Arizer Extreme Q

The Arizer Extreme Q is the best Desktop Vaporizer (for most people)

The Arizer Extreme Q is a device that is appealing in its varying options for vaping and because of its price tag.

The Arizer can be bought for under $200 (at the time of writing this). That price is amazing compared to some of the other desktop vaporizers on the market.

Cough – Volcano – Cough. This vaporizer can easily compare to high end vaporizers that have price tags in the $400 to $600.

Arizer Extreme Q

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It is able to deliver the same features as more expensive desktop vaporizers at about half the cost! This is easily my favorite desktop vaporizer and the right choice for most you guys out there. (the more expensive models don't offer much else)

arizer extreme q with bag

All the features; bag, whip, remote, LCD screen, & great performance.

Introduction to Arizer Extreme Q

The Extreme Q does have an interesting feature that I have not found in other desktop units. If you want to start vaping soon and you already have your vaporizer set up with your balloon you are able to pick up the remote that comes with and fire it up. No need to get up to start the vaporizer.

Instead, at the push of a button you are setting up your vaporizer without leaving the comfort of your couch. That is as long as you remember to keep your remote close by. When it is all powered up and inflated you are able to go enjoy your vapor in an instant.

If you prefer to use whips instead of balloons you are in luck with the Extreme Q because you are able to use either. It uses balloons well but there are vaporizers on the market that are better at utilizing this type of vaping item. The whips work easily and there are two different sizes to use. There is a smaller whip to use with balloons and a longer one that is best for vaping with. This vaporizer has been a favorite of many that have a more sensitive throat or lungs because it is not as harsh on you in terms of vapor.

This vaporizer is going to come with a variety of accessories. It has two bowls, two balloons, two glass whip mouth pieces, a long whip and a short whip, the remote control, a package of screens, a glass potpourri dish, a stirring tool, and of course an owners manual.

Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer Review

With all of these accessories included you are going to be ready to vape as soon as you get this one home. The only part that is not included is the material. These accessories are also great quality and they are not going to wear out anytime soon. The device and accessories are made to use for long periods of time.

The Extreme Q has been freshly updated so it is going to use less energy to run and it is much quieter than older models making it much more pleasant to use. The new design is sleek and appealing to have sitting on your table and is extremely light if you do want to move it around. This makes it much better to carry with you to a friend's house to use. Not only will they be impressed by the design of the device they are sure to like that it is not noisy or annoying while you both use it.

arizer extreme q box and kit

One of the best parts of the upgrade is that Arizer has created a device that is able to stay cool. There is never any worry about the device overheating even if you leave it on for longer periods of time.

The Extreme Q is made with a food grade plastic on the body that is going to hold the heating elements. The outer shell of the device is going to stay cool during vaping sessions. The only part of the device that you need to be concerned with is the bowl. That is going to heat up because it has to be heated to vaporize the material. It is best to handle the bowl carefully or let it cool before handling.

Build Quality

The food grade plastic does not extend to the vapor path. The vapor path is made completely from ceramic. The bowl that you have is made from glass and you also have a glass mouth piece and elbow fitting.

With these glass pieces you are going to find that they heat up if you use the device for long sessions. There is a rubber coated bowl still gets warmer during long sessions so be careful. These fittings are going to give you connection to the food grade PVC tubing. With all of these pieces you always get great tasting vapor that does not have any of the flavor leaching into your vapor from the tubing like other devices.

Arizer Extreme Q build quality

On the front base of the device you are going to see your LED screen. The screen is easy to see and read off. This screen is going to show you all of the aspects of the device at that time like the fan power, temperature, lights, and a sleep timer is also included.

If you want to you are able to change all of these settings with your remote control from where ever you are sitting in the room. If you have the vaporizer already set up you will need no effort until you actually start vaping.

Using The Device

Using Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer

This device is going to be able to heat up in about three minutes. There are going to be different heating options and temperature levels to choose from. It is going to vary as low as 122 degrees to 500 degrees Fahrenheit which is going to be a wide enough range for anyone's preferences and all vaping styles.

Once you have the unit already packed and then preheated you are going to have about two and a half minutes of time to filling your bag with vapor. While this is not a long time there are vaporizers on the market that are able to fill bags faster. Some are even as quick as thirty seconds. If this is something you prefer you will have to spend the extra money for this advanced feature.

The longer time can be used easily if you are using this device in a social setting and passing it around. The one down fall is that the bags do not have a valve on them. You will need to put your finger over your tube to avoid loosing any vapor as you pass it around.

While this device does not get too dirty during use it is best to maintenance it. Regular maintenance is going to keep the vaporizer working properly and efficiently. All of the pieces for the whips can be taken apart and then soaked in alcohol to clean them out. This way there will never be any issues with your tubing being clogged.

If you are a heavy vaper you are going to want to clean out the screen on the elbow often. If you do not it is going to get clogged. If this screen gets clogged then your bags are going to be filled much slower. Not as much vapor is going to get pushed through the screen at a time and it will be a much longer time to wait to fill the bag.

