Best Desktop Vaporizers 2018

best desktop vaporizer

Desktop vaporizers were the grandfathers of the portable vaporizers that many of us have come to know and love.

That is why we absolutely had to put together the bar, non absolute best desktop Vaporizers 2017 guide!

Desktop Vaporizer 2018 Guide

BrandFeatureRating of 10Best Price

Arizer Extreme Q

Best for Most People (price & quality)9.9

Easy Vape 5

Beginner + Under $1009.8


Biggest upgrade but pricey.9.7

arizer extreme Q

These vaporizers are larger and can not be taken with you every where you go to vape in public.

They are not portable in any sense of the word except for putting them in a carrying case and then taking them to a friend's house to vape when you get there.

This may seem off putting in the world of on the go vaping but there is a reason that some people invest in one of these desktop devices.

premium desktop vaporizers

They are more powerful. It is as simple as that. When you purchase a portable vaporizer you are able to get a quality device that has a decent power output but it is never going to touch what a desktop vaporizer is going to do.

Desktop vaporizers are larger and able to hold more in terms of battery, chamber capacity, and overall parts.

This is going to allow for a much more enjoyable vape with vapor that tastes better and you will have more vapor production overall.

Just like portable vaporizers you are going to have many different sizes and prices for desktop vaporizers.

There are some desktop vaporizers that you are going to be able to purchase for anywhere from $99 up to $250.

You are able to also pay up to the $1000 range as well for a desktop vaporizer with more features and power.

Depending on the price you pay you will find there are different parts that the vaporizers will come with.

Some models are going to have better fans, temperature regulation systems, and other features that you want in a desktop vaporizer.

This article is going to outline all of the benefits in each desktop vaporizer as well as the downfalls to get a comprehensive idea of what is the best one for your vaping needs.

Cheap Desktop Vaporizers - $50 to $229

Easy Vape 5 - Desktop Vaporizer

The easy vape is an interesting little device.

It has a very reasonable price and it is able to give you decent vaping experiences at the fraction of the cost of other desktop vaping devices.

This device is not going to be the best desktop vaporizer available by any means but it is going to do the job. 

​Perfect for 2-3x per week users!

easy vape 5 best desktop vaporizer

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It has an LED display and a colorful shell that is appealing. With this design it does fall a bit short and the build does show that it is a cheaper device. The LED display works but is a cheaply made piece.

The benefit to this device is that the price is right and it does give you solid vapor production.

This device is simple to use and you are going to get a decent vapor once you find where the right settings are for the device.

There is a warranty with this device that covers five years of use.

This warranty is going to cover the heating element. While the device is cheaper it is nice to know that the heating element is covered if it does break within the first five years.

This vaporizer is not heavy at all. It seems to be a very easy vaporizer to carry around and move.

Which makes many people want to take it with them while they are heading over to social gatherings or a friends house. This idea is not advisable.

Even though it is an easy to carry device it is also not very durable. Taking it with you is going to make it much more likely that it is going to get bumped around and broken.

The warranty is not going to cover anything but the heating element so be careful if you do try to take it somewhere. It works much better if you keep it in one area at all times.

Warning: This is not the best desktop vaporizer of them all but for the low price it is a great option if you smoke 2-3x per week or less. ​

Even with some of its downfalls like its easily breakable pieces and its temperamental vapor production it is a good vaporizer for cheap.

With its price it is well worth the money you pay. It is going to give you vapor at a reasonable price compared to all other desktop vaporizers on the market.

Silver Surfer Vaporizer - 

If you are someone that is always on the go and still want the power of a desktop vaporizer the Silver Surfer Vaporizer is going to help you in this area.

This is another vaporizer that has an interesting design that is going to be nice to bring to any social gathering.

It has a decent price for a desktop vaporizer and it going to be a good conversation piece.

Silver Surfer vaporizer best price

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Many people like this cost effective desktop vaporizer because it is a larger vaporizer but it is still portable.

There is a high quality case that comes with this vaporizer so you are able to pack it into it and off you go. It has a smaller size for a desktop vaporizer and it does not have a lot of pieces to carry with you.

With vapor production in mind you will find it is able to perform much like a mid range vaporizer.

Warning: Even though it does give you solid vapor production it does not allow you to use a bag like many desktop vaporizers. Some people do prefer the bag option when using a desktop vaporizer so that can be a downfall. If that doesn't bother you; then this is a super smooth option.

If you are concentrating on portable options in desktop vaporizers this one wins out every time.

The device does use a glass dial. This can make people very nervous while in transport and in general use.

