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Best Vape Pen 2018 - Buyers Guide

Here at Dry Herb Vaporizer Review we know how tough it can be to find the best vape pen for your needs. With all the vaporizer pens on the market there are a lot to choose from and we like getting the most out of vape sessions whenever possible.

best vape pens

In fact so often dry herb vape pens are often categorized as wax pens. If you're looking for our wax and dab pen guide go here. 

With this said, we took it on ourselves to do the research and get down to it with testing to help you make that choice. Our information below will fill you in on what you need to be looking for in a vape pen and how to choose one that is worth your hard earned money.

#1 V2Pro Series 3 Vape Pen

v2 pro series 3 vape pen blue

Coming from one of the big names in the industry, a reputation V2 Cigs have earned based on the large number of sales they have driven along with a fan base that adores their products.

The V2 Pro Series 3  is quite the versatile vape pen, it can be used with dry herb, oil and wax material. V2 states that the Pro Series vape pen was originally made to handle e-liquid but works just fine with dry herbs and wax material. A big claim indeed but after thoroughly testing this little guy ourselves we have to agree with them.

In our testing we got exceptional quality using oil concentrate, the V2Pro generated excellent and consistent vapor. We are also pleased to report that we had no downtime or unpleasant sessions thanks to wicking issues or dry hits. This happens sometimes with other pens we’ve tested due to the thickness of oil concentrate clogging up the system. Not with this guy, we recorded hit after hit of quality.

Moving on to dry herbs, surely it would not be able to handle these as well? A lot of vaporizers are advertised as being dry herb capable, but when put to the test, they only burn our material and ruins the fun. Does this happen with the V2 Pro? Nope, not at all.

Note: We’re not going to say that the V2 pro is ready to dethrone the Volcano, we can say that it’s an excellent portable vaporizer that can mix things up by vaping dry herbs and wax.

In our testing this was easily the vape pen that ahead of the rest when you need your unit to work with oil concentrate. On top of this you get the sweet added bonus of it being a 3-in-1 vape pen in performance and not just a marketing gimmick. This versatility is what makes the V2Pro our most valuable player when it comes to Vape pens.

Looking for a vape pen that can handle any material you want to throw at it and do so on the go? Then look no further than the V2Pro Series 3, you won’t regret it.

#2 VaporFi Orbit Vaporizer (dry herb)

vaporfi orbit vaporizer considered best vape pen

VaporFi has done a fine job with the Orbit vaporizer. Our testing has shown that the Orbit is the best vape pen on the market for dry herb material and the cool thing is it does this at a price that won’t give you second thoughts. Need something that’s smaller than a typical portable vaporizer but doesn’t sacrifice on vaping power? Well, you’re in luck, the Orbit is just right for that.

A key point that definitely got our attention when first using this vaporizer was the sexy and understated design. It’s not all beauty and no brains here though, the Orbit packed a punch that surprised us for something so sleek.

It’s easily capable of vaporizing herb material at a wide range of temperatures and is no slouch when it comes to firing up, taking between 1-2 minutes in our testing. We were also pleased to see that vapor here was spot on, no hints of harsh burnt flavors like you’d get with other vape pens.

Want to share your sessions with your buddies but want a portable? The orbit was able to keep generating hit after hit for our group testing and did this without becoming uncomfortable due to heating up. What if the batteries die mid-session? Quick solution for that, you can easily use this vaporizer while it’s being charged. This is always a win in our book.

Why is this the second best vape pen on our list? Our number pick is ahead because it’s more versatile but that’s not a knock on the Orbit, it does what it was made to do well and if you strictly prefer dry herbs then this is the vape pen for you.

#3 XEO Void Vape Pen (e-liquid)

VOID vape pen starter kits

Produced on German soil, a region that has been with an eye for detail and performance, the XEO Void vape pen aims to deliver a premium experience for vape enthusiasts similar to what Mercedes Benz does for car purists. XEO Void Vape pens boasts some great features such as a durable body with anti-leakage, an elegant crafted style and a high quality battery that works fine with standard USB charging cables.

