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Top Dab Vaporizers for Waxy Concentrates 2017 Buyer's Guide

These pens are going to offer great quality and a better way to vape concentrates.

They have been able to devise a way to vape concentrates without releasing the poisonous substances that are discharged while concentrates are heated up and burned. The best part about these pens is that they are all priced under $100. Making them affordable and durable pens to add to your collection.

Pro Series 3 Vaporizer with a Wax Cartridge

$59.99 and a $24.99 Wax Cartridge

best dap pen

V2 offers the absolute easiest wax and dab pens on the market to use. They are super affordable and flat out rip! Nothing fancy, only what you need!

Warning: V2 doesn't seem to offer much in the department of customer service. Many people that have had to deal with their customer service say it leaves much to be desired.

With that said, they make a great vape pen with interchangeable cartridges for dry herbs, oils, or concentrates. If you want to vape just waxes then simply buy the wax cartridge.

The V2 Series 3 is the vape that was designed and is perfect for casual users and anybody who doesn't need to have a fancy vape. If you just want something that rips hard, fits in your pocket, and saves your lungs vs. traditional water pipes; then you want a V2.

Even without great customer service as a company they have created innovative ways to make their products and have given people new ways to vape.

They are always trying out new techniques with their vaporizers and are able to produce products like no one has used before. The Series 3 can be used with dry herbs, waxes(with cartridge), and e-liquids.

This pen is a standard sized portable wax pen. It is different than its competitors in the fact that it has a much larger capacity for material and its has an extended battery. You are able to fill your chamber with plenty of concentrate to last you and to insert it easily into your device. The flavor and vapor you will extract is very tasteful and dense.

v2 wax pen vs size of your hand

Pax Era Vape Pen

$59.99 Vaporizer with Cartridges Sold Separately $40

​The Pax Era is unlike any other wax pen because it works by using concentrate pods! These pods are pre-loaded with THC concentrates so that you don't have to do the work of making your own waxy dabs yourself! Pretty rad concept.

Warning: The Pax Era Vape Pen make vaping easy since you don't have to handle your own dabs yourself; however this implies the extra expense of buying cartridges in order to use it. The cartridges are around $40 each. 

These are called Era Pods which are pre-filled and you have to use them to use your device. There is no packing or loading with the Era vape pen. Which can get expensive depending on how many cartridges you are using in a given time frame. 

Again having to use these Era Pods is either awesome for you or limiting. It definitely makes things easier and less messy on your end. Just pop in a new era pod and you're good to vape!​

The device itself has a very slick design and feels like you are using a luxurious pen. It is able to look so sophisticated because there is not any gaudy screens or buttons on the device. Without any buttons the device itself has to be very tuned in to its user. It uses sensors to know when you are using the device and when you are not. This means that when you put your lips up to the device it is going to know that they are there and instantly allow you to begin vaping.

If you prefer to have a screen to go off, you are able to download the Pax Vapor App. This app is going to help you change the settings of the device since there is no way to do it directly on the device. You are able to change the heat settings and temperature you vape at from your phone.

This vaporizer features a micro-USB port and will be able to give a full charge in about one hour. It has a 2600 mAh battery that is able to last for a decent amount of time. Overall the device runs smoothly and gives out great flavor.

Keymaker Wax Vape Pen


This vape pen is ideal for concentrates. It has a tool to help you easily fill your concentrate. There is a non-stick silicone chamber that allows you to more simply load and clean your device.

It also has a 360 mAh small battery that is able to be changed in less than one hour. It is able to last a decent time for how small the battery is. The size of this vaporizer does not limit its temperature at all. You are able to vape at 455 degree Fahrenheit and it only takes about three seconds to fully heat.

Many people are drawn to this pen because of its extremely small stature. It is only ¾ inches wide and 4.5 inches tall. This makes it very easy to carry with you and you are able to get more discreet sessions in if needed.

Even though this pen is very small it is able to deliver very large amounts of vapor with every session. You are able to get this pen in multiple colors including black,white, and a very bright green. The best part of this pen is its extremely low price. You are going to get a quality pen for a fraction of the price of most pens on the market.