To actually use the Extreme Q you are not going to need the user manual. It is not a long drawn out process that you need to learn before you are able to use it. You are going to be able to use the remote as well which makes it even more simple. Anyone is going to be able to use this device if they have used one even slightly similar.

Arizer Extreme Q best price

How to use this device is to first press the power button either on the device or on the remote control. Once you have the device on your are able to set the temperature to what you would like. There are easy to use arrows on the right side of the LED screen to set the temperature. Once you have the temperature set you are able to pack in your material into the bowl.

The bowl does need to be packed about a third full and then it can be put on top of the ceramic heating element. There is a black rubber coating that needs to face up on the bowl. This rubber coating is going to make it much easier to handle the bowl once it is hot. It is going to help you avoid burning yourself if you want to handle the bowl right away.

The device will take about two or three minutes to fully preheat once it turns on. Once it is preheated you are able to attach your balloon if you are going to use one. If not you are able to just use the whip. It is much easier if you use the long whip if you are not using the balloon. Then you will fit the glass elbow onto the whip and to the top of the bowl.

Arizer Extreme Q Balloon

You are able to inhale through the whip or turn the fan on if you are going to use a balloon.

In the newest update on the Extreme Q the fan is much quieter than before.

I would say that it is about three times as quiet as the old versions which makes it much more appealing than other devices on the market.

Anything that is too noisy is just too annoying for me to want to even try to use for a long period of time.

If you are using the balloon this device works well if you start out low and warm the material. Once you have the material warmed you are able to finish on the higher temperature setting for great vapor production and taste. There is a glass stir tool that is helpful to use between filling balloons.

It is going to help you stir the material to use it to its full capacity. This is not really needed but it will give you a much more even heat of the material. Without stirring you are going to use the material unevenly and some of it is still going to be viable once you are ready to throw it out.

Once all of the material has been vaporize you are going to use the rubber end of the bowl and turn it upside down to empty out the bowl. The glass is going to get hot after a long session! So be careful to avoid it when emptying. Try to allow it to cool before you move it. If you want to pack another bowl for another session you just want to be careful with it to avoid any unpleasant touching of the heated bowl.

A couple of tips while using the Extreme Q from someone that has used one for a while. First it is best to set the fan on its second setting if you are using a whip. This is going to greatly reduce the drag that you get when using a whip. If you don't mind the drag it is not as big of a deal. You can play around with the different fan settings to get the best one for your personal use. There are three different settings that you can choose from.

The temperature that is displayed is not going to be the exact temperature that you are getting to your material. The heating core is one and a half inches below where your bowl sits. The heat is going to vary a bit with this distance and you may have to increase the temperature to get to the correct setting. If you have a specific preference for vaping you may need to alter it a bit to get the same results from the Extreme Q.

While this can be vary confusing and a tad annoying at first it is easy to get use to this. Once you know what temperatures works well for your vaping experience you are able to repeat these results with the precise temperature control.

If you like thick vapor you are also able to do elbow packs. Instead of placing your material into the bowl you can put it directly onto the screen in the elbow. The temperature does need to be turned up higher to be able to do this but you are going to get thick vapor with this method. If you want thicker vapor this is going to be a great way to achieve that.

To avoid hurting yourself it is best to leave your bowl in the device for at least five minutes after you are finished. If you leave it for this long you are going to have a much more cool bowl and you will not have to worry about burning yourself.

There is rubber on the bowl to handle it when hot but it is not as easy as waiting for it to cool down. The rubber does still get very warm even though it is meant to be used to avoid any burns.

This device is going to be great for all levels of vapers. It is simple to use for those that are just beginning to vape because of the simple procedure to turn it on.

It also has great features for those that have been vaping for a long time and is going to perform well.

Arizer Etreme Q best price

Warning: The balloon use on this device is not going to be as great as the Volcano but that is because the Volcano specializes in using balloons only. The Extreme Q is still great for balloon use if you want to spend less on a desktop vaporizer. All in all this is the best desktop vaporizer for most vapers

The price is right for this vaporizer. It is much lower than other vaporizers on the market even though it is still able to perform like a high end vaporizer. This device easily trumps others in terms of choice because you are able use either the balloon or whip to inhale your vapor. Another quick tip is the fact there is a portable battery pack that you can purchase separately. This makes it much easier to take this device with you as you travel to a new location.

With my laziness I love the fact that this vaporizer has the remote control option. While I was skeptical at first I have grown to use it often.

I initially did not understand the concept of using a remote with a vaporizer. Who needs to control something that you are going to need to be beside to use? However it is great to start the preheating process while you are still sitting down across the room.

arizer extreme q with bag

All the features; bag, whip, remote, LCD screen, & great performance.

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This vaporizer works well at the fraction of the cost of other vaporizers. I would put it in the mid range for vaporizers because of the price but the quality that you get with this vaporizer is certainly of a high end vaporizer.

Arizer has worked to improve on this product over the years and has given us a much more efficient easy to use vaporizer. It is going to give you a quiet vaping experience that allows you to have multiple ways to vape.

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