Best Dab Torch Guide 2018

Dabbing is a great way for someone to get high concentrations of cannabis at once. But to have the best dabbing experience you need to have the best dab torch or at least one that works well, because it really makes all the difference.

Today we introduce the best dabbing torches of 2018, all tried and tested by us.

The Big Shot GT 8000 is the best torch: it's under $40, produces as big a flame as other higher-ticket torches, but does so more efficiently (saving you money).

Best Dab Torch 2018
dhv-table__imageOUR TOP PICKBlazer GT8000 Big Shot Butane Dab Torch
  • Perfect size for any rig set-up
  • Stable base, stands upright
  • Super quiet
dhv-table__imageBernzomatic TS8000 High Intensity Torch
  • Propane fuel
  • Most dependable torch
  • Large in size (for home use)
dhv-table__imageNewport Butane Torch
  • Adjustable flame
  • 40min flame time with reach refill
  • Available in 5.5in and 10in
dhv-table__imageSE MT3001 Butane Dab Torch
  • Built-in ignition system
  • Ideal for on-the-move
  • Convenient
dhv-table__imageSToK FYR Dabbing Torch
  • With flame Adjuster
  • Can remove torch from stand
  • Long Lasting Ignitor
dhv-table__imageXpert's Flame Dab Torch
  • With fuel gauge
  • High-power torch
  • Removable base
dhv-table__imageInflame Butane Dab Torch
  • East to refill
  • Easy-to-use
  • With flame lock
dhv-table__imageIwatani Butane Topper Dab Torch
  • Fits almost any butane tank
  • More cost-effective than buying refills and torches
  • Fiddle-free use
dhv-table__imageEurKitchen Butane Dab Torch
  • Good for on-the-go
  • Lasts multiple uses
  • Durable
dhv-table__imageEagle Jet Torch Gun
  • Ideal for small rigs
  • Wind-proof
  • Good for outdoor use

It is easier for people that need high concentrations to use dabbing as their source because it takes much less product to get high.

The way people are able to dab is to heat a dab on a heated nail and then inhale it to receive the medication.

There are some concerns with how potent dabs can be. While dabs are much stronger than taking cannabis from other methods it is not dangerous if the person receiving the dose knows their tolerance.

To have a good dabbing experience one must have a good dabbing rig and a torch that works well. The torch is going to be the key component for heating the nail. This list is going to help detail what is important to look for in a dabbing torch.

When dabbing it is important to have a dependable, sturdy, and easy to refill dab torch. There are so many different types of torches available it is easy to find one to purchase. The problem with the abundance of torches is that they are not all made equal. Depending on what type of nail you use you may prefer to try a different kind of torch. What works for some may not be ideal for others.

That is why I have tried so many different torches in my time dabbing. I am picky about the way I dab and I want a torch that works well.

There are some torches that I use at home, some on the go, and others that are ideal to use outdoors.

With most torches being butane or propane it is easy to have multiple torches and still have refills for them.

Blazer GT8000 Big Shot Butane

The Big Shot GT 8000 is the best dab torch we tested!

Many people use butane torches to dab with. Many of the torches on this list are butane because they work well for the job. There are some propane torches that have done well for me as well. The most important portion with any type of torch is to make sure that it is easy to refill. No one wants to struggle with refilling their torch in the middle of a session or using a torch that does not refill well.

Some torches are advertised as able to be refilled and they just can not be used that way. While you can purchase refills and get them into the torch it just is not the same after the refill. These one and done type of torches are wasteful for both your time and money. It is understandable that after a long period of time a torch can begin to wear out. However it should not happen immediately after the first time you refill it. Some torches just start to work poorly with refills.

When using torches that are able to be refilled I always carry extra fluid with me. If I am out and about then run out of fluid in the middle of a session I am not going to be happy. It is easy to keep a few extra cans around that way I can avoid running out on the go.

#1 - Blazer GT8000 Big Shot Butane Dab Torch

Blazer GT8000 Big Shot Butane

The Blazer GT8000 Big Shot Butane Dab Torch is an amazing torch for dabbing.

Hands down this is the best torch I have tested out.

Some people prefer to choose different sizes or designs for their torch. Almost an extra accessory to your dab rig.

This torch is not going be ideal for anyone wanting something flashy. It does, however, function at top notch quality.

This torch is only available in one size. It is just about eight inches in height. For my rig I use this torch as it lines up perfectly when they are both standing up on the table. Making it all to easy to heat my nail up with very little effort on my part. The torch is balanced well when it is stood on end. The base of it is big enough that it is able to stand without teetering over.

This is a butane torch. It is not difficult to refill the torch once it has run out of butane. When filling it keep in mind that it holds a small amount of fluid. It is able to hold about an ounce of butane. With this amount of butane I typically see a bit over thirty minutes of burning time before I need to refill again.

