CBD Drip Rix Complete Review

CBD Drip Rix Review - It Is Amazing

Overview of CBD Drip Rix

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This is going to be a CBD additive that you can use in combination with another e-liquid, use it on your palette directly, or vape it by itself. This additive comes with a few variations of levels of CBD strengths. You are able to purchase it in either 500mg, 750mg, or 1500mg variations. If you are looking for a product that is going to give you the effects of being high, this is not going to be the product for you. This is not a product for recreational use to get high, instead it is used for medicinal purposes and to help people achieve a more relaxed state.

Ingredients of CBD Drip Rix

For those that are familiar with the hemp plant you are going to know that there are many different components that make up the chemical composition of the plant. These components are known as cannbinoids. The most well known cannabinoids are THC and CBD. The most widely known cannbinoid, THC, is known for its ability to give you mind altering effects. You are going to experience a high feeling in which you can hallucinate.

On the other hand the lesser known CBD or cannabidiol is what gives the hemp plant its ability to be used for medicinal purposes. CBD can be used by people without the effect of getting high and it has been reported to help people improve their quality of life when they are suffering from various conditions. This review is going to concentrate on the properties of CBD and how it can help you when you use it with your e-liquids.

Benefits of CBD Oils

There is a wide variety of reported benefits of CBD. Many people have used CBD to help with conditions that other medications and treatments have been unable to improve. On the most basic level people have reported that CBD has helped them feel more relaxed which can help people that have insomnia problems or anxiety issues. With this property it has also been used by some people to help them with their depression.

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A popular use for CBD is its ability to help people with chronic pain. Many people suffer from pain that is usually treated by strong medications that sometimes still do not completely take the pain away. CBD has been reported to help reduce this pain by helping to reduce inflammation. It can also be used for stress disorders. A less intense pain that people use CBD for are headaches. People that suffer from headaches often or migraines have turned to using CBD.

Some lesser known uses for CBD is helping people feel less nauseous. This can help people be able to function better throughout their day and decrease the amount of times they vomit due to their conditions. Some people have extended this use for help them get over hangovers. There have also been reports of people using CBD to help boost their bone growth. It can also be used for increase a persons sex drive.

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With all of these benefits you can get from CBD it is much like other medications. There is not guarantee that the effects that one person experiences will be the exact same for you. People all react differently to CBD and will get varying levels of these benefits.

The CBD Drip Rix has been made to help people with varying medical problems and is not intended to get you high. When you purchase this product you are able to get three different strengths of cannabidiol and varying bottle sizes. When you buy the 500mg strength you are going to get a 10ml bottle that costs $129.99. The 750mg bottle comes in 15mls and costs $199.99. The 1500mg bottle is 30mls and costs $409.99. Each of these strengths are able to be used as an additive with your existing e-liquids or as a standalone product. It all depends on your preference of how to use the product.

How to Use CBD Drip Rix

When you get your bottle make sure you shake it well before each use. Once it is shaken use the dropper to extract about two to four drops of the oil and then add it to your choice of e-liquid. If you are using an e-liquid mix the CBD oil into it before adding it to your vape tank. There is the choice to use the oil directly onto your palate in which you would directly drip it into your mouth. Remember that most CBD oils have a very earthy or grassy taste. If this is something that doesn't bother you feel free to drip it directly onto your palate for quick results.

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Warning: If you do not prefer this taste it may be better to mix it with a e-liquid. The e-liquids that are best used with CBD oils are ones that have a stronger taste that are able to help mask the flavor of the CBD oil. Many people find it mixes better with more savory e-liquids instead of sweeter ones. The sweeter ones do not mask the taste as well.



The CBD Drip Rix can be a great way for you to vape your way into reducing your conditions effects. Many people find relief with this product and it can be mixed with e-liquids for a great tasting vaping experience. The additive is easy to mix with e-liquid or used directly onto your palate. Even if you do not have a medical problem that you are suffering from it can still be a great product to use if you need help relaxing. It can help you find a more even state of mind so you are able to feel less anxiety and be able to sleep better. This product is not going to have much THC in it, is has less than one percent, so it will not give you the effect of feeling high. It is strictly used to help people that are trying to reduce the effects of different medical conditions.