Dab Containers

​Dabbing can be messy but it doesn't have to be.

A great dab container can keep your herb concentrate's potency longer & keep your shirt clean & jeans clean.

That's why we are reviewing the best dab containers of 2018

Dabbing is not a new concept. In fact it has been around for quite some time.

The reason many people are just now noticing dabbing now is because more people are using it as a way to get their medication.

Cannabis concentrates are highly sought after to get high does of medication to those that need it. While dabbing is becoming more popular and has been around for a long time some people are still not sure what it actually is.

When looking at what dabbing is lets start with what a dab is.

A dab is the dose of concentrate of what you are using like cannabis. This dab will be heated on a surface that is heated and then inhaled through a dab rig. In a simplified matter it does propose any issues or fears. However, there are some people that are worried about the dangers of dabbing.

Best Dab Containers
dhv-table__imageOUR TOP CHOICEMulti-Compartment Concentrate Containers
  • Multi-compartment container
  • Great design
  • Made with silicone material
dhv-table__imageWax Wallet by 420 Science
  • Hinged clamshell design
  • Holds approximately 1 gram
  • FDA-approved
dhv-table__imageDabhead Hexagon Jar
  • Non stick platinum cured silicone
  • Holds 26ml
  • With multiple colors
dhv-table__imageDab Wizard Silicone Jars
  • With double-seal function
  • Handles up to 450 degrees
  • Great for arrying around small quantities of concentrates
dhv-table__imageDabhead Silicone Dab Station
  • Color-coat screw top container
  • Made with thick container
  • Standard capacity of 1 gram
dhv-table__imageSilicone Screw Top Wax Containers
  • 100% silicone wax
  • Durable
  • Eco-Friendly

The concerns that are brought up about dabbing stems from how dabs are made and how strong the dose of these concentrates are. Dabs are concentrated doses of cannabis and that is why it is ideal to use if someone needs a large dose of cannabis to treat their condition. When creating a dab a solvent like carbon dioxide or butane is used to extract the cannabinoids to create an sticky oil. This oil is what people refer to as shatter, wax, budder, or BHO which is butane hash oil.

dabbing cannabis

The dangerous part of dabs is the extraction process. Many people think that they are able to do this at home. Someone that does not know what they are doing can end up seriously injuring themselves and others trying to make a dab concentrate. There are many videos out there that show you how to do this process on your own.

Even though some people are successful in making their own dabs the quality of these dabs are not very good. It is much better to avoid these home creations. This is the best case scenario. The problem comes from those that botch the process all together. When this happens it is not as simple as throwing away that batch. Sometimes it results in explosions that can cost people their house. Which has put dabs under the magnifying class and opened it up to some criticism.

Dabbing itself does not look safe either. Typically dabs are put into bongs, then heated with devices like blow torches to inhale. No matter how you do this it does not look appealing. In no way does it look like someone is simply taking their medication. Many people have images of people using hardcore drugs pop into their heads and they shy away from dabbing.

An aspect of dabbing that is also scary is the chemicals that are used. Many people hear the word butane and are instantly put off. It does not sound like something that you should be putting into your body. However, it is in many products people use already in the form of scent and flavor extracts. The equipment used for extraction is another story. That is why it is best to avoid those home created dabs. Instead go to someone who is educated in the process of extracting dabs for their safety and your own.

The last concern that people have is the high potency of dabs. While it has been said for many years that you cannot overdose on cannabis there can be some ill effects of taking too high of a dose. These effects are nothing like taking too much heroin, of course. Instead there are chances of passing out and highs that are too much for some people to handle.

When dabbing you must know your body's tolerance for the dose you are taking in. If you have never use cannabis and dive into dabbing straight away you are likely to feel uncomfortable. The high you get from it may not be enjoyable at all and it may stop you from ever wanting to try it again.

It could be likened to the first time someone drinks. If you start taking shots right off the bat you might end up throwing up. While someone who has drank for a while may be able to keep up with you no problem. The problems with dabbing come from people who do not understand or care to find out the dose of cannabis they are receiving.

With all of these concerns about dabbing it is a great way for someone to get high doses of cannabis into their system. If you are getting your dabs from someone that is able to extract safely and properly there are no worries about consuming them. While some people will still want to make them at home it is becoming much easier to get them from someone who is legally able to create and sell dabs.