The glass option is just not appealing for durability. So far there have not been any problems with my device and this glass dial but it is concerning for future use.

The temperature control is able to be exact but you need to learn the controls before you will be able to use it effectively.

The control uses the dial so you will need to learn where the correct temperatures are on the dial before you are able to get exact measurements. If you like to have the same temperature every time you will need to memorize these positions.

There are two different options for the whip on this device. There is a glass whip that allows you to attach it to the glass that is typical.

You are able to use this whip hands free which I prefer. There is also a whip that you are able to use but you must hold it in place.

There are many people that say that this whip is the better one but the fact you need to hold it there to use it is just uncomfortable. Regardless of my personal preference this device can use either whip easily so you are able to choose what is best for you.

This Silver Surfer is easy to use and does give you good vapor production comparable to the mid range options. You will be able to use dry herb with this vaporizer amazingly. It is by far the most portable vaporizer for desktop vaping.

A favorite desktop vaporizer among many for it's design, portability, quality, and price tag under $300.

Mid-Range Desktop Vaporizers - $200 to $300

Arizer Extreme Q -

This is the best desktop vaporizer on this list for 95% of vapers!

The combination of its lower price and its higher end quality makes it easily the best value for what you get from it.

It offers different vaping options to help customize it to your personal preferences.

It is one of the cheapest desktop vaporizers that you are going to find that has the ability to work in many ways.

It has a very stylish design to it making it appealing to use and keep on your table.

Arizer Extreme Q

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It is not going to be an eye sore and is going to perform well. It has an easy to see and read digital display for all of your information.

The whip you can use in different positions with its swivel option. There is a balloon option as well.

The Arizer Extreme Q has a fan that is controllable and you are going to be able to customize it to get the best vapor production for your preference.

There is varying temperature control and it is decent.

When using different temperatures you do not see any combustion of your materials.

Warning: There is a remote control for the device. While this is an interesting concept I'm not sure who is going to be controlling their vaporizer from across the room without actually vaping at the same time.

Possibly for those that forget to turn their device off until they walk away?

This vaporizer is going to be one of the best to choose from if you want an affordable vape without skimping on quality or features.

It is going to work just as well as the high end vaporizers on this list.

Plenty Vaporizer -

The Plenty Vaporizer is made from a company that you should be familiar with, it was manufactured by the same company that brought us the Volcano.

With that in mind you know that your are not going to need to be concerned with the quality that this vaporizer brings.

It is unique in the fact that it uses any materials from liquids, to extracts, and even dry herbs.

All of these materials are going to work well with the Plenty.

Plenty Vaporizer best desktop vaporizer

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Something that is great about this vaporizer is that it packs a punch like the Volcano but it is under $300.

It is still decent in price even though you you are still getting many options for vaping.

Another aspect that has made this desktop vaporizer popular is the size of it.

It is small for a desktop vaporizer making it easily portable for anyone that wants to carry it with them to another place.

This vaporizer technically does not use a whip. It is very similar to this style of vaping though.

Instead of the typically whip it has a metal coil that is going to cool off the vapor as it travels through it.

You will have cool vapor by the time it does get to the mouth piece. Even though this coil looks like you should be able to bend it and change its shape it is important that you do not.

When using this vaporizer it is easy to find the perfect way to vape for your personal preferences.

It has a very specific temperature control and you can easily set it at the temperature that you want. It is not as hard to find just the right temperature.

Warning: One of the problems with this vaporizer is that they did not make the cord very long. It can be awkward especially when using it in a group setting.

It cannot be easily moved around because it has to stay close to the plug in. If you do not have a table that you can use close to a plug in it would be best to get an extension.

There will really be no way to use it without one.

While the price is a little high with this vaporizer it is worth it for its quality. It is going to be a very durable device that is able to be used for years without any problem.

Our favorite thing about the Plenty is that you can use it for oils and concentrates as well as dry herb. That and it is flat out powerful & portable-esk.

This guy is your best option under $300 if you can do without using a bag and don't mind the slightly higher price tag. 

Vapir Rise 2.0 - 

The Vapir Rise is another device that offers options for balloons and whips.

Depending on your personal preference you can use either.

This is another device that is at the top of my list for desktop rigs because of its options and its lower price.

This desktop vaporizer is a small and sleek.

Vapir Rise 2.0 best price

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It is easy to use with the whip option.

You are going to be able to use up to four whips at a time with this vaporizer.

This is very appealing for those times you are vaping in a group. If you like to use a bag you are able to.

Warning: The bags were not made to be as easy to use as the whip though. If you like to use bags the Arizer Extreme Q is going to be the better option.

