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Medical Marijuana Card Online

A Cannabis Card Online In 5 Minutes

how to get your marijuana card

Do you need to get approved for a medical marijuana license fast?

The best and easiest way to get approved in minutes is online.

Below we have listed the top verified organizations that can take your interview instantly and have you approved to be a cannabis card holder right now.​

What is Involved with Getting A Medical Marijuana Card Online?

To become an issued medical marijuana card holder; a person must meet specific qualifications before they can be issued a card. Not to worry this is easy!

The qualification process includes a brief interview with a doctor online so he can diagnose that cannabis would be the right treatment for you.

There are a few different requirements that you need to meet before you are able to get one of these medical marijuana cards including proof of residency, a valid drivers license, and speaking in person or online to a doctor.

Scroll to the bottom to see our recommended online ​doctors.

If you are attempting to get a medical marijuana card in person; you must meet the same requirements as you need to with an online visit.

 The card is going to be issued to a person for their specific county that they live in.

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The card must have a current picture that is taken when they appear to pay their fee for the card. This picture will be on their ID card that will give proof of identity at the dispensary for them to access their medical marijuana.

Is It Difficult To Be Approve Online For a Marijuana Card?

It used to be a difficult process to get a medical marijuana card online. Now that laws have changed and many people are seeking these cards for medical relief it has become much more widely available and practiced.

how to get a cannabis card online

A medical marijuana card is going to give its holder the ability to get medicinal cannabis. People have been discouraged by the process of trying to get a marijuana card because there are others that try to deter people from apply, the process can be confusing, and the process can be hard to complete.

Many doctors are still avoiding trying to prescribe this alternative medicinal option. They have many prescription medications that they are use to prescribing and stick to their typical routine. There are a few steps you can take to try to get your medical marijuana card.

If you do a little research into what it takes to get a medical marijuana card the process becomes much less confusing. It is easier to achieve than one might think.

There are three main requirements that you are going to need to meet to get a medical marijuana card. With medical marijuana there are stipulations for getting access to the treatment.

Marijuana is still technically illegal under federal restrictions. That means that in the places that medical marijuana is legal it can only be used under the recommendation of a doctor.

Requirements To Become A Medical Marijuana Card Patient Online​

1). Proof of Residence

You will need to proof of residence. This can be achieved by having a valid driver's license. One of the factors to consider is that medical marijuana is not able to be access from every where. There are only a few places that it is currently legal. In Canada medical marijuana is legal everywhere and there are 23 states plus Washington D.C. in the United States that it is legal.

requirements to get a medical marijuana card on the internet

There is a rise in the legalization of medical marijuana including most recently in California and Florida among other states. In the recent years there are many new states that are being added to the list of places that it is legal to use for medicinal purposes. The states that have not been added to the list do have pending legislature that is under scrutiny. If you are not currently a resident of a state that has legal marijuana you are not going to be able to get a medical marijuana card. Always follow your local laws and politics because you may find that your state will have a change in legislature soon.

2). State Legalities​

The next step is to look into your states specific restrictions. In any state that allows medical marijuana there are specifications for what conditions people are able to use it for. Look into your local legislature and see if your condition is on the list.

There are many conditions that are shared on most lists. It is not a guarantee if your condition is going to be on your local list but many of the ones that are included are severe, debilitating, or terminal illnesses that include glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, cancers, epilepsy, and AIDs. These are typically on all lists. There are some conditions that are found on many lists but not all like anorexia, Alzheimer's, PTSD, depression, Parkinson's disease, wasting syndrome, nausea, Crohn's disease, hepatitis C, and muscular dystrophy.

Sometimes the local laws do not specify conditions only. You are able to talk with your doctor to see if your symptoms fit the criteria to use medical marijuana even if you have not been diagnosed with a specific medical condition that is on the list. It is ultimately up to your doctor's discretion. Many instances you are able to prove you need medical marijuana with the written diagnosis from your doctor even if you do not fit in a certain category.

​3). Finding The Right Doctor 

The hardest part to getting a medical marijuana card used to be finding the right doctor. With medical marijuana being such a new concept many doctors are wary and will not prescribe it. You have to have a doctor sign your form to get access to medical marijuana. If you have gone through many different doctors and treatments for your condition in the past you may have to go through another series of doctors to find one comfortable in prescribing this alternative medication.

Some doctors feel like they are not qualified to prescribe medical marijuana. There are many prescription medications that have to be on the market for a long period of time before doctors feel like they are comfortable prescribing them to their patients. It is the same with medical marijuana.

There are doctors that feel like there needs to be more research and evidence before it is a safe alternative to the medications that are currently on the market. Some doctors are going to refuse this treatment for moral purposes.

These doctors are likely not going to change their mind any time soon with their opinion and it is best to not push the subject. Make sure you find a doctor that is open to exploring all possibilities to treat your condition. Or just go to one of the recommend doctors listed below.