Cannabis can be used as a powerful medication. Some people only need a little bit of cannabis to help their condition and relieve their symptoms. While others are going to benefit from getting large doses of cannabis in their system from a dab. If someone had to get the same amount of cannabis that a dab provides in another method it could take a massive amount of flower to achieve the desired results.

For anyone that has been using concentrates you know the problem of trying to find the ideal container to keep them in. Some containers work for a short term period but ultimately get gunked up and need to be thrown away. Do not worry! There is a better way. Get a container that has been made for sticky concentrates. Avoid the problem of needing to scrape your concentrates from the sides of your container and lose most of the product.

The containers that dabs are sold in are not ideal storage containers. It is best to transfer them into a container as soon as possible. If you do not you may find that your concentrates become very sticky as they get warm in your pocket or bag. There will be a sticky mess for you to try to salvage at the end. Avoid this headache by using a concentrate container.

Multi-Compartment Concentrate Containers

For anyone looking to carry around more than one concentrate at a time a multi-compartment container is the best choice. These containers have multiple compartments to hold your various concentrates. This silicone container has seven different compartments.

It is so much easier to put my concentrates into this one container instead of having a bunch of different tiny containers floating around my bag. No need to stuff all of those containers in your pocket. Just consolidate into one container for travel.

This container has a great design that you are able to stack them. It catches on the other containers that have this design to keep your containers stacked. If you have many concentrates that you want to store in one spot this container is going to let you keep them organized.

One aspect I always worry about is the lid. One many containers the lid is cheap and easily falls off. This container does not have that problem. Once the lid is on the container it does not come off until you want it to.

If you are forgetful like me you know the pain of leaving your containers in the car. They melt and then you have basically ruined your concentrate and the container it is in. Most containers have no hope of coming clean once concentrates are melted in them. This container puts the rest to shame. None of the concentrates sneak into each other's compartments even when melted.

With the silicone material you will have no problem getting all of your concentrate out. It does not stick to the sides of the container and you will not have to work too hard to scrape it out. Even with scraping the container it does not bend and lose shape. It is still in the condition it was when purchased.

Wax Wallet by 420 Science

The Wax Wallet was designed with concentrates in mind. It is certainly different than the typical wax containers that are available. It has a much more aesthetically pleasing design and does come in a few colors if you want a certain one. The basic design on the container is much like a woman's compact. It has a clamshell hinge on the outside that keeps your lid and container attached at all times.

While this hinge is not typical for concentrate containers I can say that I actually enjoy it quite a bit. I hate when I am opening a container and end up dropping the lid onto the ground. More often than not it rolls and it is a mad search to find it. With this container you will never have to worry about dropping the lid, unless you drop your entire container.

The Wax Wallet holds one gram of concentrate which is what most of my other containers are able to hold as well. It does a great job keeping your concentrate in even if melted. Definitely a great container which a unique design.

Dabhead Hexagon Jar

The Dabhead Hexagon Jar is a great container for anyone looking to store and carry a larger amount of concentrate at a time. It is much larger than other travel wax containers and it is perfect for those that want to pull their dabs right from the container. The opening is wide enough that it is no problem getting to the concentrate inside.

Something that I love about this container is the silicone that it is made out of. It is heat resistant and can withstand temperatures far above other models on the market. The top models usually top out at four hundred and fifty degrees. Which in itself is decent but that extra fifty degrees gives me piece of mind that I will not ruin my container. Meaning I never worry about melting my container no matter how hot I have the nail tip. This silicone is able to handle temperatures up to five hundred degrees making it too easy to dab directly from the container.

The design of this container is unique. Instead of the typical jar shape it is a hexagon and a bright green and white. This shape makes it easy to find if I throw it into a bag. It can also stop it from rolling in case it is dropped onto the floor.

When you purchase this container you are going to get a dab tool with it. This tool has two different tips for different types of concentrates so you will ave no problem getting it out of the container. With this container being made of silicone there is never any problems with concentrates sticking to the sides or getting stuck.

With it being so easy to get concentrate out of the container there is never any clean up. It is easy to get every last portion of the concentrate out. When you need to clean it you can wipe it out with no problem. If you want a deep clean throw it into the dishwasher and it comes out sparkling.

If you want a larger container, or do not mind carrying a large one around this is a great one to choose. Its simple design makes it easy to carry large amounts of concentrates at all times.

