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Crafty Portable Vape Is Designed for Adventure & Wow Does it Rip 

9.4 User Rating

Our Rating: 9.4/10

*Best Price Guarantee

crafty vaporizer black

If you’ve been around the vaping scene for a while then you should have heard about the Volcano and the Plenty Vaporizers. These vaporizers have been the favorite of a large amount of people in the industry and the German build masters (Storz & Bickel) behind them have released the Crafty Vaporizer as the latest product in their quality lineup.

When it comes to the Crafty, it has found a home on the list of best vaporizers by many people including us and competes side by side with Pax 2, Firefly, & G Pen . With what we’ll show you below, you’ll understand why the Crafty has been making so much noise in the luxury vaporizer segment of the industry.

S&B has tried to anticipate any extra requirements their users could want by releasing a larger version called the Mighty Vaporizer. With the exact same qualities of the Crafty, the Mighty is for those who like going a longer time between charges.

This is the first time that S&B have created portable units and we can assure you that that pedigree of top notch design has not been sacrificed for that portability.

crafty vaporizer kit

Knowing the kind of quality that industry leading brands are capable of, we’ve been waiting for the day that a portable vaporizer would show up that does not disappoint, and the Crafty has answered our wishes.

What you have here is a premium device that asks a premium price but you get so much out of the Crafty that it’s hard to complain. Your herbs will go longer than before and after you’ve gone through our detailed review, this little guy will show you why it’s an awesome choice for your vaping needs.

Crafty’s Key Features at a Glance:

  • Elite performance. Among the best we ever tested.
  • Ready for the connected world, partner mobile app.
  • Compact and gorgeous build quality.
  • Proven pedigree - comes from Storz and Bickel of the Volcano and the Plenty Vaporizer fame.

Vaporizer Design

Taking a look at the Crafty, our expectations with it being an S&B product were sky high and it does not disappoint. Usually plastic feels cheap but not here, a special form has been used for the outer shell that feels solid and well made to the touch.

The body of the Crafty is specifically designed to keep the heated parts of the device away from your hand. It gets warm but you won’t have to worry about being burned while enjoying your sessions.

At 135 grams the Crafty Vaporizer is ergonomic and easy to handle. The mouthpiece can even be put away by swiveling it into the body of the unit in a nice flush fit. The developers thought of this added detail so that the mouthpiece doesn’t get broken, subtle touches like this show the superb attention to detail.

Using the Crafty Vape

Not only looking nice, the Crafty functions the way things should be with a vaporizer, simple and uncomplicated. Accessing the herb chamber is done by taking off the mouthpiece on the top. In our testing the herb chamber here can fit just about a third of a gram and we recommend that your herbs are finely ground for insertion.

Filling up the chamber is a snap, S&B thought of this as well and placed a grinder and filling aid in the packaging of the unit. The filling aid fits perfectly over the chamber and you simply have to use the grinder to push the herb directly into the chamber through the filling aid. No hassles with having to clean up your material if it gets scattered around when you’re loading the Crafty, pack in your herb and you’re good to go.

No mess, no stress. The grinder can hold enough material for 3 – 4 sessions so it’s pretty much set and forget after you’ve ground your herbs and you simply refill the grinder when ready for more. It’s such an easy process of being able to pop off the mouthpiece and then load up the chamber, you’ll wonder how you managed without it all this time. S&B have outdone themselves on this aspect of the design.

After loading up all you need to do to take your hits is to hit the power button then wait. The cue that the Crafty has turned on is a little vibration you get after hitting the button and another after your desired temperature is reached, this can take just over a minute.

If you’ve missed these cues then there is also a green LED light that will indicate when you can take the first hit of your session.

Warning: In our testing we found one thing that might make users stumble with their initial use of the Crafty and that’s the way the auto shut off feature operates. By default the Crafty is designed to automatically turn off after not being used for a minute. To work around this you have two options. You can hit the power button mid-session to restore the timer or you’ll have to take a really long draw so that the device registers your usage during the limit. We preferred simply hitting the button as we don’t like to be rushed with our draws during sessions but you can decide what works best for you. If you miss meeting the 1 minute limit then the Crafty will again vibrate to show that it’s been turned off but a quick press of the power button will get it back to the current programmed temperature quickly, if you hit the button while the oven is still hot.

Vape Temperature Settings

The Crafty vaporizer is pre-set with two temperature settings by default, 365F (180C) as the lower setting and a booster mode setting of 383(195C) which you can access by tapping the power button twice after the unit is already turned on.

If you like to be in control of choosing your own temperatures, then you will be right at home with the smartphone app that comes with the Crafty. The app is available on iOS or Android so you chances are you won’t be left out. This cool little app lets you reprogram the default settings, increase or decrease heat temperatures and view the device’s current temperatures.

