Best Grinder for Your Herb

Best Herb Grinder 2017

Looking for the best grinder for your herb? Well, follow closely as we examine the best options and prices available today!

These options will include many of the different types of grinders found on the market today. Regardless of the brand, our expertise has lead us to an understanding which helps us to pinpoint the qualities that make up the best weed grinders on the market.

So the next time you take a trip down to your local corner shop or gas station in an attempt to purchase a grinder stop! And think about what you are doing. It could be dangerous as cheap grinders sold in these locations are often constructed with toxic and harmful materials.

So allow this article to walk you through everything grinder. From what is a grinder to qualities of a great grinder and also what you should avoid when looking to purchase a grinder.

What is a Weed Grinder

An essential tool to the marijuana smoker. This tool is used to grind bud down to it’s best possible smoking state. The grinder does this better than any other tool on the market, which is why they are so heavily in demand. They can be made from a range of materials including plastic, wood or various different types of metals including aluminum and titanium.

weed grinder for vaporizer

Benefits of Buying a Grinder

Saves you time

Having a grinder at hand can save you loads of time as it is much easier to load and grind rather that to pull apart and use a scissors to cut. This comes in handy especially if you are eager to get on the high side.

Potency and burn

Grinding allows for a much better smoke, as the bud is grounded into small consistent pieces to maximize surface area. This helps to give smokers and vaporizers a more even smoke, avoiding lumps and bumps in your joint. While pulling apart bud with your hand causes you to lose potency as your fingers soak up trichomes from the bud, hurting the quality of your smoke.

Cost effective

This increase in efficiency allows the grinder to be known as a cost effective tool, which saves you money by maintaining potency, meanwhile allowing you to get your desired results while using the least amount of marijuana possible. This can also be of benefit if you wish to consume less smoke while having the same effect.

Quality of the weed

A grinder allows you to maintain maximum quality. It helps to unlock the true potential of the weed such as the aromas, smell, taste, and look.


Known as kief, this refers to the trichomes which are the purest and most potent part of the plant. This is collected within the tray which any high-quality grinder should have. After a few weeks of consistent grinding, you should have more than enough kief to sprinkle on top of your weed to give it that extra kick if needed or it can be smoked by itself for the adventure of a lifetime.

Benefits of Buying a Grinder Online

Even if you were to find quality grinders in your local store they can often be pricey. This can easily be avoided as the internet has solved this problem for us. There is no need to be subjected to the stiff prices of the corner shop, that leaves you with barely enough money to buy weed. So following this guide you will then be able to browse through your options with the end result of making an educated decision in the buying of your grinder online.

Qualities Of The Best Herb Grinders

The best herb grinder is always made using anodized aluminum or titanium. The anodizing process allows the metal surface to be decorated while being durable and non-corrosive. Therefore allowing the grinder to be produced in multiple different colors without being painted. This proves to be essential to the highest quality grinders as the issue of paint toxicity is nonexistent. This prevents chipping and peeling allowing your grinder to look tip-top after multiple uses.

The number of shredding teeth in relation to the size of the grinder has also proven to be an essential quality. The more shredding teeth your grinder has the finer it will grind your herb. This provides a smoother smoke as your joint will be able to burn evenly. It has been noted that the best weed grinders are around 2.5 inches in diameter while having around 50 teeth in total.

We have also realized that the best grinders usually come with a number of pieces that assist with functionality. These are usually four pieces which include the lid which is magnetized and has teeth, another piece which connects to this magnetic lid which also has teeth, a compartment for your grounded herb which carries a metal sifting screen, and finally, the last piece which collects all the resin left behind by the process of grinding.

It must also be noted that this resin as described earlier is what is collected by this metal sift.

How The Different Compartments Work

  • 1 compartment grinders also carry the name two piece due to there only being two pieces involved, which are the top and bottom but there is only one compartment where the herb is placed and ground. These are known to produce ground herb of an inconsistent size, which can also be difficult to be removed since the teeth get in the way.
  • 2 compartment grinders which are also known as 3 piece grinders are basically the same as the 1 compartment but with an extra area for grounded herb of the ideal size to drop through into a separate area allowing for easy retrieval.
  • 3 compartment grinders carry an additional compartment which contains a fine screen which separates the first from the second compartment. This allows for the collection kief, which is why the 3 compartment grinders are so popular.

Different Grinder Options On The Market


Often seen as the worst possible choice on the market. These acrylic grinders are usually made from toxic materials and are known to chip. This is a cause for concern as you should always inspect your grounded weed after grinding just to be certain that you are not going to light and smoke any harmful substances.

Electric grinder

An awesome product for persons using marijuana for pain relief due to arthritis. This easy to use machine quickly grinds weed into the desired consistency without the use of manual power. Unfortunately, it doesn’t capture and kief which is seen as a big minus for the everyday user.

One chamber grinder

These are just for the user who isn’t fussy about anything. It isn't horrible but it doesn’t allow for the collection of kief or any of the other benefits that come with using a grinder that has multiple compartments.

Rotary crank herb grinder

This is a unique type of grinder which uses a small hand crank positioned on top of the grinder which allows you to watch as you weed is grounded up into the consistency of your choice.

Bullet grinder

Made popular in recent times by Wiz Khalifa. This gun barrel shaped grinder, comes with either two or three chambers. Probably one of the coolest grinders to have on hand, this one also collects kief making it one of the favorites on the market.

Wooden Grinder

Ideally, to be made from raw wood, these wooden masterpieces often carry beautiful designs and are often considered to even be a collector's item. This type of grinder usually only carries one compartment.

This really hampers the popularity of the wooden grinder for anything besides its beauty, as it is not able to collect any kief. Also, the teeth on the wooden grinders aren’t as good as the teeth on metal grinders, they also have a similar look to nails.

3 chamber grinder

Considered to be the best grinder on the market. This grinder does it all and more. It grinds really well and has a storage compartment for your kief. Also extremely durable, not priced too heavily and easily transported if need be.

Giant grinder

This is for event night such as parties, sports or just recreation. Grinds larger quantities of herb with ease, with the best brands having quite strongly magnetized top, making spillage an unusual event.

What is the best grinder?

An aluminum or titanium 3 compartment is often the most favorable and complete grinder due to the materials which lacks toxicity, extremely durability and the fact that they can collect kief. These are the qualities to look out for the next time you are looking on the market to find a grinder to match your dry herb vaporizer.