Recommended Online Doctors

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5). PrestoDocter​

There are places that have clinics dedicated to medical marijuana. The doctors that work in these clinics are comfortable with medical marijuana and the treatment that it provides. You are more likely to get a prescription for medical marijuana from these doctors because they specialize in learning about medical marijuana and its effects. Once you meet these three requirements you are well on your way of getting your medical marijuana card.

medical marijuana legalization in us

There are multiple reasons you are able to gain access to a medical marijuana card. Once you have proof of residence in a state that you are able to get medical marijuana, have a condition that falls into the legal category, and a doctor that is comfortable prescribing medical marijuana you are able to get access to the medical treatment. There are seven common ways to get access to medical marijuana.

In 2011 there was an article that was published in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs that helped push for the use of medical marijuana.

This article was called Who Are Medical Marijuana Patients? It has encouraged medical marijuana to be used for chronic pain or spasms in a persons neck, back, or spine. It can be used to help lessen this condition.

There have been cases in which medical marijuana has helped people that suffer from headaches and migraines chronically. Medical marijuana can help act as a pain reliever for these conditions. Not only will it help relieve the pain it also is able to help treat the condition because it is an anti-inflammatory agent. When you use medical marijuana you are putting the chemical into your body where it can help to stimulate the end of your nerve cells. This is what helps stop or at least lessen the effects of a headache and migraine.

Reasons To Get A Cannabis Card

A popular use for medical marijuana is to help people sleep and lessen anxiety or depression. Many people that have a hard time falling asleep have been found to have more anxiety in their lives.

This combination can often lead to people developing disorders like depression. Melatonin is often used to help people naturally fall asleep better. THC has been shown to help stimulate the release of melatonin in the body. That means you are going to be able to fall asleep and relax much easier under the influence of medical marijuana.

marijuana patient with prescription cannabis

There are some gastrointestinal disorders that are linked to inflammation of the intestinal tract. With the use of medical marijuana as a anti-inflammatory agent these disorders have been shown to be decreased.

These illnesses can include Crohn's disease, irritable bowel syndrome and ulcerative colitis. These disorders will come with many uncomfortable symptoms like constipation, nausea, diarrhea, and uncomfortable cramping. These symptoms can be lessened with the use of medical marijuana.

The condition of glaucoma can benefit from the use of medical marijuana. Glaucoma is originated in the fact there is more pressure in your wall of the eye. This pressure can begin to block a person's vision. This pressure can be alleviated from the use of medical marijuana.

A condition that is often prescribe medical marijuana is AIDS and HIV. People that suffer from these conditions often have many symptoms like mood changes and nausea. These symptoms are often helped by the use of medical marijuana. It can also help to stimulate neurological receptiveness in these patients.

Another condition that is commonly prescribe medical marijuana is for many types of cancers. There are many symptoms that come with cancer like nausea and loss of appetite. The use of medical marijuana has been shown to help relieve these symptoms. The properties that are in medical marijuana have also been speculated to help stop cancerous cells from growing into tumors.

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Marijuana Health Benefits: 3 Surprising Facts You Haven’t Heard

Is Marijuana A Miracle Cure?​

It is no longer a surprise that marijuana is considered a “miracle medicine” to thousands among thousands of users. The fact is that marijuana is now legal because it is scientifically proven to have several health benefits for individuals that suffer from insomnia, fibromyalgia, stress, anxiety, and a plethora of other diseases.

The health benefits of marijuana are well known and documented today but there are a few lesser known benefits of marijuana use that we wanted to cover today. Lets dive in.

Weight Loss, Really? 

It’s funny how when people talk about smoking “weed” the conversation of “munchies” always tends to surface. We get it; food tastes better after a little smoke. But surprisingly enough, marijuana can actually help with weight loss.

With the ingestion of marijuana your body actually responds with improved regulation of insulin. Yes, the occasional smoker will experience the munchies but for habitual smokers it is common that they will consume less food overall with regular use of marijuana. Crazy, right?

Improve Lung Function

Smoking marijuana isn’t that bad for your lungs if your opt to use a vaporizer but perhaps better is that smokers may have improved lung function as recently documented in several medical studies.

Researchers from the Journal of the American Medical Association, say that the big drags taken by weed smokers may actually ‘train’ your lungs to be more efficient over time. Seems backwards but it would make sense that your body would adapt.

Erectile Dysfunction No More

Marijuana can also cure erectile dysfunction by improving blood circulation while simultaneously lowering a man’s stress levels. Additionally it can help lower the anxiety you might experience before getting together with your partner. Keep this in mind fellas!

Lower Blood Pressure

Low blood pressure and smoking are rarely synonymous. But apart from smoking marijuana, there are several other ways that it can be consumed, which can help control hypertension and other blood pressure related issues! Just another reason why recommend various vaporizers or opting for an edible is a smarter choice than using some form of a pipe.


Besides the well known documentation that marijuana can serve cancer patients, help beat insomnia, and lower stress levels; this green plant has a purpose to serve millions in some way, shape, or form and we firmly believe that legalizing marijuana would only work to serve millions of others!