How Much is 2 Grams Of Weed

As someone researching how much cannabis you should buy and how much you should pay you will find that you can get a different answer from every source.

This discrepancy in opinions stems from the varying laws from state to state in regards to cannabis dispensing and intake.

How Much is 2 Grams of Marijuana?​

2 Grams of marijuana ranges between $12-$20 on average. You can confirm people pay different amounts per state and city. 

Depending on your specific area's laws you may be purchasing from different sources. It can he hard to compare the prices and strains of cannabis that you are purchasing from different sources that vary in legality. So it is hard to say if you are paying the best price for your product.

With there being more options for medical cannabis usage there are also more options for people to get access to cannabis that is priced decently but is still high grade.

"The truth is the people that do not have access to medical cannabis at a dispensary are likely to be paying much more for cannabis that is low quality, not tested in a lab, and not prescribed by a doctor."

This makes it hard for anyone seeking treatment to know what type of deal they are getting. The price is going to vary depending on the quality and supply in that area. The first aspect to consider is how much cannabis you are purchasing.

If you are just diving into purchasing cannabis for treatment it can be hard to judge how much you are going to need to purchase.

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There is not a good answer for how much cannabis you should buy, especially as a first time buyer.

No one can tell you how much you are going to need to use, the only way to know for sure is to begin treatment and decide from there.

"In general cannabis is going to be purchased in grams. These packages will be weighed and packaged in many different variations."

There is an eighth, quarter, half, or one ounce. When thinking about how much cannabis you should purchase take into consideration how you want to use the cannabis either in a vaporizer or by smoking, how much you smoke, your budget, and the quality of the cannabis.

If you purchase more cannabis at a time you generally will be saving more money.

Typically you are able to get more for less in these situations because people prefer to sell higher quantities versus one gram at a time. That being said if you are just beginning your treatment then you will not need a lot of cannabis. Do not feel like you need to purchase a large amount to get the best deal. You should test out what you need first and then gradually purchase more as needed.

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Most people just starting out can get by with an eighth of cannabis for at least a few days. Some people are able to use an eighth for a few weeks even, depending on how often you medicate. If you want to try out cannabis, but are unsure of how much you will need, it is recommended to purchase a gram to an eighth. If you need to you can always work your way up to purchasing larger quantities as you become more accustomed to your treatments.

When speaking about an eighth of cannabis you are talking about about 3.5 grams. It is specifically 3.54375 grams but most dispensaries are going to round this to 3.5 grams. There are some dispensaries that will round this up to 4 grams so you are getting a little more of the cannabis at a time. With these dispensaries they typically add a bit more onto the price initially so they are not losing out on profit.

The smallest amount of cannabis you are going to be able to purchase is a gram. This is going to give you about one to two joints of usage. The next, as discussed, is an eighth which is about 3.5 grams. We move up to a quarter which is about 7 grams. A half ounce is about 14 grams and one ounce is about 28 grams.

The weight of cannabis is not going to vary, but the size of your eighth can vary according to how it is being dispensed to you. If you are getting a compressed cannabis you are going to have a much more dense cannabis which is going to take less space than a fresh flower would. Depending on the strain you are purchasing you will find that they also are either more compressed or loose. If you have an Indica strain the bud is more dense than a Sativa which are characteristically more billowy. On average an eighth is going to give you any where from fifteen to thirty five doses. This is going to change according to how you are using your cannabis.

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Now the real question is how much should you pay for an eighth of cannabis. Unfortunately there is not real answer. To sum it up: it will depend on where you are at. Depending on the laws in your area, your location, how it is grown, and the quality of the cannabis there are going to be different prices. You are going to find that the price can range from thirty to seventy five dollars. One of the main reasons you will see variations in price is the quality of the cannabis.

If you are purchasing a very cheap eighth you are likely getting a low quality cannabis. That being said you are not necessarily getting high quality cannabis if you are paying a lot for it. You need to know where you are purchasing from. The prices may be inflated because of demand and supply. If there is not guarantee of the quality the only way for you to know is to try it. As you try a variety of strains you will be able to know when you have high quality cannabis versus low quality.

