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Best Wax Vaporizers for Medical Marijuana 2017

Updated: March 17, 2017

The vaping industry has seen a boom in wanting portable, durable, wax vape pens.

There are so many now; that we have put together a guide on the best wax pens!

Now that we know that there is a better way to produce these pens we have come to expect companies to produce pens with this quality and material. There are some materials you can expect to find in current wax pens like ceramics, titanium, and quarts.

Now that people are more informed that you need a good quality vape pen to have a superior vaping experience manufacturers are challenged to produce these wax pens to stay popular in this industry.

Best Wax Pens

The Best Wax pens 2017 Guide.

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CategoryWax PensRating of 10Best Price

KandyPens Gravity

Two atomizers & flexible Heating Temps9.8

KandyPens Galaxy

Biggest clouds + longest battery9.65

#ThisThingRips R Series 2

Most Affordable9.6

#ThisThingRips OG Four 2.0

Affordable + larger tank9.7


Mess Free & Easy to Use9.7

Cloud Pen 3.0

Sexy Design, Double Coils9.5

Source Orb XL Flosstradamus

Adjustable air flow & powerful battery9.5

Dr. Dabber Ghost

High Quality Vapor+ accessories optional9.6

Dr. Dabber Aurora

Quartz lined chambers & 3 atomizers9.6

Atmos Kiln

Sturdy & smooth vapor production9.4

1). KandyPens Gravity Wax Pen

KandyPens is a company that likes to question the way they are making vaporizers and then make a fresh creation that is leaving the old expectations of vaping and vaporizers behind. The Gravity is a pen that does just that.

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You will instantly know the difference between this pen and the others on the market. This pen is a modern design and it produces topnotch taste.

The first aspect of this wax pen that you will notice is its unique appearance.

Most pens on the market are styled to look sleek with a gloss finish.

This pen is black and has a sandblasted finish that gives it the appearance of being rough. The outside appearance is intriguing and the inner components of the device are even more fascinating.

They have decided to only put the best materials into this pen with advanced atomizers of a coil-less ceramic and quartz crystal. These materials allow the pen to have access to a varying level of temperature.

You are able to choose from four different levels of heat and you will never worry about your battery dying with its warranty covering a lifetime. The characteristics of this pen are what makes it such a good investment for the future of vaping.

If you want a flavor that really comes through you will adore the quartz crystal atomizer and the titanium coils that it is paired with. The combination of these materials makes up the Dual Quartz Rod and Quartz Chamber Atomizer.

You are able to have a more drawn out vaping session with this coil-less design. Your material will not be sitting on top of the heated coils burning as you slowly vape. This will help you to avoid wasting materials and being stuck with the burnt taste in your mouth after you have finished vaping.

2). KandyPens Galaxy Wax Pen

This is another creation from KandyPens who is always challenging what we know about vaping. They have taken aspects that have worked very well in their products and brought it into a fresh new design that is a little more stylish than the Gravity.

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You are sure to notice this wax pen because you can choose from assorted finishes and twelve various colors to make a wax pen that feels truly your own.

Most wax pens that are used today use ceramic rods that allow the material to sit on top of them as you vape. KandyPens reinvented that concept by changing their material to a quartz crystal that does not directly touch the materials, but still is able to heat them thoroughly. The flavor quality that this type of material brings out of your material is unparalleled in the industry.

An aspect of many wax vape pens that needs improvement is the lack of control you have over the temperature of your vaping session. The Galaxy has been given a modified battery that helps to combat this problem. This battery is has a temperature control features. You are able to cycle through three separate temperature modes which are 350 degrees, 390 degrees, up to 430 degrees Fahrenheit. With this ability you are able to investigate which temperature works best for which material.

3). #ThisThingRips R2 Series 

I love the look of this pen. It has a great design with its Polycarbonate Visual Heating Chamber. This chamber is clear enough that you are able to watch your waxes warm up and start to bubble-over. You are also able to see when your vapor cloud starts to form.