There’s also some added settings within the app that let you further customize and make the Crafty your own by changing settings like the brightness of the LED so you don’t miss a beat when it comes to vaping at the right moment.

Dry Herb Performance

crafty vaporizer chamber

During our testing we had the best experience in our sessions when using the default temperature setting. We tried other temperature settings but they didn’t reproduce the experience we had with the default. Storz & Bickel have found what seems to be the perfect temperature for most dry herb material when used with the Crafty.

There was pretty much no unfavorable draw resistance that we could report and it was extremely easy during our sessions to form large amounts of high quality, crisp and delicious vapor. Even with all the reviews we’ve done, we were still surprised at the epic quality of vapor that the Crafty produced.

Our sessions remained enjoyable thanks to the awesome work done by the mouthpiece’s cooling to make sure that Vapor is always cool and that the mouthpiece is always a joy to draw from.

We were reminded by the Crafty vaporizer of the performance of its older brother the Plenty when using it and this is not a bad thing at all. You get the high performance of the Plenty but now in a much more convenient portable form factor. In each session we were able to get 15 draws and again we suggest that for the best quality you vape for a full session, which with how the Crafty performs, you’ll have no problem doing.

Vaporizer Tip and Tricks

To get the best performance out of your vaporizers, you must use all of the material that you load in one session. Heat is evenly distributed through your herb material the first time it is heated up and you’ll get the rich vaping session that you’re after. Trying to extend a single packed chamber into two or more sessions can cause the material to be over “cooked” which will give a nasty flavor to the vapor produced.

If you struggle to use more than one session then the brilliant minds at S&B thought of you. You simply have to only put enough material in the chamber to fill it halfway and then insert a little pad that comes with the Crafty on top to fill the rest. This ensures that the material will be evenly heated and your experience is pleasant, whether the chamber is packed to the max or not. Lets just say the makers of Crafty know a thing or two about designing a great product (hence why it is listed as one of the best dry herb vaporizers on our homepage in the "premium models section").  

Crafty Vaporizer

crafty vaporizer black

Not just portable but extremely premium feeling and performing.

Battery and Power:

The quickest way to go from 0-100 with a battery is by popping in another battery and but with the Crafty you’ll have to settle with charging it for 2 hours as the battery is not accessible for replacement.

Between charges we were able to get about 45 minutes of strong usage which for us provided about 3 sessions worth of vaping. This is not the best battery life we’ve seen but with the other strong points of performance and design by the Crafty, it’s a workable downside.

If battery life matters a lot to you then you should consider getting the Mighty instead, it’s powered by a battery that lasts twice as long.

It’s easy to charge the vaporizer as it comes with a standard micro USB port so you don’t have to worry about being stuck with a dead unit because you have forgot your unique charger at home.

Just grab any standard USB cable and plug her in. It’s the little details like being provided with these options that we like in our vaporizers.

Cleaning The Vape Is Easy

Cleaning the crafty is a cinch with all the parts you need to access being placed on the top of the device. You can easily slide off the mouthpiece to get access to the cleaning chamber which you can clean with the cleaning brush that comes standard with your purchase. This necessary but sometimes tedious chore is made as easy as it gets with the Crafty.

Mobile Connection

As we mentioned above, there is a companion app that you can download and it’s not just for show, it really lets you fine tune the Crafty to your liking. Free and working with Bluetooth for iOS and Android, you can get real-time feedback on the temperature that your vaporizer is running and you have access to control the settings of the device like the LED lighting, among others.

craft vaporizer mobile app

This is cutting edge stuff right here, another way to link all of your cool gadgets.

An Industry Best 2 Year Warranty!

Just like with most premium products, buying The Crafty gets you a 2-year warranty. If there are any problems that made it through the production process then Storz & Bickel will cover the costs of getting you a new one.

If somehow you damage your device then they provide you with an estimate of what it would cost to replace it and will begin the process as soon as you agree with it. We really like this, for making a commitment to their product, S&B make a commitment to take of you as well.

Summary of The Crafty Vaporizer

If you enjoyed our review and the Crafty sounds like the right fit for you then we recommend that you buy it from an official sales provider.

This will make sure that you get the right unit and will have  a 2 year warranty that will serve you in your vaping sessions to come for a long time!

The Crafty Vaporizer Is the Best For Traveling & Outdoor Use

The Crafty 2 defines portability & durability. Take it with you where ever you go, use the mobile app to change heat settings, & enjoy an industry best 2 year warranty!

9.4 User Rating

Our Rating: 9.4/10

*Best Price Guarantee

crafty vaporizer black

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