Yabba Dabber Wax Vape Pen


This pen is a more versatile pen. It is able to be used with concentrates and dry herbs. This ability is very surprising considering the cost of the pen.

When you purchase this pen you are going to get many accessories with it. These will help you keep the vape pen charged and maintained. There is a wireless USB charger as well as an extra quartz coil in case the one that is fitted in the device malfunctions. The battery in this device is 500 mAh. It is able to last anyone a full days worth of vaping.

You are able to get to very high temperatures with this vape pen. It is able to reach 455 degrees Fahrenheit with its True Convection Technology.

This engineering has allowed the pen to reach those high temperatures with a ceramic heating element and coil that does no touch your material. That means you are going to get a more even heat without risking burning your material on the coil. It is able to deliver a cleaner flavor than vaporizers that have coils that your material touches directly.

Dr. Dabber Aurora


This pen could honestly be one of the best quality pens on this list. Unfortunately it is also one of the most expensive pens. Its price is completely worth it for the quality of pen you are getting. It is a very stylish pen that comes in a black satin finish. It gives you defined flavor and a thick vapor with every session.

One of the best aspects of this pen is the ability to easily take it apart and put it back together. Instead of the tradition thread design most vape pens have it uses a snaptech magnetic technology to hold itself together. You are going to be able to take apart the mouthpiece, battery, and atomizer with ease. Which is good since this pen comes with three different atomizers. You are able to switch out what atomizer you are using depending on the type of material you want to use.

You are able to take into consideration the material you are using and change the temperature setting to match it. There are multiple settings to choose from so you are able to always get a good experience with this vape pen.

G Pen Wax Vape Pen


The G Pen (not to be confused with the G Pen Elite) is a good vape pen at a decent price. You are going to get a durably made vaporizer that is going to last you for a while.

This pen is only going to stay in good shape if you dedicate yourself to the cleaning and maintenance it needs. It does not have too many parts so it is simple to take it apart and to put it back together.

One part of the device to spend extra time cleaning is the screws. If you do not keep these clean they are going to prevent you from getting a good electrical connection. You are able to clean these with isopropyl alcohol.

Warning: This Vape lacks features such as an LCD screen for exact temperature control. The G Pen Elite offers this type of precise temp control but for the price tag of $100 more. If you don't need or care about an exact degree for vaping; this is a great buy!​

This pen is a slender design and is about five inches long. It is easier to hide because if its slender design and it is also has a sleek black and silver color. It is going to be able to handle even the most dense concentrates with ease.

It is so simple to use with just a click of one button you are on your way. It is going to give you great performance as long as you are keeping up with its maintenance. The vapor that this pen produces is heavy and flavorful.

MicroG Dab Pen


This is the mini version of the G Pen. It is very simple to hide if you are on the go. They have taken away some of the size and added a bit more style. If you're all for simplicity and portability this is your dab pen!

This pen is four inches long and is still slender for its size, but not as thin as the G Pen. It is able to bring compatibility to vaping. Even with its size you are able to get large amounts of vapor that is comparable to the G Pen. Even though they are not as big as its larger counterpart, they are much larger than other vaporizers that are for sale currently.

Warning: This vape pen has no faults. It is simply lacking the bells and whistles of premium models but if you just want to rip, hit, and go; then save yourself the cash and grab this little guy. It works wonders with your concentrates. ​

The simple yet luxurious design is matched by its performance. It has a Li-ion battery that will last you all day for almost two days before dying. You are able to use its automatic shutoff safety feature where the device shuts itself down if you inhale from the device for 15 seconds or longer.

​Conclusion: So many great Dab Pens for Wax, Some With Premium Features, Some Cheap

This list has hopefully helped you narrow down your decision on what are the best dab pens on the market. There are a variety of different characteristics that you should look at when you are purchasing a wax vape pen.

We covered the portability, the battery, price, its durability, and most importantly what type of material you are going to use with the pen. If you look at all of these aspects you are sure to find a pen that fits your tastes. 

Also don't forget if you're looking for the best 3 in 1 vape pen; (in case you're looking to not only vape concentrates but enjoy dry ​herbs as well); we're going to recommend the V2 Pro Series 3 all day! 

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