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When you are not vaping this pens clear chamber is still a striking visual aspect because it comes in a green color that really pops against the black design.

If you are concerned about the attention this bright wax vape pen is going to bring you #ThisThingRips has provided this pen with a cover. This cover looks like any ordinary pen cap complete with the ability to attach this pen to a notebook. With this cover no one is going to suspect that is is not a writing instrument but actually a wax vape pen.

To compete with the wax vape pens that have started producing better quality taste #TTR has changed their atomizer for the R2. They use to use a standard fiber thread and have now buffed up to a ceramic rod that is able to heighten the flavor you get from the material. This pen also operates at a lower temperature than others with their heat controlled coils. The coils are going to slowly warm the material, instead of blast them with heat and end up burning them.

4) #ThisThingRips OG Four 2.0


You will be able to recognize this wax vape pen from a mile away as being one from #ThisThingRips' products. They have a standard Polycarbonate Clear Visual Chamber that always accents their pen's design. This version has a surprising orange chamber that is actually bigger than that of the R Series 2.

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You are able to see more of the vaping process within this chamber. The rest of the pen is a classy combination of chrome pieces. There is a chrome battery that is 510 threaded and its chamber connector is also a shinning statement to this pens cosmetic triumph.

Decorative appeal aside it is the interior elements that are really going to take your breath away. They have dedicated this pen to the use of their quartz atomizer and amped up the power by using a completely Lava-Quartz design.

The Lava-Quarts is a patented application that allows the pen to access the more capability of any atomizer within this grade. This technology is united with a coil that is also temperature control to give a smooth tasting vapor.

This company has been able to demand attention with not only its design, but with its unique take on creating a powerful wax vape pen. They have followed other companies eagerness to try new ideas and they have successfully create an unforgettable pen.

5). DipStick Wax Pen

This vaporizer is the solution that many people did not know they were looking for. One of the most problematic aspects of using a wax vape pen is trying to load your pen without wearing your material. The DipStick changes the way you load your pen which makes for a whole new way of vaping.

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When you have a typical wax vape pen you are going to need to put your material directly on the coil or into a small container within the device. This is often tricky and you have to spend more time loading the device to avoid making a mess. This wax vape pen modified coil atomizer is actually projecting from the end of the device so you can directly dip into your material. It is so much quicker and a much cleaner way to load a device. The vapor path in this wax vape pen has been changed to be a stainless steel removable path. It allows for an easier manner of cleaning to be paired with its already tidy design.

The DipStick did not stop at reinventing the way you load your material. They also decided to flip the concept of inhaling you vapor on its head. The mouthpiece on this device is not located on the upper-side of the atomizer like you will usually find. Instead it is on the other end of the device. This is beneficial to those that like their vapor to be cooler. It allows more time for the vapor to chill and gives it a much less rough taste.

6). Cloud Pen 3.0

Cloud Pen vaporizers have been a part of the industry for a long time. If you are just starting out vaping you are likely to have come across many recommendations to use this product and someone seasoned in vaping should be acquainted with this brand or have used it themselves.

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They have created a unique design that many other pens have been unable to replicate.

This is another installment of this strong wax vape pen. It has much more power than the pens that have come before it. It has a 650mAh thin battery. This battery has double the vitality of other wax vape pens and it allows you a lot more time to vape.

The incomparable design of the glass orb makes this vaporizer appear much more intriguing than its competitors. It also utilizes an atomizer that has a dual ceramic rod that has titanium coils that were hand-wrapped to amp up the power in this unit. If you like a versatile vape pen you are in luck with the Cloud Pen. There is also a dry material atomizer so you are able to use what ever material you have at the time without investing in a different pen.

As more time passes it is clear that the Cloud Pen family is only going to continue to grow. They have been able to change and evolve with every new technology that the vaping world is presented with. They often take their own distinct path to new technologies and add on to them to create an even better vaping experience.