Something to consider is who you are purchasing from. If it is not from a dispensary there is no way of telling how they are calculating their prices. You may have a friend that is going to make sure you get a good deal on your cannabis, but if you are purchasing from a stranger you will not have this guarantee.

Another aspect that can change the price is the grow and harvest time. When you live in an area that cannabis can be grown locally and outdoors you will find a lower price. At the time that everyone is harvesting at the same time there is going to be much more supply than demand. Meaning you are going to be able to get a better deal during this time than any other.

There is a website that allows people to anonymously submit how much they pay for their cannabis in their area. The website is called It has helped people be able to determine what prices they should look for in their location. They have collected prices from dispensaries and other sources to give more accurate estimates of how much people should pay.

Location has a huge influence on price. Depending on the state you live in you will find different prices. For example in Oregon you would be able to purchase an eighth from anywhere from twenty-five to forty dollars. An ounce would cost anywhere from one hundred-fifty to two hundred-fifty dollars. These prices are for decent quality cannabis. You will have a well prepared eighth without any unnecessary stems or seeds.

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With the help of this site there is an average price for an ounce in the United States at $286.35. If you go to this site you are going to find maps that are able to visually show you were cannabis is typically lower and higher than the average price per state.

Currently the places with lower prices are in the West, Mississippi, and Florida.

The areas you will pay the most are around Iowa, Virginia, South Dakota, North Dakota, New Hampshire, Wyoming, and Vermont. On average the prices in specific cities are close to the state average, but there are always some variations within each state.

Typically in California at some dispensaries they will put a $30 cap on their eighths. This is to help draw in more business and they will never raise that price past this cap. For this type of dispensary, either in Californian City or Los Angeles, you should be careful when purchasing from them.

With this cap they are sometimes working around the law in a loophole meaning they are operating illegally. They could be not on the list to be able to operate.

If the price is abnormally low it is very likely that you are purchasing cannabis that has not been lab tested. Without lab testing it may have been treated with pesticides, have mold, or the potency is not as advertised.

With cannabis being illegal in many places it is hard to determine why the prices vary so much from city to city and state to state.

There are not many sources that we can pull from to find data about these prices, growing, and distribution.

cannabis legalization

It does seem like much of the price variations do depend of the supply and the demand in that area. If it is an area that is able to readily grow cannabis the prices drop significantly.

Prices have gone down in the recent years in reaction to the legalization in many states. There are states that recreational cannabis is legal like Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Alaska, and Washington D.C.

There are more than two dozen states that have legalized cannabis for medical usage. States have tried to put taxes on cannabis that could drive the price up. However, in the states that are able to grow cannabis the supply is much greater so the prices are lower.

There are lower prices in places that have great production of cannabis. There is the “Emerald Triangle” which is Mendocino, Trinity, and Humboldt County in California. On average Kentucky and Tennessee also see low prices.

One place that has not seen a price change in cannabis, even though it is technically legal, is in Washington D.C. The prices have stayed higher even though there was some legalization recently.

california prop 64 marijuana legalized

Unlike other states that the prices dropped after such legislation was passed. It is speculated that the prices are staying higher because there are not sanctioned sales offically.

The ruling has made cannabis legal, but it did not lift the ban on marijuana shops, open-air smoking, or trading marijuana for money. Which means it is still very difficult to access cannabis.

Everyone is going to feel the effects of cannabis differently. Typically it is going to take about 0.2 grams of cannabis for a person to begin to feel the effects. This is going to change per patient and per strain.

If someone is new to cannabis usage you may feel effects at as low as 0.05 grams. Someone that medicates often may need a higher amount around 0.25 grams to feel any effects.

A good judge of how much cannabis you need to use is how many trichomes you see on the bud. The more there is the less you will need to use. It is always better to start off at a lower amount. You are always going to be able to use more, but you cannot use less once it is gone. Allow some time for the cannabis to take effect before feeling like you need more.

Remember that there are a lot of aspects that go into the pricing of cannabis. You are going to need to consider the source of the cannabis, the supply and demand, the location you are in, the laws around you, and the quality of the cannabis.

There is not one good answer for how much you should be paying for your cannabis. You will need to get to know the dispensaries in your area and judge for yourself the quality and prices of their cannabis.

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