Dab Wizard Silicone Jars

This small Dab Wizard Silicone Jar is great for carrying around small quantities of concentrates. It has superior threading for the lid. Many of the silicone jars you see on the market are cheap and the threading is too thin. Eventually this threading wears out and you end up with a lose lid that falls off too easily. The silicone that is jar is made from is thick so you do not have to worry about it wearing down.

There are so many containers on the market that have lids that just pop off. It always makes me nervous when I am carrying my concentrate with me. Especially if I have the chance of melting it. The last thing I want is to have my lid fall off and melted concentrate to be leaking into my bag or car.

The lid fits onto the container snug. If you line the threads up correctly your lid will sit flush against your container. This helps to keep excess dirt from piling up in the grooves. Which will help you keep your concentrate clean and free of dirt as you travel.

For added protection there is a double-seal function. You can screw on the lid to get a tight seal. With the lid screwed on you are able to punch the middle and the second seal is created. Nothing is getting through these two seals to contaminate your concentrate.

Being made from silicone it is easy to get all of your concentrate out of these containers. Even though they are small it is not difficult. Once you need to wash them out it is easy. If you add a little soap and water to them they wipe clean in seconds.

This silicone is able to handle temperatures up to four hundred and fifty degrees. It is so easy to drop one of these in the car and leave it there on a hot day. Even if you do and your concentrate melts do not worry. These containers have no problem with the cold either. Throw them into the freezer and your concentrate will be a solid in no time flat.

Dabhead Silicone Dab Station

The Dabhead Silicone Dab Station is so much more than a container for your concentrates. Instead of just a container you are going to have a dab mat, a dabbing tool, and two silicone containers that come with. All of the items in this kit are high quality and are able to perform amazingly.

All of the silicone products are heat resistant. They are able to handle temperatures up to four hundred and fifty degrees. With that in mind they are also able to be frozen. This makes it so easy to avoid a mess in case you let your concentrates melt in your containers. Freezing your concentrates to get them back into a solid is a great tip for anyone forgetful like myself.

The dab mat is made from the heat resistant silicone. It easily catches any dabs that have slipped from your grasp and they will not stick once they land. The dabbing tool is unique in that it uses the heat resistant silicone for its tips. There are two different silicone ends for different concentrates. These tips are able to be removed so you will have no trouble keeping your tool clean.

The containers themselves are made from the heat resistant silicone that has been cured. This silicone is very high quality and I have no worries that it will break down over time. With this high quality material the lid fits great.

The silicone material is able to be put into the dishwasher. Even though these supplies are easy to clean by hand it is even easier to put them into the wash. As a set goes this is an easy choice. It has all of the features you want in a container and carried these over to the mat and dab tool.

Silicone Screw Top Wax Containers

These Silicone Screw Top Wax Containers come in a pack with a variety of colors. Each of these smaller containers have a swirling design. There are four different colors as well. This helps when you are trying to grab a specific concentrate out of your bag or when you are running out the door. Color-coat your concentrates to always be in a certain colored container and you will always know what you are grabbing.

The containers are made from silicone and can be easily washed. The concentrates never stick to the container so you have almost no clean up when you are finished with one. Since they are smaller containers it is much easier to finish your concentrate and refill them with another.

As containers go they have a standard capacity of one gram of concentrate. With the solid silicone you will not need to worry about your concentrates being damaged from UV rays. The lid connects well to the bottom of the container. It is a screw on lid so you are getting a nice tight seal when you screw it together. The threads are thick enough to keep it together and they do not wear down even with repeated use.

The container is made to be thick. With this thickness you will be able to manipulate the container to get every last bit of concentrate out and not alter the shape at all. No matter how you bend the container it always returns to the original shape. With the thick walls and tightly sealed lid there is not a chance of any moisture or liquid seeping into your concentrates.

If you are looking to stay a bit more organized these colored screw top containers are a great way to do just that.

Concentrates can be messy, difficult, and down right annoying to deal with. That is if you have them in the wrong container. While many people think that the containers concentrates come in are the best to keep them in, that is not the case. Transferring them into a container that is made for concentrates will make your life much easier down the road.

The containers that are ideal are made out of silicone are ideal. This makes for an airtight seal, a non-stick surface, and a durable container. Getting all of your concentrate out of these containers will be easy and clean up is a breeze. Do not be put off by the difficulties you can face with concentrates because of their container. Fix the problem by buying one made for the job.

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