CBDfx Complete Review

CBDFX Review: How Does this CBD Oil Vape Additive Stack UP?

CDBfx Vape Additive is a vaping liquid that you are able to put into your e-liquids that you already own. There are a variety of strengths that this liquid comes in. You are able to purchase a 10 milliliter bottle that has a 60 milligram strength for $29.99, a 120 milligram strength for $49.99, and 250 milligram strength for $74.99. These prices do seem a bit high but the company does explain their product as coming from high quality EU sourced hemp plants.

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They claim they are the best in the market currently. With the price of this additive you should remember that the quality of the liquid you are adding to your vaping e-liquid is much higher than that of what is purchased already mixed into some CBD mixtures. This additive does take some testing to find the best dose for each person individually, but we will talk more about that later.

Using this CBD Additive

If you are someone that likes precise measurements and instructions, like myself, you are going to be seriously disappointed in this product. The instructions that come with this additive are not really instructions, they read more like a suggestion to let you figure out the rest yourself which is frustrating but understandable. It is suggested you use a half to a full dropper of the additive and add it to a tank of an e-liquid of your choice. Simple enough. The problem lies in the fact that tanks can come in a wide variety of capacities, so what could be accurate for one could be too much or too little for someone else.

With these unclear instructions I contacted the company directly to see if I could get a little more information on what they expected their user to have for a tank's capacity. They gave much more detailed instructions. You should begin the process by rubbing the bottle of additive in your hands to warm it up and make sure you shake it lightly. Then you are going to add the liquid into your device which they assume is around 5mls in capacity. Once in the device you should turn it upside down a couple of times to fully integrate the liquid.

Even with this added information it still feels like you are guessing for the right concentration. I am picky with my measurements and like to have specific calculations for vaping. I personally prefer to take a empty dripper bottle and a syringe and add the additive into the bottle with particular measurements. This allows me to add additive to my e-liquid in specific quantities so when I do fine a good mixture I am able to replicate it again. Not only does this make it easy to try different ratios it does make it easier to mix the liquid together for an even consistency.

If you are using this additive with an RDA the instructions are much more specific and easy to follow. You are going to put some of your flavoring, which should contain no nicotine preferably, and then add the additive over the top of the coil and cotton. With these instructions it was easy to find the right concentration and you can use a drip by drip method so you can get the perfect amount.

When using this additive with a tank it is much easier to use a syringe and a bottle. This will allow you to get the best mixture and vaping experience.

Vaping with the Additive

When you add anything to something that is already mixed you are going to change the flavor. When mixing the CBDfx Vape Additive to e-liquids it does change the way they taste. Which can be annoying to those that have specific flavors that they like. There are a wide variety of e-liquid flavors available because everyone prefers different tastes and perceives tastes differently. With this thought in mind many people find this additive to have a more earthy taste. Some have explained it as a tea or even as freshly cut grass. While some people may like this taste it can add an odd aftertaste to your e-liquids if you use too much of the additive at a time. Even using smaller amounts does change the flavor of your e-liquid.

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With this taste it seems to pair best with stronger flavors. It can give your flavorings another dimension, but it is going to alter the way they taste. If you want something that can be added to your flavorings without changing their taste this is not going to be the additive for you. It does go with flavors like tobacco or dessert flavors that lean towards savory. It seems that the sweeter flavors are altered too much and they have conflicting tastes which creates a bad experience in flavor that is not good at all. While I do not prefer this mixture of flavors some people may enjoy it. It is all a matter of your personal taste.

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When changing the wattage of your device I preferred to stay on the lower side while I vape. Some people do prefer to vape at higher wattage. With this additive I would not recommend higher wattage vaping. I feel that the additive's aftertaste does not come through as much if you keep the wattage low.

Warning: To fully understand this product I did use all three strengths of the additive. I found that you want to use the least amount of the additive possible to limit the taste altering the flavor of your e-liquids.  It does take away slightly from the taste of your e liquid but wow does it calm the nerves. 

This also helps you from needing to use as much of the additive. With this in mind I like to use the highest strength available that way I can use less of the product at a time and stretch it out as long as possible. The low strength, 60 milligrams, seemed to be far too low to get a good vaping experience with. Always remember that even though I use the highest strength you should go with the strength that your body is most comfortable with.

Effects and Doses

It is really hard to say what this product is going to do for people individually. Everyone's body reacts differently to different products and CBD is no different. The company that produces this additive does give out dosage information, but it is simply a suggestion. There is not one way to dose cannabidiol because your body is going to react differently to it than someone else's. Many people believe that is has to do with your weight, but it really lies more in what your body chemistry is. This makes it very difficult to pin point correct dosage information. The undefined instructions from the company do leave some people a tad angry, but it is understandable since they cannot say for sure how your body is going to react to the product. If you really want to find a good dose you are going to need to do a little experimenting yourself.

I found that one millimeter of the 300mg additive with four milliliters of e-liquids works well for myself.

With everyone's body reacting differently to cannabidiol it is equally hard to say what the effects it will have on you. There is no telling if you will feel like it works for you until you try it yourself. You will need to try varying ratios of the product with your e-liquid to find the right balance to get your desired effects. Personally I am able to use this product to calm myself down. I like to use it if I have had an especially hard day where it seems like stress is plaguing me. It helps me find that even point where I am not totally useless, but I am no longer stressed. It does make me feel a little tired but I wouldn't say that I totally relaxes me either.


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If you want to add cannabidiol to your vaping experience this can be a great product to try if you remember this key point. The only issue I have with this product is that it is going to take some trial and error to find the right mixture for yourself because of the nature of CBD and how the body reacts to it. With this venture you are going to find that you are using quite a bit of your ten milliliter bottle trying to find the right ratio for yourself. This can be frustrating since this product does have a higher price point.

The great part of this product is that once you find your ratio you will know how to mix it and it works well. I would lean towards using the higher strength versions of this additive. The 60mg variation just doesn't pack as much of a punch without adding a lot your flavoring which highly alters the taste. The higher strength variations are going to allow you to get all of the effects without altering the taste as much.