In our testing we focused on the anti-leaking claim as it supposed to pack X-Vapor no leak tech which should make it leak proof. A maximum of 400 puffs per filling has been guaranteed by the developers, an ambitious number, our testing got us closer to about 350. This isn’t a deal breaker though, you can refill the vape pen up to 20 times to get an improved taste if you wish.

With the XEO Void vaporizer we were able to get great taste and made some great clouds. Not a bad result from an e-liquid vaporizer kit that can hold more than the competition and at a better price. This combination of features secures the 3rd place position on our list of best vaporizer pens.

More Vape Pen Information

Types of Vape Pens

types of vape pens

When looking for a vape pen, you first must know which type would be the best for you.

There are 3 key types:

  1. Oil
  2. Dry Herb 
  3. Wax Concentrates 

Oil Vaporizers

E-cigarettes using THC e-liquid were very influential in the buildup leading to the design of vape pens. Medical marijuana enthusiasts looked on at the e-cigs with envy and wondered when they would be able to get their hands on a similar kind of tech, good news, it wasn’t that long of a wait. E-cigs could have been used with cannabis oil or specialized wax designed for vaporizing THC at the right temperatures for decent results but this wasn’t ideal.

​Dry Herb

Portable dry herb vaporizers are behind when it comes to advancements in vaping pen tech. The reason for this is that it’s pretty tough to make a device as small as possible and still have it retain the heating ability needed to vape dry herb material. A lot have tried but only a few have succeeded in bringing to market ones that are worth the money they ask for. For best results with vaping dry herb you may need to consider a portable vaporizer, it’s bigger than a vape pen but is more capable.

​Wax Concentrates

Next up came vape pens that used wax/dab concentrate that made some real progress. Wax material was a hit with people but not everyone enjoyed the process that it took to get started with the sessions. It was pretty tedious and involved a lot of expensive and unreliable pieces. The introduction of the pens refined the process and improved the quality of use. Pens brought consistent and reliable results every time you fired them up.

3-in-1 Vape Pens

Originally intended only for wax and oil concentrates (2), it was extremely difficult to find a vape pen that could handle dry herbs. As tech advances it’s getting better and the manufacturers are committed to making models that can produce great results with dry herb vaporization.

These days we’re seeing this come to life as there are now combo vaporizers that really impress everyone by how they’re able to handle all three types of material. Are you the kind that likes to mix up your material usage then a combo vape pen is perfect for you.

How Does a Vaporizer Work?

Inside most Vape Pens you’ll find 3 parts that do the heavy lifting, the atomizer, battery and mouthpiece. For heating material the atomizer is in command. Concerns have been raised over the composition of the atomizer, namely those featuring wicks and those featuring a wick less design. Wick based atomizers are often made using fiberglass which poses health risks so be sure to consider this when you are looking for a vape pen.

The kind of battery powering the device can be your classic AA batteries or the latest lithium rechargeable batteries. The choice of this will affect your mileage and convenience. Some rechargeable batteries are only compatible with wall chargers while some can use USB for powering up, another detail that is worth remembering. The mouthpiece is the simplest of the 3, the key tip here is to prioritize a device with a mouthpiece that can be removed as these are much easier for cleaning.

The Different Parts of a Vaping Device

what inside inside vape pens

To give you a clearer understanding of how vape pens work, the below information will explain the nuts and bolts and how they all come together to work as well as they do:

  1. Mouthpiece - First up we have the mouthpiece, also sometimes called a “drip tip”. It’s called this because of the way that you have to put your e-juice directly into the atomizer through the hollow mouthpiece which allows the vape pen to produce a rich and clean flavored vapor that remains consistent. A highlight of the mouthpiece is that it’s usually an easily customizable part of the vape pen because it comes in a lot of different shapes, sizes, and materials.

