinci IQ review

The IQ is considered one of the best dry herb vaporizers that delivers on all levels. It is going to give you an easy to use device with both the LED display and the smart phone app. The app allows you to get customization down to the last degree that is going to give you the best vaping results possible.

The flavor that you get through this device is optimized to produce strong tastes that are pleasant. The appearance of the vaporizer is smooth and it is small enough to still be a concealable device.

DaVinci has been able to deliver another device that is sure to stay a favorite until they produce the next best vaporizer. This vaporize gives its users the opportunity to set temperature to precise settings so you are able to pull the most flavor from your material and completely use it.

"DaVinci gives this device a ten year warranty because they stand behind their products. They build vaporizers that last and use the highest quality materials."

​The price tag is hefty but that is to be expected for the absolute best vaporizer to  market. Again this is a vaporizer for frequent use. If you plan to vape at least 3x per week; it is the best option on the market!

While the price may not be ideal it is similar to the other high end vaporizers on the market. The IQ is going to give you similar features to other high end vaporizers without adding on too much of a price. For a good vaporizer you will need to pay out a bit more money. It is going to give you much better quality materials and customizable settings.


woman using davinci iq

For anyone looking into the IQ do not be pushed away by the variety of features. It is a device that any one can use including new vapers.

It is also going to provide great features and options for those that are very experienced in vaping. It is a well rounded device that many people are already deeming their favorite vaporizer in their collection.

They want to give you the best experience possible and will help you if your device is malfunctioning. It is always preferable to reach out to the company to see what they will do to help you with your device.


-Most Expensive


- Best Vapor Production 

- 10 Year warranty

- Removable battery 

- Fast charge

- Temp Control

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