With the size of this torch it is easy to use with any rig setup you have. The flame is going to adjust to your preference and need. It is easy to hold because it is not too large of a torch.

When running this torch I was amazed by how quiet it was. Many torches out there have an annoying and loud noise as they run. This one is able to run at any level of flame without driving you up the wall with noise. It is the most quiet torch I have used. When adjusting the flame you have the option to lock the flame on.

The quality of this torch makes it ideal for dabbing. It is maneuverable, durable, and refillable.

#2- Bernzomatic TS8000 High Intensity Torch

Bernzomatic TS8000 High Intensity Torch

After trying multiple butane torches that ultimately disappointed or failed me in some way I turned toward a propane torch.

There just had to be a better way to dab! The Bernzomatic TS8000 High Intensity Torch has worked well for my dabbing needs.

This is a torch head that is typically paired with high intensity torch fuel and propane. The head fits on almost any propane tank.

Warning: While this torch works well it is large! It stands at eighteen inches tall once there is the tank and the torch head attached. It is by far the biggest torch I own. Most of my torches are half this size. It is not the most convenient torch to carry around especially when I know I am going to be on the go for long periods of time. With that downfall it has been the most dependable torch I have ever used.

When you are looking for the fluid for this torch head it is easy to find cheap fuel tanks. Since these are larger takes of fuel you are going to be able to go much longer periods of time before you need to purchase a new one. You will feel like you never need a refill when using these large fuel tanks.

While using this torch you are able to adjust the flame to what you prefer. Once you have the flame where you like it you are able to lock it on. There are no problems getting this torch to turn on or off. The button you push responds well whether you are turning it on or off.

While the size is a bit of an inconvenience that can be overlooked because of the amazing quality and dependability you get. For a torch I use at home it gives me everything I need and I do not have to refill as often.

#3- Newport Butane Torch

Newport Butane Torch

The Newport Butane Torch has a few variations to choose from.

Depending on the size you prefer you can purchase a small torch at 5.5 inches up to a 10 inch torch. They even come in a few different colors.

I have many torches that I use and I have tried all sizes I could find to get the best size for my dab rigs.

The smaller torches like the 5.5 inches are okay if you are using a small rig with a small dab nail. The larger rigs are better used with a bit larger torch like the 8 to 10 inch variations.

The flame on this torch is adjustable. Once you have it at a level you like you can lock the flame on. With the flame on you are able to set this torch down on its base. The base is large enough that it does not tip over too easily.

This butane torch holds about one ounce of fluid, which is typical for dab torches. When you need a refill it is easy to fill up. Once you have the torch filled you are able to get over a half hour of burn time from the fluid. Typically I get closer to forty minutes before I need to refill.

#4- SE MT3001 Butane Dab Torch

SE MT3001 Butane Dab Torch

The SE MT3001 Butane Dab Torch is not the end all torch. It certainly is not the best one I have ever tried and doesn't compare to our top rated torches.

However, it is great for the price that you can purchase it at. This torch can be bought for under twenty dollars and it still is able to perform well.

This torch is great for those people that are on the move. It is a smaller torch so carrying and storing it in a bag is going to be no problem. It is cheap enough that you do not have to handle it with care when you are in a hurry and running out of the door.

More torches are broken when I am on the go and not using them than any time that they are in use. Having one in a bag can increase your odds of breaking the torch but I am not too scared of breaking a cheap torch. I typically keep a couple cheap ones on hand just in case.

Even though this is a cheaper torch it still has the expected features for dabbing. You are able to adjust the flame to your liking and you can even lock the flame. If you do not break this torch it can easily be refilled once empty. It does have a decent burn time so it is not a bad buy for a torch you can be a little careless with.

#5 SToK FYR Dabbing Torch

SToK FYR Dabbing Torch

The StoK FYR R Series Mega Torch has a few different designs & colors and packs a punch for the price.

It is a medium sized torch and is still decently priced for its size.

You can find this torch for under thirty dollars. Which in the dabbing world is a steal especially for one that works well.

Like most dabbing torches it has adjustable flame and the ability to lock the flame. It has decent performance and is sturdy enough to be used for quite a while. It is a butane torch that is able to be refilled. It is not hard to refill this torch either. It can be done in just a couple minutes. When full of fluid it has a burn time of about forty minutes at a time.

Something more unique about this torch is the fact you are able to take off its stand. Most stands are built into the torches. If you want to set the torch down it is nice to have the stand there. If you are looking for a more comfortable way to hold it as you dab you can pop it off.

#6- Xpert's Flame Dab Torch

Xpert's Flame Dab Torch

Xpert's Flame Dab Torch is actually design as a kitchen torch but works really well as a dab torch.