7). Source Orb XL Flosstradamus

This monster of a wax vape pen can almost hardly be called a vaporizer at all. It is more of a mod and has features that you have never seen on a vape pen which you probably will never see again. This unique design comes from the two minds of Flosstradamus and Source Vapes to create an experience instead of a vaporizer.

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When music and vaping come together magic happens.

There is not one vaporizer on the market that can touch the power that the unit is going to give you. This power is derived from the Volt which is the 30 W sub-ohm battery. This battery manages to pack five times more power into a small space than any other battery on the market.

When you have this much voltage coursing through a machine you are going to need an atomizer that is going to match it. This unit is fitted with a triple quartz rod which has coils made from titanium. You are not going to find a vaporizer with this much capacity from any other company. I would dare to say that this wax vape pen has enough power to battle against any desktop unit.

Dr. Dabber Ghost

If you are looking to buy a wax vape pen that you know has and will deliver on quality you can stop looking. This pen was one that started the turning point for vaporizer to be made with better materials and to give the consumer a better experience. It was able to standardize the way we vape today and is still running strong.

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This series of vaporizers were the pens that introduced the idea of titanium coiled atomizers. Like most parent products the first is always of the best quality. Usually one company finds a way to use a product in a diversified way and others attempt to copy it.

While many companies have found their own unique ways to approach this design the Dr. Dabber brand is still top-notch. You are able to use this vaporizer on low levels of heat to get that slow even temperature to your material that is going to give you an even tasting vapor.

The atomizer is also distinct in the fact it still uses a wick to take in material. This wick is an older method, but it can cut down on the mess you see from using a more liquefied concentrate. The design of this porous wick soaks up all of your material to be used during vaping.

If you prefer to modify your wax vape pen you are able to purchase from a variety of attachments for the Ghost. One of the more interesting ones has a water filtration system. It gives you the ability to have a chilled humidified session.

Dr. Dabber Aurora

Dr. Dabber has delivered again. This forward-looking company never ceases to amaze me when they comes out with their newest products. They have kept much of the outer design simple. It is a black device that has a flat satin textile finish. Something that many pens do not offer is that you can now change out the mouthpiece for this device.

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While many people prefer the traditional mouthpiece there is also a newer design which has been deemed the “shotgun” edition. This one allows for much more airflow so you are not going to have any material getting jammed as you vape.

Once again they have paved the way to new beginnings for wax vape pens. Instead of using the traditional 510threading that many companies use, they have changed over to a SnapTech magnetic edition. This is going to be easier for the consumer and I'm sure more companies will begin to use this stunning technology.

If you want customization you will love the choices for atomizers on this device. Dr. Dabber wants their consumer to be happy with the way they vape so they have provided three different choices a dual quartz rod, a coilless ceramic dish, and a dual ceramic rod. To add to your unique experience you can also use the multivariate power controlled battery that is going to permit you to adjust to your liking.

Atmos Kiln

Atmos Kiln vaporizer

This new device is able to steal the show with its modifications. It is able to boast a very impressive 950mAh battery that is going to give you the freedom to vape like you mean it. You are also going to be able to use its ceramic atomizer that does not have coils to avoid that scorched taste you often get with wax vape pens.

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With this ceramic dish you are not going to have your material touching any wires or wicks that some units utilize. With a more even heating element you can allow your material to heat at reduced temperatures to have a more prolonged vaping experience that is packed full of flavor.

Even with the more powerful battery that this device uses it is a slender tiny device. You will not need to worry about trying to carry around a bulky unit to get dense vapor or the need for a vape carrying case. If you have a preference you are able to pick from a sleek finish of white or black.

As wax pen vaporizers are used more there is going to be a demand for more innovative and different ways to use concentrates. Companies have already started to deliver a more user friendly design that is able to challenge desktop version vaporizers.

Any of the vaporizers on this list are going to give you quality and enjoyment every time. 

Of course if you aren't familiar with vaping concentrates and prefer a dry herb vape then we have a different unique list of the best vaporizers to recommend. Just be sure you are grabbing a rig that fits your preferences, budget, and style!​

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