  2. Filter - The Filter helps make the vaping experience enjoyable, it controls the airflow from the atomizer and tries to make it as smooth as possible along with cooling it down. The last thing you want is harsh vapor escaping your vape pen. Usually comes in ceramic or glass.

  3. Power Button – On a typical vaporizer pen you can find an LED power button for switching the device on or off. This is usually done by using a “5 click method”, 5 quick presses turns unit on and 5 more presses turns it off. The 5 click method is used to prevent accidental presses in your bag or pocket wasting your battery charge and also to prevent accidental presses turning off the unit before you’re ready.

  4. Battery – This is what makes the vaporizer go. On most vaporizers you will find different voltage settings that set the temperature range for dry herbs and concentrates to burn. Finding the perfect setting for you will make your efficiency of use and enjoyment go up.

  5. The Atomizer – Responsible for vaporizing the material, and identified by different coil types and housings.

    1. At the lower end are steel based housings that are much more common and affordable while the more premium option are ceramic housings that regulate heat better and are more durable.

    2. As mentioned above there are different coil types that can have affect the results you get from your vape pen:

      1. Wick – These are made of cotton and are mostly used in vape pens that specialize with e-liquids. They can and have been modified to work with other material like dry herbs and concentrates but it should be noted that they are not as durable as some of the other types.

      2. Ceramic – Featuring a wickless design, this type is made from a wire being wrapped around a ceramic post. This coil design holds heat better and is able to continue vaporizing material after power has been turned off. Handy for when trying to save a charge.

      3. Pancake – Similar to the design of a burner found on a typical electric stove.

      4. Donut – No wire is used here, instead a ceramic disk is used for heating, resulting in high, long-lasting temperatures.

      5. True Vape – This coil type uses convection instead of the combustion method for heating material. The heat is generated similarly to the process that’s done in an oven allowing even heating and temperatures which in turn causes greater flavor to be delivered to the user. Much closer to the purest of experiences that you can get with a vape.

Vape Pen FAQ's



How to recognize Vape Pens/Vaporizer Pens?

Vape pens are small pen like devices that are capable of being used for vaping oils, waxes and dry herbs.The makeup of these vaporizers typically consists of a cartridge, the atomizer for heating and a battery.

Vape Pen Types

The kind of vape pen you need will be based on the material that you’ll be using. Falling largely into three types: oil vape pens, dry herb vape pens and vaping pens for wax/dabs. For the portability of the pen size you’re almost always restricted to being able to use only one material type. There have been some pens released that make it possible to use more than one material type.

Finding The Best Vape Pen

It comes down to your preferences and the material that you will be using for your sessions. There are a lot of things that go into making a vape pen the “best” for each person but that’s what we’ve tried to do with the pens on this page. Our reviewers really put them through their paces.

Are They Bad for Health?

This is still up for discussion by experts but compared to smoking, vape pen vapor contains a lot less of the chemicals that can be found in tobacco while providing a similar effect. (1)

How Does the Vape Pen Function?

The battery inside the unit drives the power that heats up the vape pen. Heat is then used to convert the heating chamber contents to tasty vapor for inhaling. This process results in no smoke being produced.

Summary: Choosing the Best Vaporizer Pen 

It all comes down to your specific tastes when trying to find the right vape pen. Always consider your ideal vaporizer type against what you can afford to spend on.

The downsides or trade-offs must also be considered.

VOID Vaporizer starter kits

For example, there are vapes whose highlight is helping you make great clouds with every hit, another’s might be exceptional battery life and another might be the ultimate simplicity when it comes to starting your vape session.

Any vaporizer like this can last you for quite a while but like with most things, providing you keep up with the needed maintenance and care.

ultimate vape pen guide

Vaporizer pens are not designed to be used like a regular vaporizer, mishandling it will wear out and can make your vape pen stop working. You can’t expect to blame the manufacturers if the pen doesn’t perform the way it can thanks to improper use.

Keep this in mind and you will be able to use your vape pen for some time to come, treat it with the care that it deserves and it will reward you with quality hits for doing so.