It is a smaller butane torch. It has a sleek black design with the Xpert's logo on it.

It is able to be refilled so you are able to use it for a long time because it is a durable kitchen tool.

With the power from this torch you can get the nail heated quickly and you are on your way to dabbing.

The price of this torch is decent for the quality you are getting. Something unique on this torch is that you are able to see the butane level.

There is a small fuel gauge window that you can judge how much butane you have used and when you need to refill. It takes the guessing out of dabbing and you will always know how much you have before you start a dabbing session.

This torch does have a removable base. When the base is on the torch it stands well without falling over. If you want to take it off it is simple to pull off then stick back on when you want to use it again.

This is a pretty damn good dabbing torch for under $25.​

#7- Inflame Butane Dab Torch

Inflame Butane Dab Torch

Inflame makes a great butane torch that is used for culinary uses. It is a high quality culinary torch and is able to burn for about thirty five minutes.

The best aspect of this torch is that it can be refilled in seconds. There is no waiting time or hassling with refilling this torch. You will have much more time dabbing.

As a multi-use torch you are able to remove the base for a better hold. When it is stood on its base it is solid and is not going anywhere.

For the torches in this price range (under twenty dollars) it works far beyond its competitors even in the culinary world.
This torch is not made to be complicated. You are able to switch it on, use it, and turn it off swiftly. The flame is able to be locked as well. For a small simple torch it is able to be used for great dabbing sessions.

#8- Iwatani Butane Topper Dab Torch

Iwatani Butane Topper

This is less of a torch and more of a butane can topper with a disposable can. The Iwatani Butane Topper is able to connect to most butane cans making it easy to find replacements when you are out.

Instead of needing to buy butane to refill a tank you simply purchase the butane cans and attach the topper directly to them.

This makes refilling so easy because you just pop on the top and go. A lot less fiddly and much more practical.

For anyone looking for a more cost effective option to using a dab torch this is the best choice. The main issue with using butane cans is that when you have a can that is low it does not stand well.

The topper is too heavy for an almost empty can and it is going to fall over. Too many times my topper has pulled my can over unexpectedly when it was a bit lower than I had expected.

For an alternative to purchasing a new torch when your goes out a butane topper is a cost effective choice. The butane cans are cheaper than buying torches and refills.

#9- EurKitchen Butane Dab Torch

EurKitchen Butane

EurKitchen makes a great hand held torch. It is so easy to use culinary torches for dabbing.

Kitchen torches are great to use because they are always made with high quality materials and can be purchased anywhere that sells culinary accessories.

This small hand held torch is on the cheaper side. It has been made to last multiple uses over a long period of time. The flame is able to be adjusted.

It has the ability to go up to six inches. When the torch is full of butane it is able to run for up to forty minutes.

When you do run out of butane it is easy to refill this torch. Its size makes it easy to use with just about any dab nail that you are using. With its smaller size you may have to refill more often. Although with the longer burning time it evens out well. For on the go use it is great to use because you do not have to carry a lot of butane with you.

#10- Eagle Jet Torch Gun

Eagle Jet Torch Gun

The Eagle Jet Torch Gun is a great small torch. It is so easy to carry with you because of its size.

Typically I only use this torch on the go because it is only ideal for small rigs.

Eagle Jet always makes quality torches and this small one is no exception. This torch is great to use on the go especially outside because it is windproof.

With the small size you are able to purchase this for cheap. It also comes in multiple colors to choose from.

Once this torch is empty you are able to refill it with ease. You are able to adjust the flame but it is a smaller flame. There is a flame lock on the device too. For anyone that uses torches outdoors this one will be the best choice.

When looking for a new torch for dabbing think about the ways you are use to dabbing. If you primarily use smaller rigs you can get away with purchasing a smaller torch. Larger rigs need to have a larger torch. There are a wide variety of torches to purchase. Some torches are made specifically for dabbing and others are made for kitchen use. Most kitchen torches are better for dabbing because they have high quality materials.

Torches are made in all sizes and variations. Most dabbing torches have adjustable flames and a flame lock. Depending on where you primary dab you may want to invest in a few different torches. Larger torches are great for use at home. While smaller torches are good for on the go use. There are some torches that are made to be used in windy areas and they are able to be used outside.

The best torches to buy are ones that are easily refilled. Anything that is too difficult is not worth the work because there are great quality torches available that can be filled easily. There are two main types of torches to use including butane and propane fueled torches.

No matter which type of fuel my torch is I always carry extra fuel with me. If I am on the go and have a small torch with me a refill is almost always needed. These smaller torches do not carry a lot of fluid in them but most are able to burn for about a half hour.

The most important part of finding a torch for dabbing is to find one that works well for your dabbing style. There are many types of torches available and you are able to find ones that are not too expensive. Torches should be easy to refill and reliable.

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