There are so many different ways to use the vaporizer and it comes with many different accessories.

It is going to come with whip and bags to use for vaping.

It has accessories to help making your vaping experience easier and it even has one designed to help you take out bowls while they are still hot.

This is going to be your best desktop option if you like to vape in groups.

It offers a lot of features, plenty of tech, a sleek design, and is not too expensive in the world of desktop vaporizers.

Da Buddha Vaporizer - 

This is a good vaporizer that might have a strange name. It is a little awkward to say but it is one that is a great buy.

It has features that were very advanced for when it was released.

It started the trend for using some of these features that are now expected in many desktop vaporizers.

It uses a much longer whip than other desktop vaporizers at about three feet long.

DaBuddha vaporizer review and coupon

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It does have a glass mouth piece. With this longer whip it makes it too easy to lay about and vape all day.

This vaporizer does not have as precise temperature control as others.

The temperature is not going to gradually increase for you and if you get it up too high it is going to combust your material.

However, the glass to glass connection is good to use and does fit together well.

The price is great for the fact the manufacturer gives it a three year warranty. This warranty is more advanced than others because it gives you coverage of the defects of the device.

For a cheap vaporizer it performs well.

High End Desktop Vaporizers starting at $300

Herbalizer -

While many people might expect that the Volcano would be the best high end desktop vaporizer but the Herbalizer is fantastic.

Not that the Volcano is not good, it is and it is my other choice for high end desktop vaporizers.

This vaporizer is not going to be cheap you are going to spend a pretty penny on it like over $600.

Hebalizer vaporizer review and coupon

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With this price it really does provide you with the best vapor taste and quality. It is going to give you the option to use bags and whips.

It will also allow you to use wax and oil concentrates depending on what you prefer. If you want something out of a desktop vaporizer you are going to get it from the Herbalizer.

There has never been a desktop vaporizer that looks like this one. It is a vaporizer that has been produced in the USA and is made well.

This vaporizer is also going to give you the option to use aromatherapy. To use this feature you are going to fill the entire room with vapor.

Warning: This vaporizer is expensive. Over $600 expensive. But if you have those type of deep pockets or otherwise enjoy investing heavily in a health related/ hobby related product; then you simply can't beat this option. ​

This vaporizer does have a lot of room so it is able to hold your accessories. 

It is a small compartment that is under the lid that you are able to put your cleaning brush, an essential oil bottle, and a liquid pad in.

If you do not want to use the vaporizer is an aromatherapy machine you are able to use a whip or a balloon attachment.

The balloons are so simple to use and are going to give you easy squeeze valves that are going to avoid leaks.

The Herbalizer uses a halogen lightbulb instead of a metal or ceramic element to heat. The temperature control is very appealing.

The device is going to allow you to vape at the same setting you had previously because it remembers where you were vaping at. It heats up at an amazing twenty seconds once it starts.

The Herbalizer is by far the king of all desktop vaporizers. If you're the type to buy front row concert tickets then you'll appreciate the quality of this design without the price tag being as bothersome to most. You get what you pay for here. The Ferrari of vapes with a matching price tag. 

There is very precise control over the temperature. If you would like to use dry herbs in this device there is a small compartment for them so you are able to vaporizer just a small amount at a time.

The Volcano Classic and Digital Editions - 

The Volcano is a champ.

It is one that everyone that is in the business of vaping is familiar with and has been a go to for many people since it was released.

It is going to give you great vapor production and taste but it has remained unchanged for years.

volcano classic and digital

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It gives you the typical options for desktop vaping with on exception .

This vaporizer does not give you the option to use whips it can only be used with bags. If you prefer to use whips then you will not want to spend the money on this vaporizer.

Even though it does not have the option to use whips you cannot say that there is a vaporizer on the market that gives you better quality in terms of bag usage.

No longer the best performing desktop vaporizer (Herbalizer takes the cake) but it's also several hundred dollars cheaper. This makes the Volcano the "best buy" desktop model in terms of getting the absolute most bang for your buck. It's what we would recommend!

The Volcano is made to be simple.

It has a simple design and you are able to put your material in, start it up, and use the mouth piece quickly.

The bags are made in high quality and you are able to get about five hits while full.

This vaporizer is efficient and it will allow your material to be used for a long time without combusting it.

There is a digital version of the Volcano which is convenient but it costs way too much with no other added features.

If you want a cheaper option go for the Classic version because it is going to be $200 less and still give you the same quality.

The temperature gauge is not as precise but it is still going to perform well.

In the end the Volcano is the still the king in our book for the best priced premium desktop vaporizer! ​

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